. . 163 km/h / 101 mph, VNE . . 78 km/h / 49 mph, VA . All Hirth engines come complete with carb(s), exhaust manifold(s), electric starter, alternator, rectifier, starter relay, air filter(s), fuel pump, ignition system, manuals, and one year warranty. 95 octane (RON) Mixture 1:80-100 with BLUEMAX 2-stroke-oil, fuel min. Hirth Engines offer outstanding quality combined with unmatched performance and efficiency. 2 0 obj . . . lbs. . Propeller: Wollner, DIA. . <>

GH F33 BDA Göbler-Hirthmotoren KG Service Manual Engine F 33 A/B Göbler-Hirthmotoren KG, Max-Eyth-Str.

Cooling: air A belt reduction drive system, fuel injection, tuned exhaust and electric start are optional. endstream 240 kg / 533 lbs, Tank capacity .

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Standard starting is recoil start. . Cooling: air Ignition : CDI Propeller: Wollner, DIA. әM�ӏ^G`��x����T��` ��P��8A7v-�Aj(T_� K0H So4A-pE�Ab(���C����v�j`����� ���u|�R�͙^m0��jL`,_�`\Q`�9�~�VS`��׼�u%�;Lg�+-����V�jA�A��`D�����` v(���` .>�N�o�0���E�I���+��W)=`�\��o��S!0���0G���b�S�L_�h� . This forum is the place to discuss All Things Experimental. stream . With 25ft. The Hirth F-33 is a single cylinder, two stroke, ... A belt reduction drive system, fuel injection, tuned exhaust and electric start are optional. Alaska - Wasilla, AK Simple, light and modern 2 stroke engine from proven manufacturer suitable for pilots up to 90 kg. . . Hirth: Unit cost: US$2600 (2009) The Hirth F-33 is a single cylinder, two stroke, carburetted aircraft engine designed for use on ultralight aircraft, including powered paragliders and ultralight trikes. The Hirth has gone through many, many changes. Hirth aircraft engines, built in Germany, utilize some of the worlds most advanced powerplant technology in their new two-stroke engine designs.

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The really light ones. The new Sport Pilot rule makes flying affordable! By loading the map, you agree to Google's privacy policy.Learn more. . [1][2][3], The F-33 was intended to fill the niche previously occupied by the now out-of-production 28 hp (21 kW) Rotax 277. . . . .

MTOM . There are no upcoming events at this time. It can be a kit or complete, and standard comes with a Hirth F33 2-stroker. . Sales: 800-861-3192

. Ignition : CDI +4 / -2 g, Ultimate loads .

. . 3 0 obj . As I have become frustrated with the Sport Pilot licensing route, but still enjoy flying, this presents new possibilities. +8 / -4 g, VSO . The Hirth F33 is a single cylinder, 28 HP engine that is uniquely suited to the part 103 ultralight category. My question is, how reliable is this engine? Affordable, fast, economical, smart & unique planes………………FAI WORLD & EUROPEAN MICROLIGHT CHAMPION 2017,18,19. Learn as much as you can about 2 strokes. That said, I've never flown one, but did the same sort of research you are starting on now, a few years ago. I expect at least some of the difference of opinion is because some people take time to understand 2 strokes and some don't. Factory recommended TBO is rated at 1000 Hrs. . No help from me other than to suggest a different forum to search - non sport pilot that is- I know I've seen postings regarding the Hirth and other ultra-light engines over at the EAA Forum groups -, "Don't believe everything you read on the internet" - Abraham Lincoln. : 0049-7144-8551-0, Fax: 0049-7144-5415 e-mail: info@hirth-engines.de, internet: www.hirth-engines.de Stand: 02.02.05 DOC_F33_B_E_0.01.