In the village of Danzil, make a right to find the Gear store, then find the sand buggy rental shop. For example, you have a bar similar to FFVII's Limit gauge, but when it fiils up, rather than just selecting your attack, you choose it by performing certain button combos on the pad. One scene in particular stays fixed in my mind: The central character stands looking into a vast cathedral with the wind blowing through his hair. Travel through a world of martial arts and mechs in Square's latest RPG, Xenogears, featuring fast-paced battles, meaty dialogue, and 360 degrees of real-time rendered, texture-mapped polygonal backgrounds. This will be the most used mode of the game and the most useful for doing most of your tasks. A tortured soul makes a group of friends, wanders a land that's a novel blend of old-school swords and sorcery with super-modern technology, and gets into fights (maybe too often). One key function in this game is to read carefully and never leave any stone unturned. These, as mentioned earlier, are accumulated by different button combinations; however, you must have a what are referred to as action points (not so scary). Looks great, better than ps3 ps store, I compared both side by side. So I wouldn't recommend you use hacks. Let me start out by saying this the first RPG game that I have had the opportunity to review. Some bosses will still kick a lot, no matter what's your level. But before considering Xenogears, see if you are one of those who love role playing games before you buy. After leaving Oanzil, head north through the desert, following the direction of the two Gears all the way. Thankfully, Square has seen fit to face up to potential problems and just release the thing (after all, Final Fantasy VII had its share of dubious content--cross-dressing, a liberal scattering of swearing, etc). The anime is a welcome addition, but they're often too short and reserved (serving as contusing dream sequences) to pump your adrenaline. The escape option can be useful if your energy is low, but sometimes the opponent will not let you escape. I had a mid-game save with lots of money (but not THAT many) and it doesn't help you progress much. Of course I could have the fastest and strongest Gear, but when I fought, my weapons were my big iron fists, Chi, and combos I had learned. Can't say I've grinded much. "-PsykopijonSnowball3, in all my years playing PS3 i also dont think i ever ran into the Deus glitch. How awesome it is to stumble upon this subreddit devoted to the most amazing and life-changing game I ever played. The game hangs when the boss uses a particular move, but that move only happens like 25% of the time. The game is very smooth in transition and becomes addictive and time-consuming. Examples of Japanimation include Dragonball Z, Voltron, Akira, and of course, Robotech. I look for a simple pick- me- up, not all this fancy-shmancy cast a spell, wave a wand and you move on. Nor the issue with the Anima dungeon. The background music is on par with other Square titles and is used to great effect to set the atmosphere in towns and dungeons. While the back story is apparently more than up to Square's usual calibre, it's worth going into the way the thing plays here rather than spoiling the fun for you. The game's story starts on the Colony ship Noah, which is taken over by a strange force. We've been lucky enough to play the first few hours of the game (and you can see a playable demo of this too if you buy Parasite Eve...there's a fantastic demo CD in the box) and can report that it has the typical Square "feel" to it.