Perhaps you are insistently thinking about making the right decision regarding a relationship or a current event in life; you are afraid of making a costly mistake. You may be healing, recovering or growing -emotionally- after a terrible personal event, such as, for example, a family member’s death, breakup, unemployment, etc. Snake In chasing dreams, you feel somewhat powerless and without sufficient energy to face your fears. In contrast to the objective meaning of snakes chasing you in your dreams, the subjective meaning of your snake dream is about an aspect of yourself. If you have dreams of snakes chasing you, first check that the meaning of your snake dream is not objective. When a woman dreams that she’s carrying and petting a cat, it suggests that someone is giving her negative advice about her emotional issues. See the full content in dreams of snake chasing me, including: Having dreams where a snake is choking you -or is about to do it- expresses certain negative influences in your wake life preventing you from being yourself. It struck when it was cornered and had nowhere to go. Check before you put your boots on! It could also indicate that you are cutting ties with annoying or unbearable individuals close to you. Dreaming of snake spitting its venom on you suggests that there is a negative personal relationship, an influence or situation that is polluting your mind. This dream reveals the existence of a permanent obstacle or problem that is recurrent or repetitive, something bad constantly perturbing you, day after day. A menacing snake in the water displays anxiety inside the dreamer because of an unfriendly and toxic environment, perhaps there is something in her life which is not been addressed properly. In some limited cases, this dream might be showing your emotional battle with a serious illness. Dreaming of a red snake has at least three If the snake bites you, I recommend you to read a snake bites me in a dream. It may also be revealing that you are overcoming personal obstacles or challenges. If the snake is friendly, it may be suggesting sexual interest. It may also uncover constant and permanent suffering, pain or difficulties in the dreamer’s life. Having a viper, cobra or python as a pet means that you are acquiring influence or authority over people around you. Burning dragon is an indication of the troubles or burning passion for something, in either way, good or bad. This dream may be announcing your sudden feeling of being alive; perhaps you are recovering from an emotional or physical setback. Snake According to a freudian interpretation, that this dream might be uncovering sexual desires or personal wishes needed to be satisfied. Violet is the color of memories, longing and the border with the beyond. Dreaming about a snake bite: 5 dreams of a snake bite, Why do we dream? This is the kind of dreams that are not only intense but charged of symbolism. It is likely that this dream is revealing conflicts or quarrels within neighbors, coworkers, classmates or friends. . It is possible that you are scared of someone constantly harassing you. According to another interpretation, the dream may be showing that you are not able to continue holding negative and toxic emotions, feelings or ideas inside yourself. Grey If the snake attacks or threatens you, then the dream may be pointing to an expectation of receiving unpleasant news. These elements could be your negative traits in your personality, which make you prone to react to challenging situations with impulsivity, anger or sloppiness. Dreams about dead snakes signify your transformation from fear to having successfully overcome your fear. Dreaming of snakes, serpents, vipers or brightly colored boas could be a dreaming image alerting you of a danger or threat that your unconscious mind sees as imminent. This is why it will be important to take into account the circumstances of the dreamer and the rest of the details that appear in the dream in order to have an accurate interpretation….Read more…, Dreaming about dragon represents your strong passions and secret desires. In fact, this dream could be uncovering traits or skills in you that need to be trained or refined with some urgency. From a different perspective, this dream might be suggesting that you are trying to influence or dominate individuals who are unreliable, or maybe you want to control elements or situations that are unstable or unpredictable. If in the dream you flee or escape from a snake, it shows that you want to keep your distance from an intimidating or toxic individual. Dreaming of grey snakes. It means that the dreamer is facing problems that are not only difficult to comprehend but also to confront. Have dirty and infected feet,’ tribulation, shameful maladies. Dreams about snakes can turn into a physical, psychological, and spiritual transformation. If the cat rubs against your legs, it suggests that you’re surrounded by hypocrisy. I invite you to see your dream in this way: those disturbing elements inside you (represented by the snakes) are able to provoke problems if they escape the control of your conscious mind (the box). To be honest, the hardest part for me is knowing that I am taking a life of a creature that feels trapped and is utterly scared. It is the color of intellect (yellow) and (red) passion. Dreaming of snakes attacking you gives you a more specific meaning than dreams of snakes chasing you. At a more abstract level, this dream can be suggesting that you are having issues with the way you are dealing with your personal projects. Precisely, the snake might be displaying our normal doubts or worries because we need to make a key decision. Dreaming of gold-colored boas or vipers may expose current concerns about financial or economic issues happening in the dreamer’s unconscious mind. See the rest of interpretations in dreams about snakes in my bed, Seeing snakes hidden under the bed might express your concerns about potential issues, lies, betrayals or duplicities in your current relations or inside your family. To touch grey dragon in the dream, means that you don’t have