This album marks Santana’s fourteenth Top 10 album.

Not only did the failure of his long marriage mentally upset the rock legend, but so did lingering thoughts, memories, and feelings of the regular abuse he suffered at the hands of a family friend beginning at the age of ten. In 1998, the group was ushered into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, whose website notes, “Guitarist Carlos Santana is one of rock’s true virtuosos and guiding lights.”.
Santana hit #1 on the album chart and was certified double platinum, while follow-ups Abraxas and Santana III did as well or better, topping the Billboard 200 and going quintuple and double platinum, respectively. OTHER TEXAS HISTORY PAGES Sam Houston How Texas Got It's Name. Rolling Stone has also named him #15 on the magazine’s list of the “100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time” noting that “Santana’s crystalline tone and clean arcing sustain make him the rare instrumentalist who can be identified in just one note.” And, with the 2014 release of Corazón, Santana surpassed the Rolling Stones and is one of only two music acts in Billboard history to score at least one Top Ten album for six consecutive decades from the 1960s on. At one point, he developed an aversion to the drugs, and so medical staff started injecting the healing streptomycin into his rear end.
Highly relevant to this collection is the fact that the band were to make the first studio recording of ‘Soul Sacrifice’ along with eleven other compositions included here at the time and, most probably, following their appearance at … A Graham memorial concert was quickly staged in San Francisco, and the bill included Santana, playing through the grief. The 7.7-magnitude tremor wrecked havoc on the simply constructed houses in the area. On February 16, 1808, under the pretext of sending reinforcements to the French army occupying Portugal, more, The controversial U.S. military expedition against Mexican revolutionary Pancho Villa brings the United States and Mexico closer to war when Mexican government troops attack U.S. Brigadier General John J. Pershing’s force at Carrizal, Mexico. Two of film’s earliest stars, Pickford and Fairbanks had been business partners since 1919, when they teamed up with Charlie Chaplin and more, An earthquake near the Caspian Sea in Iran kills an estimated 50,000 and injures another 135,000 people on June 21, 1990. Carlos Santana and the former Deborah King went through a lot of ups and downs together. It’s a profoundly inspiring tale of divine inspiration and musical fearlessness that does not balk at finding the humor in the world of high-flying fame, or at speaking plainly of Santana’s personal revelations and the infinite possibility he sees in each person he meets. Partners in business as well as life, they opened a small chain of Mexican restaurants, established a charity called the Milagro Foundation, and in 1994, King restructured (and saved) her husband's finances. Roberts didn't believe him, but he did some research and found that the man's story checked out. Santana's 1992 record, Milagro, released by Polydor, flopped, and he cut ties with that label, too.