With guns pointed at the Corps, Floch demands that Hange take them to find Zeke, declaring that Eren has refused the military's ultimatum. For all these reasons, Hange's departure from the story is an absolute tearjerker. ‘Attack on Titan’ chapter 132 release date, where to read.

[8] Along with their eye patch, Hange wore square, thick-rimmed glasses that had bands strapped around their head to keep them from dislodging during combat. [94], Another year passes and Hange takes the Survey Corps and meets with an ambassador from the nation of Hizuru named Kiyomi Azumabito. Hange accompanies Levi, Mikasa and Eren to the Yeager house. Hange tells them that the false charges against the Survey Corps have been dropped and that their actions were seen as legitimate self-defense. Upon looking at the soldier's armband, Hange states that it is from the 34th expedition, belonging to a woman named Ilse Langnar who had died a year prior. was the 14th commander (団長 Danchō?) Levi then asks why Hange is fiddling with a rock in their hands and Hange explains that it is a piece of hardened flesh that fell off Annie when she was trapped in Stohess and that it has not evaporated. Hange Zoe is known for her “Mad Scientist” like personality and is often portrayed as a Titan Freak. Captain Levi. [56], As a backup plan in the event that the Garrison is unsuccessful in destroying Rod's Titan, Erwin has Hange and Moblit bring gunpowder, ropes, and a net, to him while the Garrison tries to kill Rod with the wall's cannons. Hange demonstrated an impressive resolve when put under great pressure, as they were able to use their intelligence and wits paired with any means necessary to devise cunning plans and inventions. As preparations for the flying boat near completion, Hange and the remaining Survey Corps soldiers equip their gear. Hange points out that if the previous day was his first time using the anti-personnel vertical maneuvering equipment in battle, there may be a significant opening. Visibly shaken, Hange leaves the dungeon and enters a room, violently kicking over a table. There a few more surprises in “Attack on Titan” chapter 132 other than Hange’s death and Floch’s short-lived comeback. Hange and Mikasa try to free him from the Titan, but find that his body has begun to fuse to it. The group makes port at Odiha so that the Azumabito engineers can replenish their supplies and make repairs. Anime/manga Features editor for CBR. Jean curses his decision to intervene, but Hange again reminds him that this was their choice.

After this, Hange tries to question the Minister about what they had just seen, but he roughly states that they do not need to know anything about it, and even threatens to demand compensation for damages done to his church.

Deceased Every fan likely knows by now that the series is much closer to the end, so they should not be surprised to see more important characters die in the remaining chapters. During the battle, Hange is injured in the shoulder by a hook fired by one of Kenny's subordinates and thrown into a wall, then crashing down on the floor. Jean's continued objections cause Hange to become angry and scream their objection before apologizing. [18][19] Probably the strongest emotion Hange expressed was anger, as they were often seen flipping from calm and collected to rage-filled and threatening.

Hange seeing her squad rushing after Bertholdt transforming into the colossal titan pic.twitter.com/8afntomKKv. This led them to wear a small black eye patch over it. [67], After Eren succeeds in sealing the outer hole in Wall Maria, Hange's squad begins moving to the second gate to finish sealing the hole. [102], Hange asks Floch why he leaked Eren's confinement to the press, Hange later receives word that several recruits had leaked Eren's confinement to the press and goes to interrogate them.

To buy her army some time, Hange decides to stick around, face the incoming titans, and fight them on her own in “Attack on Titan” chapter 132.

[41], Hange's reaction after explaining her discovery that Titans used to be humans, In the following two weeks, Hange makes a full recovery and begins supervising the investigation of Ragako. [60] After listening to Keith's story,[61] Hange becomes irritated.

Hange sends Onyankopon out of the room to tell Mikasa and Armin the same. Hange claims that the people of the Survey Corps sacrifice their lives hoping that one day it will mean something, and because of this they have the right to know what they saw inside the Wall and why it is there. Hange tells him about the secret meeting between Yelena and Eren, and Onyankopon shows himself to have been unaware of this, though does not deny that it was likely. 'Attack on Titan' season 4 release date, spoilers: Who will produce the final installment?

Google wants to move UK users' data to the US – what does that mean for your rights? #AoT #Hange pic.twitter.com/2E5EmFjEDu. Sannes is deeply shaken, but he warns Hange that someone else will take his place and wishes Hange luck. They displayed superior skills when operating their vertical maneuvering equipment. She is quite tall for a woman in the series, has brown eyes and hair which is medium-long length but is always tied up as a ponytail with bangs and is quite messy showing her busy personality. Anyone.

Hange informs the officials about what was discovered from the journals, revealing their role as Subjects of Ymir, and how they are being hunted by others due to once ruling the world and having the potential to rule it again. By creating an account, you verify that you are at least 13 years of age, and have read and agree to the Comicbook.com Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, By Kofi Outlaw Hange is always wearing square glasses with an elastic band strapping the head, but outside missions she is wearing oval-shaped glasses. [78], When trying to think of a way to defeat the Colossus Titan, Armin recalls Hange stating that the Colossus was susceptible to drawn-out battles.