worries about not being able to choose something. In dreams of snakes attacking you, you have sufficient energy to face your fears, but something is holding you back. Having a dream in which you have a trained or domesticated snake expresses your ability to remain calm and serene in the face of dangerous situations in your real life. Having a violent encounter with this animal in the dream is our mind’s way to graphically represent our emotional struggle. It is perfectly possible that something you have experienced in the last 24 hours has inspired this type of dream. A second interpretation states that this dream may be disclosing your ability to control or eradicate your negative thoughts, vices or personal flaws; perhaps you are getting rid of harmful habits or influences. If a man has this dream, gain, riches and profit to be attained slowly. The dream of giving birth to a fish represents a child in feeble health. In Eastern spiritual traditions, the serpent or snake of kundalini is situated at the base of a person’s spine. When the snake is killed: honor and triumph.Read more…, When you dream of seeing an asp (aspis is any one of several venomous snake species found in the Nile region) of in your dream, it signifies failures, troubles and severities. On the positive side, this reptile means transformation and recovery. The golden color in the world of dreams represents what you consider worthy in your life. In some specific cases it may be disclosing breathing problems. Finding these reptiles on your road would express both your tangible obstacles (limited economic resources, lack of time or expertise) and your psychological ones (fear, insecurity, passivity), which prevent you from moving forward in life. A Blue snake in a dream can symbolize that somebody in your waking life will try to deceive you. Another interpretation has a deep psychological connotation, since it states that the image of a hidden snake represents the dreamer’s negative inner aspects or personality traits, things she has difficulty understanding or controlling. Likewise, this dream may be displaying your latent concern over the fact that you are spending a lot of your time in futile distractions when there are more important things to do. This dream could be recurrent in people who are facing a challenging or cumbersome situation; perhaps you are afraid of make a big mistake or being exposed to harsh words and nasty comments. This dream is disclosing apprehensions about something in your relations that you think is not fair or appropriate. Example: black dragon is flying away – dangers are going away. If you’re touching a dragon, it represents your accommodation with particular condition. Indeed, this dream is suggesting that you are feeling emotionally distant from what is happening to you and the world around you; perhaps you are lacking focus on certain personal matters; it seems that you are not satisfied with yourself. See them bathed with odoriferous herbs, and essential perfumes ; honors and rejoicings on the part of sub- v ordinates. See the rest of this content in big snake dreams. Boa, cobra and snake Orange is the color of pride and ambition. When you have dreams about a snake bite, ask yourself what bad, challenging, or fearful experience you might have to face in order to achieve a good transformation or change in your life. / . If the snake is aggressive or inspires you a lot of fear, then this dream might be revealing that you are feeling intimidated by the presence of a female in your life, a woman who is affecting you negatively. If you know Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s story of The Little Prince, you can understand how a dream about a snake bite can be good and bad at the same time. eval(ez_write_tag([[468,60],'javidreamsmeaning_com-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_7',112,'0','0']));This dream is exposing your sense of panic and powerless in the face of a negative force or presence in your life. Short meaning: the dream of grey snake can herald peacefulness, enjoyment and fraternization. If the snake has a head at each end, then it is possible that you are going through a tough emotional situation in life and don’t know what decision to make; you might be in front of a conundrum, being terribly pushed towards two opposite directions. This dream may reveal that the dreamer is experiencing uncertainty, indecision, even confusion. After weeks of research and comparing adjustable beds, this is the absolute favorite among our writers. Tossing a snake into a person in a dream is disclosing the dreamer’s weird and cruel tendency to find joy and pleasure when she gives people a very bad time; more particularly, by displaying her capacity to inflict harm to others if she wants to do so. This dream foretells that you might lose the trust of those you love. Asp (venomous snake aspis; reptile) It is the color related to the deeper layers of the unconscious.Read more…, Reveals fear, anxiety, depression, inertia, indifference and pain. On the other hand, dreaming that you eat a snake has also a negative interpretation, because you could be internalizing feelings or negative emotions, which are represented in the figure of the snake you ingest. The subjective meaning of snakes chasing you in your dreams includes fear of something in your life or feeling vulnerable. On the other hand, dreaming that you see only the head of the snake, viper or cobra might have a positive connotation, because it is suggesting that you are facing your greatest fears. Take in consideration that the snake may be representing few perturbing aspects of your own psyche that usually are expressed by immature or problematic reactions to unfamiliar situations in life. A guideline to facilitate the interpretation is to ask yourself what emotion you felt when you saw the emerging animal in the dream. Birth Having a dream in which you see snakes in the grass or in your lawn may be hinting to the existence of certain recreational activities with may be causing you problems after some time. The snake bite is bad because it puts an end to something.