After weathering a storm, they discovered that Granny had inadvertently come with them, having been sleeping inside a tree that was part of the chunk of land that broke off. Sid was assigned to unwind and hold the ship vines until the rest of the herd arrived. The hyraxes then climbed all over their savior to thank him, which Diego reluctantly accepted. However the Shangri Llama isn't willing to give up the eternal youth that the crystals provide. Unfortunately, they then realize Granny had disappeared due to her tendency to wonder. You are not logged in. Nevertheless, Diego still cares about Sid and everyone else in the herd. After the pirates were defeated, Diego personally welcomed Shira into the herd. Diego Brando from Another World (並行世界から来たディエゴ, Heikō Sekai kara Kita Diego), also referred to as Alternate Diego Brando, or just Alternate Diego, is the final antagonist featured in Steel Ball Run.. 2013-08-13 16:41:08 2013-08-13 16:41:08. ~1870 Manny then took Sid to get him cleaned up. Some time later, Diego and his herd resided in a valley that would soon flood over, due to the large amounts of melting ice. That was until they heard her yells and followed Diego after he picked up her scent. Birthday However the herd would once again find their home endangered when they discovered a massive asteroid was headed for the planet. Jockey While Manny and the Hyrax distracted the pirates, Diego freed their captives. Believing he had lost his edge. Stand SBR Chapter 90 - High Voltage, Part 1 Diego and Shira confused why the kids ran away. Unfortunately, they are reluctant to have kids because as Shira points out, children run away every time they see them. British Seeing as they had trouble knowing how to find the humans, Diego offered to use his tracking skills to help. Buck heard a baby crying and ran into the forest. Manny often finds himself annoyed with Sid when they first meet. Manny and Sid then learn from Diego that their too late to return Roshan, as the tribe just left this morning. As they neared the boat, Ellie and the possums seperated from them, but Crash and Eddie returned, teling them she was trapped. Other vital statistics like weight, shoe or bra size measurements have been sourced from newspapers, books, resumes or social media. Brooke, a ground sloth, fell in love with Sid, and called her squad of minicorns, called Bubbles and Misty. When the group were in danger, it was Diego who convinced her to bury the hatchet in order to save everyone. Sid later attempted to talk to Diego about it, but Diego refused. At Manny and Ellie's anniversary party, Diego grabbed some grapes, along with Shira. He is the secondary antagonist-turned-deuteragonist of Ice Age, the tetartagonist of Ice Age: The Meltdown and Ice Age: Continental Drift and a supporting character in Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs and Ice Age: Collision Course. The herd were taken to the pirates' ship, where their leader, Gutt, tried to convince them to join. Diego Brando Once Diego realized what Shira had done the sabers stare at each other heartbroken as they are drifted apart. They inform him that Soto is getting impatient and reminded him of the mission. With their new bond with the kids, Shira happily told Diego they'll make wonderful parents. Johnny Joestar. After reuniting with Granny, the four going on to meet a group of animal pirates, led by the viscous seafaring ape, Captain Gutt. After their adventure in the Dinosaur World, Diego decided to stay with his herd and returned to the surface. When Manny shows displeasure towards this, Diego attempts to convince him that Julian is a good kid and he should try bonding with him. Sid and Manny are Diego's best friends. Shira bickers with Diego over the cracked floe. As Peaches was introduced to her home, Diego reconciled with Manny, declaring that the life of adventure he sought was right there. He held the sloth in his jaws, convincing the rhinos he was dead, and only spat him out when Manny and the baby came by. on its knees), sports clocks on its shoulders and hips, and lacks the gloves/knuckle plates on its arm braces as well as a belt. Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs (video game), She exposes the head of the first Diego, killing him when the heads from both dimensions merge and obliterate one another. Valentine finds another Diego while speaking with Johnny. Media Occupation Diego Brando (ディエゴ・ブランドー, Diego Burandō), commonly referred to as Dio (ディオ), is a major antagonist featured in the seventh part of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Steel Ball Run.. Diego Brando is a genius British jockey hailed as one of the best contenders in the Steel Ball Run race, but he soon shifts his attention to the Saint's Corpse. During the final stage of the race he attempted to kill Johnny in inventively violent ways such as by throwing knives during stopped time or using matches to burn him alive. At the same time, Sid had been saved by Buck, Crash and Eddie. Buck ended up revealing that there was a family of Dino-Birds that have been chasing after the herd the entire time. Somewhat disturbed, Diego responds that unlike Ellie, Shira isn't much of a giggler. Meanwhile, Sid makes it his goal to teach Diego how to swim and later Diego saves Sid. The baby started to walk, and, despite Diego's protests, walked over to him. However, displeased with the news of Peaches leaving home after the wedding, Manny ignored him saying his problem was more important. However, he had accumulated enough spin to make their final attack, using Tusk Act 4 starts climbing Diego's leg. Manny and Sid tease Diego for his crush on Shira and some time later, it is mentioned that Manny, Sid, and Diego hang out a lot. A gruff saber-toothed cat, Diego had a change of lifestyle, leaving the pack he once ran with to join a ragtag herd of animals. He is the secondary antagonist-turned-deuteragonist of Ice Age, the tetartagonist of Ice Age: The Meltdown and Ice Age: Continental Drift and a supporting character in Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs and Ice Age: Collision Course. 