I almost hope he's not dead just because of how good of a character he is.

Goals Roland was one of the original playable characters in the first Borderlands, so it's safe to say that some fans that have been with the series since the beginning had an attachment to him.

After fighting through the Lost Legion, Jack and his vault hunters manages to defeat Zarpedon. Anything more runs the risk of running my all time favorite antagonist to the ground and i don't want to see that happen. While being raised by his grandmother, he was subjected to (at the least) physical abuse. Roland's death comes shortly after the Vault Hunters kill Angel, when he is shot through the back by Handsome Jack, who then escapes with Lilith in tow. In Tales from the Borderlands, Handsome Jack gets a second shot at life in digital form.

Unfortunately the Eye was captured by Colonel Zarpedon, who promptly turned it on Pandora's moon Elpis in an effort to prevent its Vault from being found by Hyperion, nearly leading to the moon's destruction. A conversation in Tales from the Borderlands explains this discrepancy by clarifying that Jack remarried at some point after the death of Angel's mother, and that it was his second wife who wanted the "Angel Project" shut down and who left him over it. Tales from the Borderlands expands on Scooter's character even further, and it's in that game where he develops a crush on Fiona. Curious to understand what set off this post so randomly, More posts from the borderlands3 community.

He now has grey pants, but still has a gun holster on his right thigh. The collared shirt is unbuttoned and goes down to his knees. During the development of the game, the developers originally gave him the name as a temporary place holder, but everyone liked the name that it was decided to become his actual name. It acts as an homage to his ego as well as a supply base from which he can send supplies and troops down to Pandora.

Posted by. The true satisfactory defeat of Handsome Jack is not his death, which would result only in his megalomania existing forever in a single moment, but rather utterly crushing him first. Jack is probably alive too, why would he only have 1 AI chip when he could make multiple and have an entire jack AI army if his tech got loose? She's proved that it's possible to stay alive, or at least sentient, through a chip. ( Log Out / 

I like your theory. Jack's pleading for mercy is what makes this scene so sad, especially since the digital Jack seen in Tales from the Borderlands is much more sympathetic than the human Jack from Borderlands 2.

shooting him in the face. So there's gonna need to be a few changes, if I'M gonna be the hero of the story. Several ECHO logs can be found that show Pretty Boy attempting to give Jack financial information regarding the Jackpot, however Jack refused to listen.

Bloodied and broken, he uses his last moments to berate the Vault Hunters and the people of Pandora for their resistance, convinced that his vision of Pandora crumbling beneath the power of The Warrior is righteous, outraged that his victims are not grateful for the destruction. The Borderlands game franchise, including all DLC, sequels, pre-sequels, and re-pre-sequels. With Borderlands 3 right around the corner, we take a look back at some of the saddest character deaths in series history. The satellite also has a lens that allows Jack to keep an eye on the Vault Hunters at all times. Handsome Jack's acts range from merely being petty, such as taunting the Vault Hunters and even naming his own stead "Butt Stallion" as an insult for them, into utterly sadistic, such as cold-bloodedly murdering Bloodwing and using his own daughter to charge the vault key. Stop asking for it. His unnamed wife died of unknown causes, though some of Jack's dialogue implies that it was due to his daughter's powers. Scooter assists the Tales from the Borderlands gang with getting to Helios, but has to sacrifice himself so that the spaceship can make it there safely. He is an arrogant, puffed-up caricature of a man whose entire existence has reinforced his delusions.

Moxxi, Roland and Lilith betrayed Jack in order to prevent him from getting too powerful.

In the first Borderlands, the mysterious Guardian Angel is what guided the original Vault Hunters to the Vault. He has blue jeans with a yellow stripe going down each leg with a gun holster on his right thigh, as well as a pair of brown/ black boots. That is why I always hand the finishing blow off to Lilith. Mercenary Day: Toy Loader, A younger Handsome Jack before his accident.

