And the lead female, Hadley, isn't even irritating like in most Wattpad stories. I really loved Valentino and Reece and I also really liked how it was not cliche and I would never change a thing about this story it had an amazing ending and I'm actually really sad it doesn't have a sequel... Best part of this story is the female lead character who isn't a cliched nerdy nobody, tormented by the cheerleaders but a completely relatable normal but smart hot girl who you will totally fall in love with. My friend recommended this to me and at first I thought it was another cliche wattpad love story but this book will keep you wanting more,the events, the love between the two main characters and the drama from the main antagonist is just unbelievable. Well if you multiply that feeling by 1,000, make it last so much longer, AND mix it with hate, pain, satisfaction, anger, love, relief, anxiety, passion, joy, shock, guilt, frustration, and denial, then you'll get the feeling equivalent to reading F.A.I.T.H. I cannot put into words how CUTE Blake is even though he hides it with his smirks. But as you force your fatigued body to stand up on the piece of driftwood you've been hanging on to, you slip and fall. This is a story that'll take through various layers of emotions. The lead characters Aimie and Zeke aka dong never fails to amuse me. Well, she doesn't want to think about that. It literally drives you mad in a good way. Personal Blog. Rias wasn't originally planned as a heroine and wasn't supposed to have big breasts. The After series books all have over 200 million reads EACH and the most votes/reads I have ever seen. Their beautiful relationship is so realistic and heart breaking. What happens to me in a school where nobody's safe and has something to hide? everybody is a hero and has their own good qualities and shortcomings. One day, you set out to sea on your boat like normal, but then a huge storm hits. How this is not on the first of the first page is beyond me. By far one of my favorites on Wattpad! Local Business. YAAAS! An OVA 13th episode written by Ishibumi was bundled with the 13th light novel on September 20, 2012 on Blu-ray disc. This was my first book on Wattpad and after 2 years it's still my favorite, Most wattpad fics aren't well-written but this one had everything: good plot, great grammar, amazing characters... it's the complete package. I lOVE this story.. Book. Most of the stories in wattpad always contained relationships that move too fast and I'm not too fond of that. The catch? PLEASSSEEE. At first when I started reading it, I didn't really like it because it was kinda slow and I was going to stop reading it, but boy am I glad I didn't. I think all of her stories are good and addicting. It's so sweet, and cute. And I'm one whose standards are high. Their friendship circle is honestly the best with Blake, Lexi, Alex the best friend, the twins Trevor and Cameron, the players Shawn and Clark, Daphnee bff, Vanessa bff, Tyler brother It's so nice to see Blake and Lexi the main characters and love interests grow as characters because of their relationship and what they uncovered about eachother. I read other books and I'm not satisfied because the writing is not anywhere near as good as Rob their's. It is one of the best story I have ever read! The author has such a way with words that you can't help but feel compelled to never stop reading. Wattpad GxG and SPG Stories. Stayed up the whole night reading this! I have read a TON of books on Wattpad, this being one of the first. Plus, the character development is great whether it's each character's past or their ...more, This book is THE best book on wattpad.