See disclaimer, Had it almost a month starting on May 19th. How can I trap House Sparrows? Now I had a lot of around last winter, but not too many this spring. I wanted to write again to tell you how great your trap works!

Superb service and excellent trap!!

Photo in header by Wendell Long. Woke up this morning and had one male hosp. Some people have reported success with using a monofilament HOSP deterrent. I've been catching house sparrows like crazy. Design by Chimalis. Plate must be free to swing. In addition, home made ones tend to not weather well. I built a trap like this one and have had limited success with 3. Click through the slides to read the articles. Mount the trigger on the plywood with the two insulated electric staples (5) that will serve Virtually impossible for trapped bird to escape.He also makes a trap for Wood Duck boxes. I will buy more! Thanks Jason. There is a wire mesh "wall" in the chamber that forces the bird to enter the trap holding area, and makes it nearly impossible for them to leave. There are also two vertical wooden strips, one on either side of the trap door, that prohibit the bird from getting it's beak under the edge of the trap door, no matter what position the bird is in relative to the door. Mel Bolt Trap – This trap has a wire mesh “cage” that imprisons the HOSP after the trap is sprung. I am going to buy to more. I brought it out and set it up on a balcony on my storage barn, baited it with goodies, and hey! 0000002552 00000 n He also sells a starling trap. broken links/have suggestions/corrections, please contact me! I only wish that everyone had one of these to control these little boogers so that purple martins could nest unbothered. Deluxe Repeating Sparrow Trap (DRST)- Wonderful person to do business with. Dear Blaine,Your traps did it. Dog destroyed it last night so I need to get another one. Bird lovers especially have a difficult time with the concept of the necessity for House Sparrow control. Caught a dozen sparrows first couple days!!! I disabled and baited with millet for much of the winter although I didn't like having the trap in the wet weather. Have caught 150 plus sparrows since March when I purchased the trap and they keep coming in. It was a funnel trap with holes that taper, and"gates" around the two entrances, making it harder for birds to get out, and a large door up top. My barn is free of English Sparrows and my Barn Swallows are happily settling in for a season of catching flies and raising babies. For starlings, use fresh peanutbutter suet for bait and always check frequently for non-target captures! II. I have two Model 1025 traps that I use year round. of wood placed under it. Not a repeating trap. I purchased one of your traps back in March, had it out for awhile with no results. Therefore, BEFORE purchasing, mounting and installing a nestbox, you MUST determine whether or not you are willing and able to practice active HOSP control if it should become necessary. hung up. However, please understand that many other Bluebird lovers have struggled with this issue before you, and have found that where House Sparrows are abundant, the only truly effective solution that protects the Bluebird is trapping and removal. Giving the HOSP “a nestbox of its own” will NOT work. When tripped, carefully open the nestbox with a plastic bag or mesh net to catch the Instead, the HOSP population quickly exploded, and the birds started destroying the very crops and fruit trees it was thought they would protect from insects by “pecking seeds, seedlings, buds, flowers, vegetables and maturing fruits They consume and spoil livestock food and water, and contaminate or deface buildings, facilities and livestock with their nests and droppings.

I disposed of the ones this morning by putting the trap in a large plastic bag and shot several squirts of engine starting fluid, which is ether, and closed the bag tight. Take the Spooker down as soon as the babies have fledged, at the same time you clean out the nestbox. Better than others I've bought. It does catch a lot of native birds. I am very pleased with this trap. When testing the trap for HOSP, you use 2 quarters on the elevator and it should go down and bounce back up.

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Then this morning I caught a male, rebaited and left him in there. Nestbox traps are available for all types of nestboxes: Universal Van Ert Trap Van Ert PVC Nestbox Trap Instructions for making the Huber trap Instructions for making the Bolt Trap. Thank you for a reliable product. 'Uncle' Blaine, You are a genius! The wooden arm is waterproofed on the new traps, but may need readjustment after a heavy rain due to swelling. Sold at and other places. 17 Starling at one time. pivot screw #6 x 1/2 in round head wood screw, stop screw #6 x 1/2 in round head wood screw, Cut a piece of plywood (1) approximately 4" x 8-1/2" or to a size which fits inside your boxes.

Huber Trap– This is Top subscription boxes – right to your door, © 1996-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates. Remove the trap when done or if you cannot stay to continue monitoring it. thanks bunches I now nave 3 pair of nesting martins. Thanks to your traps, I have disposed of 27 House Sparrows this year, up from only 7 last year. Bend a brass rod or coat hanger wire into a U-shaped clip (8). Door edges are sharp and can cause scratches. Since you are reading this forum, we assume you are a bird lover. This repeating elevator sparrow trap was about $70 + $10 shipping. in all of my boxes. Dear Mr. Johnson, I bought one of your repeating sparrow traps a few weeks ago, it works flawlessly.

When the trap is placed in the box and set, the HOSP generally enters box and springs the trap within a few minutes. Sparrow and starling invasion is the #1 problem. Blaine, Thought I should give you an update. she said go look. Full Instructions and trapping tips are included. Biggest day is 14 birds.

Cart Total: $0. May be better for a wary male scared off by the V-shaped trigger on a Van Ert. I recommend this to anyone wanting to get rid of sparrows. BioCare Birdseed and Pantry Moth Traps with Pheromone Lures, Nontoxic and Pesticide-Free, Made in USA, 2 Count - S204 . Barons Sparrow Birdhouse Trap. Will also trap small mammals. Please honor their copyright protection. III. Instructions for making the Bolt Trap, Peterson nestbox traps from Ahlgren Construction, 1289 Otchipwe Ave. North, Stillwater MN 55082. Check a bird book if necessary.

Comments from Bet: Also my personal favorite.

No more "gang attacks" from the sparrows. Jenkins Trap: Comments from Bet: NO LONGER AVAILABLE. NO LONGER AVAILABLE. Notice how the elevator arm is lowered, and as the bird enters the holding chamber, the elevator arm springs back and the trap is reset. I have eight blue bird boxes on my property that use to add 20 to 30 young blue birds a season. Good choice if you are concerned about multiple trapped birds/creatures hurting each other. That brought the starlings around again. Bluebirders have recognized the life-saving value of sparrow spookers, and some have been constructing makeshift Spookers for the past 22 years.

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2nd purchase, THESE THINGS REALLY WORK! flush with the top of the plywood. Install the stop screw (7) so the plate, in the tripped position blocks off most of the entrance hole. Easily slips on and off of screws. The purpose of this site is to share information with anyone interested