Also in use are my 1978 Marshall head, Marshall cab ( stock, except I replaced two of the greenbacks with G12-65s .. you’ve heard this cabinet before, on Fu Manchu’s The Action Is Go LP ), and my Big Muff, pot-dated to 1980. I don’t remember, either a Randall or a Mesa. What kind of Amplifiers does Greg Hawkes use?

Although I don’t myself use the thing that often, it’s a good amp, and quite sturdy – this is one of the heads that I recorded and toured on Astro-Creep: 2000 with, so, daily use in the 1990s, multiple poundings on the loading docks of the world, and semi-regular service since then, all without a tune-up.
Elsewhere on the internet, it says that the idea was that if you sped up the tape, you could edit in a few more commercials, but the audio would end up being all pitched up, so you need to be able to do a pitch-without-time-change to get the dialog and such back to normal human sound. I earned this!! Bei umfassenden Fragen/Beratungen aber gerne auch telefonisch. You don’t have to plug it in.

Und weil ich selbst Musiker bin ist es mir wichtig, dass auch die Käufer mit meinen Instrumenten bestmöglich bedient werden.

Our friend Damien (the character in the Thunderkiss video in long johns and skull mask, that’s Damien) lived with his grandparents in a big apartment in Brooklyn, where he let me store my meager stuff – the Firebird, a few crates of LPs, some books.

2:18 to 2:43. I love the smell of ink burning off of new tubes.

”, ” When it was all finished, Roy Thomas Baker flew over, and over the course of a year he taught me the tricks of the trade, things like placing mics at varying distances in long rooms to get slap effects.

...beantworte ich möglichst rasch. While The Cars were known commercially as a rock and new wave band, he had the biggest impact on the synthpop and new wave sound of the Cars hits such as "Drive." This probably wouldn’t be a problem if I was in Hollywood or NYC, but I live in the ass-end underside of America and, clearly, I would have to turn to the internet.

On the left, there’s the rack gear – this seems like a giant, complex stack of stuff, but if you look closely, you can see that it’s actually not.

Elektra got the nod, and The Cars were on their way. Greg majored in flute and composition at the Berklee College of Music.

Before The Cars reunited in 2010, Hawkes played with The Turtles (starring Flo and Eddie) and Todd Rundgren.[7]. That’s retarded, right? Hawkes pushed the limits of available technology and sequencing[citation needed] helping to forge the sound of the 1980s. A couple of years ago, a guy I was recording came by with an old ( early-mid 1950s ) Philco Phonorama speaker cabinet ( for a radio or a console phonograph or a TV, I have no idea ) – he was like, ” Here, I found this in the trash, you should have it “, and he was right — I took one look at it and decided that I had to make it live again ( dig that metal handle!

Hinzu kommen Lagerkosten, Versand-, Garantie- und Rücknahmefälle, Gewerbe- /Umsatz/Einkommensteuern - und dann sogar auch noch IHK-Gebühren (!!) There’s not much to say about this one, except that it was solid, a workhorse, sounded pretty good, and was my main guitar from my first show with WZ through my first tour (USA, Summer 1989), second tour (Europe, Winter 1989-1990), recording of La Sexorcisto, and the first half or so of the tour for that album. I sold 3 of them, instruments I didn’t really play live or in the studio, to the Hard Rock ( one of which seems to be particularly interesting to people so I’m planning a story about it ), but here are the other, whatever, twenty. guitar ), the Japanese factory-made set-neck guitar that I recorded all the ” Drop C# ” ( low to high, C#, G#, C#, F#, A#, D# ) tunes on Astro Creep : 2000 with ( Creature Of The Wheel, Real Solution #9, the rhythm parts for More Human Than Human, etc.

The session was for a band called Cap’n Swing, made up of Ric Ocasek, Ben Orr, and Greg Hawkes. This, from Modcult. On the 2011 tour for the album "Move Like This" Greg Hawkes would let the se... more.

At the time I was at an art school that had a very primitive sound studio outfitted with a basic 3-channel mixing board and an EMS VCS-3 “ Putney “ synthesizer. Do we all know Lucy’s madcap pace from these sped-up reruns?

In February 1989, right after I joined the band, Sam Ash (or was it Manny’s?) And he didn’t care at all, thought it was funny.
He’s retired now, but he was a super-duper elite road crew guy who toured with Bruce Springsteen, Bon Jovi, and a million other acts. Records are back in a big way, they keep telling us, and it’s true : vinyl shops are not anymore solely the lonely domain of old dudes who spend their days dreamily recounting the Zappa/ Uriah Heep gig they saw in ’74, but of enthusiastic kids looking for scratchy soul 45s, limited edition pressings of European black metal albums, underground noise cassettes.

They will, of course, offer the tracks for download, but that’s really an afterthought, because, quite frankly, where’s the fun? Testen This was before all the modern reverb and delay devices became available, and we had to be creative to get special effects.