I think you Neolibs have more pressing concerns, like who will be left standing after the Joyce/Collins/Parata cage fight. While Hosking, Henry, Gower and co speak for the powerful, who in the corporate media is speaking for the voiceless? And a sad case like yourself will have forgotten that when the PM attended the funeral of the Airforce helicopter Pilot who ran into a hill in Wellington whom he knew personally he was criticised by sad fucks like yourself for making it a political event, so please fuck off, you’re trolling and it involves two servicemens deaths, offensive actually. Blogger Martyn Bradbury has come out in Smalley's defence, saying that respect for John Campbell should not "blind us to the validity of Rachel's point, that we desperately lack a diverse media", and he explains why he has made the Daily Blog "the most diverse blog in NZ" - see: Why Rachel Smalley is right. Oh My God – she’s an albino, female Obama!

Has real world experience too. That way, the political class will eventually comprise people who have real world experience. Cactus – Read Guyon’s article – admitted to putting words in her mouth re: Grey Lynn.

L-R: Duncan Garner, John Campbell, Rachel Smalley, Mike Hosking and Guyon Espiner.

“Look at the coalition possibilities for Labour – if we had an election tomorrow a Green-Labour coalition is a very strong prospect. 2. How does that lack of local appeal translate to the national stage? She told Guyon she couldn’t afford a house in Grey Lynn.

Share. Examples of Neoliberal policies in action were seen under Ronald Regan in the U.S, Margaret Thatcher in the U.K, and the Fourth Labour Government in NZ. She has an honesty, a humanity and an engaging manner absent in most politicians.

“Can I say two things?” she says, not waiting for an answer. She has pretty much ‘risen without a trace’.

White men from wealthy suburbs and Hayden Donnell's White Men in Charge: It's Not Just Auckland Council. Hopefully next year it’s a big cow terd. In this scenario, laid out by Guyon Espiner on today’s Caucus election podcast, the ever-suited Shaw is the prefect. She doesn’t know anything about anything real.

Your team's Premium Access agreement is expiring soon. By: Bryce Edwards Bryce Edwards is a lecturer in Politics at Victoria University

While agreeing with Smalley's point about the overall gender imbalance at the top of broadcasting, Watkin argues that her focus on Campbell was a mistake. The debate has been particularly interesting because of the central focus on John Campbell. UpandComer – You couldn’t have me more wrong. Reid will she end up looking like the harpy as well ? Cost to economy of Covid in real time in thousands of dollars, This shows in real time how many houses Labour needs to have built by now to make their target of 10,000 a year, This shows in real time how many trees the Government needs to have planted by now to make their target of 100 million a year, Labour’s Failures Part 8 – Dunedin Hospital, Labour’s Failures Part 3 – Government electric vehicles, Labour’s Failures Part 2 – One billion trees, Ten worst and best things about Joe Biden, The final US polling averages and projections, Barend Vlaardingerbroek: Half a century on from ‘The Lotus Eaters’, “The study of history is a powerful antidote to contemporary arrogance...”, The unbearable anxiety of waiting for America’s election, How Mighty is the Red Army? I think a good rule for MPs pay is that they are paid at the rate of their previous non-taxpayer funded job. I was one of those he interviewed for it: Presumably Ardern will do that, too, if she wants to go all the way to the top. A career pollie self interested self centred and self obsessed. This is reflected upon by Verity Johnson in her column, 'Check your privilege' sounds smug, but it's just a call for thoughtfulness. To get a work visa in most countries you have to prove you can do the job better than a local.

For example, he heralds the role played by US broadcaster Jon Stewart, who "proved to be one of the greatest straight allies we've ever had. Campbell's new role 'extremely disappointing', I've been called sexist and sour but I won't back down: we need more women on prime-time radio, Top tweets about Rachel Smalley's white-male critique of NZ media, Rachel Smalley not unreasonable to want more, Jack Tame says, Carol Hirschfeld says Rachel Smalley's column about John Campbell is 'muddled', Of Messengers And Messages: Reflections on Rachel Smalley's Controversial Column. Recent articles of importance in this regard are Bernard Orsman's Auckland's Super City club: Who's running our city? At this stage of the term, with over two years until the election, they are not aiming for any sort of Labour win. If you take ‘those who should be retired’ out of their list of MPs who would you rate better of the new breed? This doesn’t undermine her credibility, but it lightens and lifts her above the hectoring bores who chew up time on digital recorders.

