But after centuries (it’s always centuries), Ashardalon’s demon-heart began to fail and to stay alive Ashardalon traveled to the Positive Plane and broke into the Bastion of Unborn Souls. The Bastion was created out of a concentration of positive energy (BBS, 21). Of course, one god had to press the button: “The Bastion of Unborn Souls is a font of preincarnate souls, created before there were gods, and existing without any divine influence. But each preincarnate soul it digests is one more empty mortal shell vomited forth on the Material Plane. Naturally, Gulthias worried he would die of old age before Ashardalon rose again. The head named Aameul would like to saw off the other head, but the problem is such an act of brotherly love would kill them both. The Gulthias Trees are well known for their ability to spawn twisted creatures known as Twig Blights, however since the Second Tree appeared new monstrosities have been discovered, things the original tree never made. With their victory, Barnes, Albrecht, and Von blasted the heart of the tree, killing it and freeing all who were under Ymra's command across the world. A hunting guild researched the area after men made of vines and bark began attacking the nearby town, discovering that townsfolk would go missing for days only to return dazed and confused. To protect future generations from such devastation, Dydd magically infused the druids’ stonehenge with spells, including one she used to transform wild animals into humans. Good times. But, Gulthias never learned the truth about Ashardalon: “The vampire believes that if he can extend his reach far enough, grow the cult large enough, and make a large enough impact in the world, the spirit of Ashardalon will return from whatever strange plane it has fled to.

The Gulthias tree, still screaming in pain and desperation, was beginning to fall apart. The Azure Dragoon; Creation of the World & Planes; The Codex of Heritage; Rise of the Gods; Creation of the Elder Race; The Discovery of Magic ; The Corruption of the Elder Race; Monster. You can even prestige as a Disciple of Ashardalon (Draconomicon). Neither Regard nor Zemon had any healing spells remaining so they left could do little but stabalize their fallen companion. https://vrchat-legends.fandom.com/wiki/Gulthias_Tree?oldid=81723. The vampire had fled but Konrad and Zemon had been left badly wounded. Half-dragon monstrosities called the Children of Ashardalon enjoyed substantial power in the Spire due to their (supposed) descent from the great dragon. Rin and Flora were blessed, and later Lila as well, unknowingly being tainted by the Tree itself. The trees symbolically weave together images of life and death, hope and despair. !….Could it be? Gulthias then made a journey to the Sunless Citadel, a fortress built in honor of Ashardalon by an Elvish faction of the Cult of the Dragon (SC, 11). But Ashardalon became addicted to soulstuff and needed to consume more and more to satisfy his hunger. So he devised a 'perfect' plan, to bring about true world peace, by wiping out all life who would threaten that peace. PS: I know it’s Steve Tyler, so don’t stop believing me when I say so…. They have thick barky skin and are covered in sharp spikes. Zemon summoned his warhorse only to discover it now appeared undead in nature; reeking of decay and with entrails dangling from its skeletal ribs. More blood had yet to be spilled in Vallaki. But why would the Gulthias Tree bother with spreading Twig Blights? As Ashardalon grew more reckless with his power, he came into direct conflict with the kingdom and its king. “Ashardalon is an entity of power, possessed of a maturity that few dragons ever achieve. The board game, Wrath of Ashardalon, is released. Its massive roots tearing a gaping hole in the earth. I was looking for a mechanism to destroy the ring and I think I’ve found it. The students conducted various tests on Sap samples a little over a week after the Siege of Concordia and discovered several interesting things about it's reactions to magical energy. Sap Blights sap works in a similar manner to the paralytic the Thorn Blight's spikes secrete, making the victim sluggish and numb. The cult’s zealous leader, Gulthias, served as the intermediary between Ashardalon and his delusional followers. This dark extra-planar agent, I believe, came from Ravenloft. The Yawning Portal adds that when Mount Hotenow destroyed half of Neverwinter it opened the rift underneath the citadel. As the Finishers readied their weapons, his mouth contorted into a wretched smile. Much later, the Church sought to build a small settlement near Camp Cari, and were permitted. Bad in every sense you can imagine, but most significantly bad in that, as a transplant, it has slowly failed. Cheers! And it’s a mystery they are not eager to explore, lest they accidentally invoke the Ban of the Unborn” (BBS, 21). Caught in the delusion that his dragon-god would return, Gulthias made a pact with a dark power in exchange for vampiric unlife. Also, Meepo is from the Sunless Citadel adventure. Gulthias traveled to Ravenloft where he learned the necrotic arts. Many builders of magic items have worked to recreate his chosen implement, basing their efforts on tales and myths, while others use such stories for new staffs of their own design.”. Although we can rest easy in the knowledge that the menace posed by this beast is no more (or so we hope), Ashardalon remains a  cause of wonder and speculation.”.

She is a fiend, but is an outcast among both demons and devils— she is half demon and half devil, spawn of a doubly unholy union. By order of Durgeddin the Black, we have created a secret dwarven redoubt. “Ashardalon was a creature of great fury and power even before he achieved his legendary status or gathered a cult following. In an effort to retrieve the stake, Narf-Narf transformed into a giant badger and began digging under the tree; eventually tearing into … Wraith-like soulstuff pours into the node from the Positive Plane, and flows into the Bastion to feed the unborn souls on the trees. After all, who wouldn’t want to know more about the world’s most destructive dragon? Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Bel; Dispater Father of Strife; Mammon the King of Greed; Fierna; Belial; Tymphal; Levistus; Community. After all, “[h]is goal is the creation of a nation-state under his rule, a theocracy where all must give obeisance to a vanished, long-forgotten dragon named Ashardalon” (HNS, 28). Gulthias had no idea his dragon-god was feasting on unborn souls in the Positive Plane. With Regard declining and Konrad still unconscious, the axe went to Zemon who wrenched it from the Gulthias Tree. You should check them out.

He may have been searching for an artifact he believed would summon Ashardalon. Victor’s lips continued to move but no sound was produced.

Ancient even by the standards of dragonkind, he was a force for evil in the world—his ferocity and greed was unmatched by any of his kin.

An “edict as old as the multiverse” forbids the gods from involving themselves in the affairs of unborn souls in order to preserve their free will (BBS, 6). The Tree spawns magical life giving (and life stealing) fruit, as well as evil creatures known as twig blights. His feasting created the “soul sickness,” a multi-universal wide cataclysm where bodies are thrust into existence without souls. The citadel now lies at the bottom of the ravine in perennial shade (hence the name). D&D Adventures League: http://dndadventurersleague.org/hooks-the-sunless-citadel/, Power Score :http://thecampaign20xx.blogspot.com/2015/05/dungeons-dragons-guide-to-demogorgon.html, Shannon Appelcline: http://dnd.wizards.com/articles/features/demogorgon-prince-demons, Wiki: http://dragons.wikia.com/wiki/Red_Dragon_(Dungeons_%26_Dragons. ( Log Out /  Later, Gulthias would experiment on one of Ashardalon’s children, creating a twisted half-dragon flesh golem (HNS, 15). MASSIVE SPOILERS BELOW WITH AMAZING DETAIL AND INCREDIBLE ANALYSIS, The great red dragon Ashardalon returns in the new D&D board game Wrath of Ashardalon designed by Peter Lee and Bill Slavicsek. JavaScript is currently disabled. Realizing his allies could not protect him from such a large number of attackers, Amon began fleeing back toward the stone ruins casting sleep on groups of twig blights as he went. Trees are significant in many of the world's mythologies, and have been given deep and sacred meanings throughout the ages.