Players who played through the entirety of the first game may have become attached to Bloodwing, and for them, it was especially shocking when the bird was captured by Jack's men and transformed into a monster. The AI is a backup of the mind of Elenora Dufty, a woman with a vendetta against Mordecai who will do anything to claim it. But Jack is also an actor. Handsome Jack then forcibly connected Angel to computers that would allow him access to the communication systems on Pandora. She's proved that it's possible to stay alive, or at least sentient, through a chip. Rhys initially suspects Jack is indeed just a hologram, though he soon shows he is self-aware and active; however, at first Jack does not realize nor believe that he is dead. In a surprising aversion of the apparent critique in “Shoot This Guy in the Face,” players are given a choice. But right now, I'm him. Jack takes over and says "aw crap im in the annoying loser robot. Jack would keep a gigantic hologram of himself floating above the Spendopticon, would have his Jack doppelgangers walking about the casino for him, and had hologram devices located about the Spendopticon and other locations to explain location and attractions. Handsome Jack's history is a complex one. Origin Depending on player choice, Rhys may very well crush his cybernetic eye, destroying Jack and ending the evil villain's life for a second time. It’s poetic, in its own way; Jack, needing a Siren catalyst to power his Vault Key recharger, first used his daughter, then used Lilith. The Vault Hunters in Borderlands 2 are also contacted by Angel, who guides them on their journey as well.

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I didn’t expect to come out the other end of my examination of Handsome Jack walking through the minefield of ludology and narratology. Jack's father died when he was young and his mother left him in the 'care' of her mother, Jack's grandmother, who was (at a minimum) physically abusive towards her grandson. What better way to find more Vaults, than to let your flunkies find them for you? Delusional Mastermind, Handsome JackJohn (by his superiors)BastardDad (by Angel)Mister JackSirAssholePower Hungry Psychopath (by Moxxi)Hideous Pathetic Little Nobody (by Tassiter)HeroGoddamn HeroPresident of Hyperion CorporationMan Who Has Nothing Left to LoseJackie (by Merrif)Mr. HyperionPresident JackGentle Jim, President and CEO of Hyperion corporation President and CEO of Atlas (formerly), TeleportationHand-to-hand combat proficiencyControl of his own Siren DaughterExperience with firearmsLeadershipCommand over the Hyperion armyAdvanced technologyCan create weaker clones of himselfCarious weaponsWealthControl over the WarriorDurabilityCharismaManipulationIntelligenceMastery of strategyImmortality (Through an AI). After luring them in, he then tries to kill them. Well Secret Armory Robot Revolution did a good job with resurrecting dead foes, if he does come back- I'd like him as a side questline in BL3, or if Tales From would finally kill him off- that'd be a great excuse for everyone to buy it. Theory: Handsome Jack Planned his own Death. A broken, defeated Handsome Jack experiences no sudden vision or moment of clarity. I saw a suggestion that the Jack AI be installed into a Claptrap unit, and so far that's the only good Jack revival idea I've heard. It's also during their time on the Jackpot they can find evidence that Jack never truly let go of Moxxi in thought.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. In videogames, catharsis can occur through both narrative and gameplay. During Angel's childhood, Jack was surprised to learn Angel had the power to control technology, which ultimately made her a target for bandits and other kidnappers; a fate that would ultimately come to pass in a standoff between a kidnapper and Jack. Handsome Jack is the main antagonist of Borderlands 2. He covers this up with a mask nearly identical to his former face, sans scar. This combined with the fact that Roland was the first playable character killed off in Borderlands history made his death all the more shocking. GenocideMass murderHate crimesAbuse Illegal experimentationTheftTerrorism His father passed away while he was very young, causing his mother to give custody of Jack to his grandmother. Extra has one sole programming function, that I won't reveal for those who haven't read it, but revenge is possible from the grave- I'll tell you that; because inside of Extra, is an AI. I have a theory on whether Jack knew he would die, or if Borderlands 2 was really a victory. I feel like The Tales from The Borderlands gave him a amazing and final ending for him and The Handsome Jackpot was the perfect sendoff for him. Building his model city.Seeking opportunity.Murdering disobedient people.Making fun of the Vault HuntersTaking control of Rhys’s body. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. I think he planned his own death, as a sort of ace in the hole.