South African FIFA pro Thabo Moloi has become the first Red Bull esports athlete on the continent. As part of this, the American legend boasts 91 dribbling, 92 ball control, 92 vision, 94 crossing, 93 short passing, 92 long passing and 91 finishing. Eric Cantona’s ICON rating in FIFA 21, which is broken down into three different “moments” in his career, has finally been revealed. The increase sees Sancho running with 85 sprint speed and 89 acceleration, combining with 92 dribbling, 88 ball control and – if that wasn’t enough – five-star skill moves. My friends come over and we play but I've been updating squads as transfers happen so we can play with the new players on each club. The feature is currently available on PC with consoles likely to get it later this week. But when I open kick off mode, it downloads the online squads automatically. There is no option to select already created team sheets in all the Kick Off modes. naija_chinex Which mode has this happened in? There is a file that pulls the teams assigned for each tournament in kick off I will try to modify that and see if it works with FIP new teams, I also modified my database with Fifa 21 transfers and players only that new teams from 21 season are not included since creating a new team will conflict with FIP Mods, This is Frosty Mod I created to add the missing UEFA Teams from the FIP C Mod, since some of them were not showing in kickoff mode for example in UEFA Champions League, in this mod for now I removed the Coupe the Ligue since it is not played since 2020/21 season, and replaced it with UEFA Euro in kickoff so you can play a EURO final in Kickoff with the 28 European National Teams in game, I also added some competition badges for Copa del Rey, SuperCopa de España, Copa Italia, DFL Pokal, Coupe de France, UEFA EURO + Champions Badge, FIFA World Cup and I Enabled Champions Badge for Libertadores and Sudamericana in Career Mode, Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 2020/21 New Badges, plus I edited FIP Custom squad files and updated it to 2020/21 season with data extracted from FIFA 21 although new teams that were promoted are not in game this will only bring new squad to existing teams in game. Get the lowdown on all the new features for FUT here. Find out everything you need to know about Twitch's $80K FIFA 20 tournament. I've seen where I need to press Y when selecting teams to turn off downloaded rosters or something but mine does not work. Here’s a list of the top ten players in Serie A. FIFA 21: Top 10 players in the Premier League. I doubt that but who knows. Many thanks! Here’s a list of the top ten players in the Bundesliga. Some of the game of football’s all-time best players now appear in both Kick Off and Career modes. Can anyone tell me how to play with custom squads in kick off mode. And at the back, Marc-Andre ter Stegen remains one of the top goalkeepers in the game with an overall rating of 90. Fans will be left disappointed if they thought playing with Gordon Ramsay was on the cards. A player like that needs someone to cross to and in Arkadiusz Milik, you’d have just that. Scalpers re-sell PS5 pre-orders on eBay for £1000, Netherlands Gaming Authority to fine EA 500,000 Euros every week until loot boxes are disabled. On the wings, 90-rated Lieke Martens is an absolute dynamite with five-star skills moves, 92 dribbling and 90 crossing, making her one of the best players in the world. Sky Sports offers an interesting solution for that.