He challenges some of the "rather clumsy stereotypes" about gender and journalism that he says Smalley makes. Randy

Of course she is. The only mystery left open to me is, will she come out of the closet or will she follow her master down the route of concealment as well? The way you describe yourself is the opposite of Winston Peters. What I am saying is Neoliberalism has failed New Zealand. This sounds like the political bimbo’s rhetorical equivalent of a beauty queen saying she wants to “promote world peace”. Adam Smith – I think Jacinda Ardern is a high quality person because she cares about others and wants to make a difference to lives of underprivileged New Zealanders. The same for all civil servants. Bio also says worked in London, only a short voluntary stint in New York. Hillary Rodham Clinton Secretary of State. Shit hamineggs “and the Fourth Labour Government in NZ.” She was always pretty keen to appear at these occasions if she thought there was a buck in it. Ardern’s CV reads as if she has spent a lot of time thinking about a political career, although she insists she hasn’t.

This just goes to show how much the political chattering class live in their own unreal fantasy world. Least she has the courage to call her old man a dinosaur.

There’s a long list of policy goals.

Blogger David Farrar believes that is possible. It would take a certain type of Neolib to sink this low: http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/politics/7448686/Key-to-miss-soldiers-funeral, Give Helen a call Hambone. It’s time to go. Have your passports ready for the dreadful day when this gang of incompetent socialists gain political power. Boards are the best place to save images and video clips. – WW2 Special, Germany firmly rejects recreational marijuana legalization bill as hope fades for reform, Mahuta and Henare – key appointments which show NZ no longer should be regarded as a European outpost, Lord Sumption - The Covid Intellectual Hero and Expert.

Jacinda’s crowning achievement has been insulting Hamilton.

No one. (@JudithCollinsMP), who tweeted to Smalley to say, "Well done for stating the obvious yesterday. Blogger Steven Cowan argues that the media's diversity problem is one of class and economics rather identity: "A capitalist media structure means that working class views remain unheard. As the dark horse & potentially the ‘annointed one’; ambitious to succeed in H1’s shoes is Rebekah Campbell. 0/3 on telling the truth is not a high score. {{familyColorButtonText(colorFamily.name)}}, View {{carousel.total_number_of_results}} results. Too many images selected. Hamnida needs to go to more of his lectures. Ardern rates Labour’s chances of regaining power in 2014 as 10 out of 10. She has pretty much ‘risen without a trace’. One morning, on Monday, 15 August, Radio NZ’s Guyon Espiner briefly interviewed our esteemed Dear Leader for the Checkpoint programme; TDB Recommends NewzEngine.com Subject; a recent poll showing that 64% supported possession of a small amount of cannabis for personal use should be legal (33%) or decriminalised (31%). November 5, 2010. He chuckles at her leading the International Union of Socialist Youth because it’s so far removed from his politics.

Espiner continues to write political profiles for the Listener magazine. When I read that she was being touted as a future PM it reminded me of a Time magazine article I read some 30 years ago that proclaimed Jim Anderton would be a future world leader! If Grant becomes leader, most people assume she will become the deputy to her former PM’s Office colleague. Nikki Kaye is a far superior option for Akl central. Was someone seriously trying to suggest McCain/Palin or Romney are more capable than Obama? So just a quick reminder, it is the 21st Century.

If you look at the debate over gay marriage those opposed to gay marriage are conservative those for it liberal What evidence, if any, can you advance in support of that statement?

simonway – I agree, but there’s a difference betweeen: Now wants a million dollar villa in Grey Lynn as her first home many thanks for confirming that you agree that a neoliberal expounds a particular brand of economic thought.

You definition does not apply to politics in nz.

Ardern is Hulun’s daughter she never had just as Hughes was her son. It must reflect diversity of perspective, gender and culture". For an explanation of it all, see Jess McAllen's Robie Nicol: The Kiwi John Oliver. Hamnida needs to go to more of his lectures – I think the Politics major is mixing up ‘neoliberal’ with ‘neoconservative’ a lot. That’s long been key to the Green Party brand – that they don’t get down and dirty like those other kids. Will require a short span of attention so you should be ok. First few paragraphs will suffice.

So their outlook will be different. I think it was because I didn’t insult him quite enough at the time since in my experience that’s the lubrication that seems to help people take these sorts of things on board, in my experience, but that’s only my opinion. He believes her first-term record did not justify a No 4 placing – equivalent to Steven Joyce’s on the National benches. Basically, they are framed in American terms – Liberal = Democrat, Conservative = Republican. Grow up. Monthly mortgage advances reach record high of over $7.3 bln in September. Jacinda is a high quality person and politician, she will obviously be prime minister one day. Neoliberals have failed in their goals because income disparity and inequality have risen in countries where the policies have been adopted. Hamnida I note you often use the term neoliberal or neolib. 3. I use Neolibs to describe Neoliberals, not traditional conservatives or liberals.

Published in The National Business Review (Auckland), 11 October 2019. She couldn’t convince Auckland Central voters to elect her, and that is a natural Labour seat. She may be 10/10 confident about winning in 2014, but she has, like Labour generally, set a low goal.

He probably hangs out at Fidels discussing how useless John Key is, and how evil ‘capitalism’ is, loudly.