Volleyball Dice - Defeat 20 PvP opponents in Dice Duels Season 2, Pencil Dice - Defeat the Prof. Threesium in the. I really want the discord dice. Pastel Purple Dice - Purchase for 200 Diamonds. Just follow the tips and tricks listed above and you’ll surely win every match. As you can probably tell, some dice you just can't win - you have to buy them. Please help! What does the dice with the swords on stand for in the dueling dice? Da da Dahh. Bonus Rolls in Yahtzee with Buddies Bonus Rolls - Extra rolls beyond the three rolls that you get per turn. My only guess is that you did not score the yahtzee in the yahtzee box. Now almost every time on my first roll one of my five dice will appear not as a number, but as a half tilted butterfly dice. I'm not 100% sure but the non-green dot on my list are 100% robots. For the Casino Red dice...what are the Level II achievements?? Why do some players have a green dot by their name? Here's how: Everyone starts off with the standard dice. I'm wondering the same thing. Pardon my newb-ness. You just have to reach gold level which no emerald. At the bottom of that, you will see a ring that says Section Bonus. Pastel Blue Dice - Purchase for 200 Diamonds. You can contact me via: As the method that is available to win the dice changes, I'll post the updated info in the individual link for the custom dice. I would like to know so I can at least try to get them, I have 6/9 and I have no idea what they are. Zeus, threeOpatra, and others in the towers are called the "Dice Masters." I have been playing Yahtzee with Buddies for the last couple of weeks. :) Not sure if my last message did not go thru?Yes you are welcome to look at my list, of course! on a showdown as the prize in a little box, that means that you'll receive a surprise random custom die! Go to the AWARDS, then ACHIEVEMENTS, then TOURNAMENTS. Remember that you get 1 free bonus roll per game so only 9 of your own bonus rolls. When you buy the $4 dice pack, do you still get the Android dice? I suggested dots for 2 thru 6 cause I can't get my mind around how to incorporate Dorothy and the others on them. I've only seen one person with them, my friend. But - my BF and I tested that theory and he wasn't online and still had a green dot. What are Vanity Frames in Yahtzee with Buddies? Yahtzee with Buddies Articles/Posts Available: I have received requests to put all the posts in one single table of contents. Hello!! I guess I need to update this screen with a sample of the custom dice and my collection. This game took many years, it was played by your ancestors, and now it is available to everyone. Makes sense,i was racking my brain!!! In the yellow bar you can read:- Daily Achievement- Basic Mastery- Total Score- Winner- 3 of a kind- 4 of a kind- Upper Section- Lower Section- Trick Play- Precise Score- Tourney- Dice Master ShowdownSo for example:If you want to unlock the "ICE Dice" you have to "Complete (+claim) level II of all three of a kind achievements".So you have to scroll down to "3 of kind" and you will see what you have to do to unlock the dice.- Score 25 on 3 of a kind 125x- Score 26 on 3 of a kind 25x- Score 27 on 3 of a kind 25x- Score 28 on 3 of a kind 25x- Score 29 on 3 of a kind 5x- Score 30 on 3 of a kind 5xAnd this goes for every dice you want to unlock. Are threeopatra and Zeus the "computer" players? Thanks. www.tinyurl.com/ywbdice Do you have pics of both Watermark and fluttershy? I'm playing the Halloween game and have treats. Lil green dot means player is currently online. Info on how to beat the Dice Masters, Dice Duels, and PvP. 1. Butterfly Dice - Purchase for 2,000 Diamonds. Yahtzee with Buddies (Everything You Need to Know), Yahtzee with Buddies & Dice with Buddies Custom Dice List. :). Rewards include experience and scratchers which are useful for getting even more experience. Then swipe to the screen where you can see (and claim) your XP level and all possible acievements.If you look good u will see alle achievements are sorted in 12 parts. Info on how to beat the Dice Masters, Dice Duels, and PvP. they said it indicates someone who has had activity in the last 24 hours. I really want the tiger dice..i had 522/1000 turns and i played my current games and started new ones and checked back and it still shows 522/1000..any one else have this? New Yahtzee with Buddies is pretty generous when it comes to rewards. We always post about what is going on in the game daily. Yahtzee with Buddies and Dice with Buddies blog to help play the classic game of Yahtzee. Love the lightning dice! You have to win 3 Premium Tournaments. But seriously I'd be curious to see it. Does anybody have an answer? Knowing when to play slots for combos can make a huge difference in your final score. Palm Tree Dice - Purchase for 2,000 Diamonds. And, since my skills are a bit dusty, I perused their strategysection for a leg up on the competition! Usually, winning the Daily or Premium will get you a custom set of dice for the particular season. Really? It is really up to you whether you want to play it safe or go for broke. I add new dice several times per week as Scopely releases them. If you are stuck at 522 means that you didn't make it in time and it stays there until you start over and get past 522. Thanks to anyone who can help!!! What do you think about that? I got android dice by purchasing a $4 bonus dice pack. A Yahtzee is when you get five of a kind when you roll the dice, and it gives you the most points regardless of category. Hi Charmaime,check this out:http://yahtzee-with-buddies.blogspot.com/2015/10/yahtzee-with-buddies-achievements.htmlIt shows what all the achievements are!