if (year < 1000){ You can also let the lure drift with the current to reach pockets with overhanging limbs that would catch the lure if cast to directly.

For example, if you are fishing light braid on a slow jig, attach a small clip (around 10kg breaking strain). In this situation, using a loop knot or adding a split ring to the attachment point will free up the action. $("#major4").html(" " + data[1].major2); Adding some electrical shrink tubing to an assist rig will stiffen it up and is good on big rigs aimed at large predators.


e.preventDefault(); It is tempting to rig all lures as heavy-duty as possible so they can take a beating. if (daym<10){ daym="0"+daym;} The hook must fit the overall profile of the lure.

Battle scarred but not broke, due to good rigging with quality components. $("#minor1").html(" " + data[0].minor1); $("#date2").html("

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"); url: 'https://www.bitetimes.fishing/cgi-bin/fishing.cgi', On one hand, the hook-up ratio is better with fine gauge hooks but on the other, hook failure, especially around tracing time, is also more common.

$("#minor2").html(" " + data[0].minor2); $("#minor3").html(" " + data[1].minor1); }); Using this chaff protection is highly recommended when fishing on heavy gear and when using lures and rigs that may be trolled for long periods of time and have to endure bills and teeth. The Jakes Lure, the #1 lure in Yellowstone National Park will eternally become your favorite fishing partner. $(document).one("ready",function(){ } But if you were stickbaiting with heavy braid, the best attachment is an extra heavy-duty spilt ring with an extra heavy-duty swivel, both of which should have a very high breaking strain. If the hook has a long point, it is more likely to roll, meaning fish won’t hook up cleanly.


All of these are good fish attractors, but again make sure that the hooks, split rings, solid rings and assist cord match the size and weight of the lure.

When leaders are getting above 30kg, knotting can become bulky and affect the lure action. The Jakes Lure, the #1 lure in Yellowstone National Park will eternally become your favorite fishing partner.

Tie a relatively heavy leader direct to a bibbed minnow and it will not only affect the lure’s swimming action but also the depth it will dive and the speed it can be trolled at. Greg explains the benefits of using white lures wh... more >, Gary Kemsley explains the joys of fishing in small streams. data : dataString, The only way you will find this out is trial and error. This is so the lure will not create line twist if it starts to spin. It is far my most consistent lure.

This article is reproduced with permission of    To make an assist rig, attach a hook to an assist cord and then loop it on to a solid ring and a split ring. Jakes Lures February 2020 - Adam Clancey The hook should be of sufficient gauge to handle the tackle you are using and the species you are targeting. TROUT! Re-rigged, however, these cheaper lures can still catch fish. In this situation, the use of alloy crimps is a much better option as these are strong and allow a loop so lures and hooks can swing. Sheridan, Wyoming

While most freshwater anglers stick to lakes and rivers, Gary seeks out small st... more >, Sam Mossman reviews a pair of custom Senator RH 780Ws. You’re Spin-A-Lure can catch more trout than a net. There is a trend when marlin fishing to use lighter gauge hooks these days, and you hear both good and bad things about these rigs. {

The rigging for various kinds of jigs has developed a lot over recent times. To work out the best rigging for an assist rig, firstly it helps to understand how it is supposed to work. You’re Spin-A-Lure can catch more trout than a net. Phone: 307.674.9801 Knowing this, make sure that when rigging up an assist rig, the hook size marries up with the size and weight of the jig. year+=1900; Alternately, scale down the leader and fish the lure on light tackle and it will perform much better. I’ve caught many Rainbows, Browns, Cutthroats and a few Brooks and Walleye.

He let me use one and it was the best lure we had for Trout.

Even better, whether you fish in fresh water, streams, lakes or rivers, Jakes has you covered by offering three body styles in many color combinations. $("form#caldata").submit(); Many did not stack up strength wise but these days you can get some amazingly strong small clips for all sorts of lures and there are some really good heavy-duty ones around for the big gear as well.


In this situation, a clip like this won’t let you down.

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$("#caldata").submit(function(e){ Some work better with trebles while others swim best with heavy-duty singles. This has seen countless clips be produced over the years which fasten a lure to the line.

I suppose if you are tag-and-release fishing, light-gauge hooks can be well-suited for game fishing, but if you are hunting your first marlin or are hooked to an absolute monster, you would want the most robust hook you could fit in your lure.

var daym=mydate.getDate(); var month=mydate.getMonth(); It is quite interesting how much hooks affect the actions of stickbaits and poppers. Rigging it correctly will have a big influence on the lure’s effectiveness, advises Adam Clancey. The small lures that feature assist rigs like micro jigs, inchiku lures and kabura style lures are often embellished with rubber strands, octopus skirts and fish skin teasers. Improperly rigged lures are often ineffective. var date=(daym+"-"+montharray[month]+"-"+year); We spend a lot of time discussing the various merits of certain lures, especially paying close attention to which colours are working or are in vogue. One of the real keys to making any lure work effectively starts well before it hits the water. }); All information © 2020 The Fishing Website, Use a net or a gaff to lift fish out of the water – using the lure or trace can damage the rig, Use only top-quality rigging accessories to prevent disappointment, When using soft-baits, tie a loop knot to give the lure action, especially with heavier leaders, Don’t use clips on kabura lures – they are supposed to slide up and down the line, Use crimps and line chaff protectors on game lure leaders, Double hooks are great when using small lures for tuna, Change hooks and rings after a bit of use.

One of my companions had a couple of your Spin-A-Lures. Phone: 307.674.9801 Whether you’re spin-casting, trolling or jigging, this lures unmistakable action makes for a very busy day of fishing, Designed especially for larger and calmer waters. Sheridan, Wyoming One trick I know most successful game fishers use is to file the point of the lure hooks down so the barb is low profile and the point ultra-sharp. The point of the hook can also be something to keep an eye on when you’re setting up rigs.

$("#major1").html(" " + data[0].major1 ); It used to be a case of a treble or single hook attached by a split ring in the tail of the jig, whereas these days it is far more common to see kingfish and snapper jigs rigged with some form of assist rig attached to the top eye of the lure. This is fine with certain types of lures which have an action unaffected by heavy-duty hardware, but other lures require the rigging to be balanced so the lure will swim with the right action.

Recently, I had the opportunity to fish in Colorado near Pagosa Springs. My father and I have fished in Yellowstone for years.

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Email: sales@jakeslures.com, Copyright © 2020 | Jakes Lures | All Rights Reserved. It’s great to have a tackle bag full of the best lures when heading out for a fish. In the case of many lures, a straight hook with no offset should be used to prevent the lure from spinning unnaturally. Congratulations for making the most effective trout lure on the market! Modern clips are very strong and allow the lure to have more action.

Jakes Lures In-line hooks are designed for lures rigged with split rings. var mydate=new Date();

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