19 20 21. Race It possesses a much slimmer physique while removing its pseudo-robotic arm pivots and knee hinges with joints under solid "skin" to appear more humanlike. In time, Diego convinced Shira to leave the crew and join the herd as his mate. This left the sabers confused, as Shira points out that she even smiled this time. At some juncture in the past, a pack of humans had attacked Diego's pack, taking the lives of half of them so as to use their skins to fashion warm clothing. More Diego Martir Videos . Realizing Diego has betrayed the pack, Soto decided to kill Diego first. Among the pirates was a beautiful female saber named Shira who caught Diego's eye. Diego loves his wife, Shira very much. When all hope seemed lost, Lucy Steel appears, ready to stop Diego. As Diego moved in on his target, the chief's wife, Nadia, quickly grabbed her son out of the bed and struck at the saber with a club. As Diego moved in closer, Nadia, holding her baby tightly, jumped from the rock down the waterfall. Diego at times, can be abusive, mainly towards Sid as the latter would often joke with him. He is paired with Part 4 Jotaro Kujo in the Eyes of Heaven Tournament, having been placed in the F Block series of battles to be incorporated into the main Tournament. In the ensuing scuffle, the pirates' iceberg was destroyed. Diego heartbroken after he is separated from Shira. Despite the sloth's attempt to convince his friends that everything was fine, Diego accurately guessed that Sid's girlfriend, had dumped him. Multiple aspects of the battle between Jotaro Kujo and DIO at the end of. Upon realizing of his lieutenant's betrayal, Soto attacked Diego without a second thought. Diego attempted to take the baby, but Manny had it wrapped up tightly in his trunk. With that, Manny decided they would have to go underground to find a way out. He is referred to as "Dio" instead of Diego. That night, Diego brought Shira some water, which she refused not wanting to be turned into a charity case. Some years later, Diego, back at the top of his game, was scaling a mountain when he heard the ground rumble. As a Mounted Fighter, The World Diego is able to switch between riding atop Silver Bullet or moving on foot. First Name Diego #1. Diego went to go tell Manny that they had a problem. Gender Takehito Koyasu (All Star Battle / Eyes of Heaven). As time passed, Diego and the pirate developed feelings for each other, and later got married after Shira's captain, Gutt was defeated. Japanese Name After Manny and Ellie expecting, Diego is very troubled with being in a herd and wants to be on his own, so leaves, which Sid does the same. Manny became furious that Diego had set them up and pinned him to a wall. The mini-sloths return to have Sid as their fire king once more, but Diego expresses that he doesn't want Sid to go, for which they hug. Even after joining the herd, Diego maintains his pride and therefore is shown to have a short temper when he is insulted. After she officially became Julian's wife, Brooke sang My Superstar, for which Diego and Shira danced to along with Lily and Andrew. Diego Luna height is 5ft 9 ¼ or 175.9 cm tall. Soto trusted Diego with bringing them back Roshan, only to be betrayed. Manny and Diego have to work together to save Sid from being kidnapped by a dinosaur and later make up as Diego remarks he likes the adventures he has with the herd. Most Popular #150. At that time, Diego remembers what Valentine told him about the Golden Spin technique and how to overcome it; cutting his leg and throwing it to Johnny, Diego manages to beat Johnny with his own technique and mount his horse, leaving him to die. Status He pounced, only to find Oscar and Zeke. As the dam broke and flooded the valley, Diego overcame his fear of water to save Sid, Crash and Eddie, while Manny saved Ellie. Afterwards, the arrival of a mammoth herd made it seem like Manny and Ellie would leave with them, but the group stuck together. As a result he was able to live peacefully with other animals and only hunted when necessary. They later were stuck in an electrical storm. Diego eventually got Manny's attention and they made a run from the meteor and went into an Ice Cave but unfortunately became trapped. The herd tries to warn Shangri Llama about the asteroid, but end up having to stretch to get his attention. Gutt and his crew quickly catch on to their plan and took chase. They find an owl, a lizard and Boots in the bushes. Later, they found their old weasel pal, Buck. The two even perform a cool "peace-out" gesture. This time, Diego had the advantage of knowing Tusk's powers and Johnny's Golden Spin technique predicting his attacks and using his fans as human shields when Johnny attacked. After Gutt was defeated, Diego and the rest of the herd left their old home to find a new one due to the continents shifting. Finally returning to the continent, the herd unfortunately found that the Land Bridge has been destroyed. He came out of the forest with a baby pumpkin named Bronwyn. He is a racer from a similar Steel Ball Run happening in another parallel world. That evening, the others in the pack, Zeke, Lenny and Oscar, all balked at their leader's fixation with the human pack, wondering why they could not follow the animal herd migrations heading south, but Diego asserted his leader's decisions, despite his pack-mates deriding him for it, asking why they couldn't take orders from Soto himself. During the search, Manny got into an argument with Peaches. Diego assured Shira she didn't have to live this way and she would be treated much better if she joined the herd. Ice Age Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. Displeased at this, Diego sarcastically says it's a mystery why Peaches wants to move away after the marriage. Diego took the chance to mock Shira calling her the punch line of a "bad joke" since they were the ones who saved her. The initial plan with Diego was that he would die in the first Ice Age film: when younger test audiences saw this, they burst into tears, and so the directors decided to let Diego live. They saved Shira, who was less than happy at their actions. Loyal to the herd, Diego was always one to step in and take action. Diego mocks Shira as she refuses their assistance.