Keita Itō (伊藤 啓太 Itō Keita) is the main protagonist of the Gakuen Heaven Manga and Anime. Taking the train he wonders what type of school it is, and why it would let someone like him in. One day, Keita goes out with Iwai and sees Tonosama. There is little for Yuki to celebrate, however, as the position of student council president has been reduced to a powerless servant, responsible for nothing besides the menial chores that Durak, Bell Liberty's disciplinary committee and the school's true authority, consider beneath them. Keita is picked up by Niwa, the president of the student council, and from then on, he is warmly welcomed to BL Academy by everyone. Kazuki and Dr. Matsuoka struggle, but in the end Keita wins the doctor over, offering himself as a research subject for the development of a new vaccine that can help Hiroya. 5 drama CDs have been released. Knowing, and remembering him from childhood, Kazuki prepares for Keita's transfer to his school. He says he’s all right and they enter the school together (which everyone is like OMG!!! This time, Keita picked up a cursed ring that would take away his major ability – luck. About to be kissed by Yukihiko, Keita is spirited away by bicycle with Kazuki's return, now happy and feeling he can make it at school with Kazuki having befriended him. Keita then wakes up with two beautiful men looking at him known as the Queen and King of the school. Finding Keita conscious again, he stops him from tripping and hugs him. Keita Itō (伊藤 啓太 Itō Keita) is the main protagonist of the Gakuen Heaven Manga and Anime. Keita and the others go looking for tonosama. Occasionally Keita has flashbacks to his childhood, where he is playing with an older boy whom he calls "Kazu-nii." However, on the day of his transfer, the bridge joining the school and the academy, which was located on a remote man-made island, suddenly raised and his bus fell. He is willing to spend nights off-campus without permission and violate curfew. A short time after winning the MVP Battle, Keita is invited out by the school nurse, Dr. Jin Matsuoka, who takes him to an abandoned building. Older, he has received a letter of enrolment to Bell Liberty School. While Kazuki is away on business, Kuganuma summons Keita to his office and informs him that his admission to the school was unauthorized and a mistake, and that he is to be expelled from the school. On the way, he is trapped in a storage shed and freed by Hideaki. Though he seems to be an average guy without any sort of special skills, Keita has a warm and friendly personality towards his fellow friends. YOU’RE WITH THE KING AND QUEEN). The doctor reveals that Keita was once infected with a dangerous virus that the Suzubishi Group had been researching, but recovered thanks to the administration of an experimental vaccine. Dr. Jin takes Keita away so he could tell him a secret: the reason that he is at the academy. In the sequel Gakuen Heaven 2 ~Double Scramble!~ (学園ヘヴン2 ~DOUBLE SCRAMBLE!~), released in April 2015, the player Yuki Asahina is invited to study at the near-legendary Bell Liberty Academy despite possessing no remarkable skill or a talent of any distinction save his uncanny good luck. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Keita tries to take it off but can’t. Keita is a young child crying as he asks someone not to go. He is actually Keita's childhood friend who promised in the future that they could go to the same school. A fan disc titled Gakuen Heaven Okawari! Regaining consciousness, he is embraced by Kazuki and remembers the feeling from somewhere. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The characters are the same as in the Windows Game and the objective this time is to find the way to release Keita from the curse of the ring. The two of them become a steadfast pair, but in the days that Kazuki is not around, Keita has no trouble finding other company among the other students. The 5-volume manga series by You Higuri began in 2003. Aside from the first drama CD, the core cast remains the same for all other products in the franchise and is based on the casting in the PlayStation 2 games. And where is Kazuki? The series was licensed in English by Tokyopop's yaoi imprint, BLU. The franchise gradually expanded to include more games, drama CDs, manga, and anime. Fortunately, they manage to succeed despite the obstacles in their path - both part of the competition and from outside interference - and Keita's place at the school is secured. A series of challengers for the students where they have to be in pairs, is this the chairmans way of helping Keita? [4],, Anime television series based on video games, Articles containing Japanese-language text, Articles to be expanded from November 2008, Articles with Japanese-language sources (ja), Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. It takes place after the events of Gakuen Heaven aka Keita gets to stay at the school. "Academy Heaven") is a media franchise originating from the Windows game Gakuen Heaven: Boy's Love Scramble, originally released by the company SPRAY. Kazuki borrows his bicycle to reclaim Keita from Yukihiko. Seeing the cityscape in the evening together, he has to leave after receiving a telephone call.