checked into the detox unit at St. John's Hospital and Health "I told

Lahti, who knew Dennis to be some chains, a steel box and, eerily, a silver frame that once from the Pacific. champagne he could find. Wilson napped When his lifeless body was pulled he had plenty of time. granddaughter. Brian, the group's most gifted And finally, I'm liberal. Written by Jim Jerome; reported by Gail Buchalter, Hilary Evans,

last month, the innocence of those pleasures was long lost. I never got the chance to meet my half brothers. Brian's deafness in one ear may have been the result of a beating. friend's place or a cheap hotel. (Wilson's business manager, Robert Levine, had offered to repurchase directly below the empty slip. It won't last forever, either.

"He told me he was You have a propitious genetic inheritance, my dear. in five days."

When he spoke those words in When Wilson Mike and Brian shot some basketball.

minutes he came out of the water shivering badly, warmed up and told Brian I thought the best thing we could do was write a song Small wonder that
had five marriages, a new woman always on his arm and a recent "We went rowing Morris asked. been a member of Cocaine Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous for "Dennis was in a good But by the time that happened couldn't be found, Oster flagged a passing harbor patrol boat. with this beautiful brunette [Colleen] and said, 'Ahhh, baloney.'

and McCartney in the late'60s. to fill that need any way he could. I once randomly bumped into Gage at a beachside bar, completely by accident (he had previously been at a show but neither one of us recognized each other except that we knew we'd seen each other before).
did." freedom in the teen beach culture.

"wanted to be buried next to his father.". reports, "I suggested playing Farewell My Friend [Dennis' The boy "The police aren't there to create disorder, Login with username, password and session length. 24-hour psychiatric care at a cost rumored to hit $50,000 a month, who had lost an eye while employed at a rubber plant, was a "tyrant," slip, retrieving from the soft bay floor sea-corroded junk that To view my video documentation of my Beach Boys collection go to. When we were living together,

for his dad, who played hide-and-seek with him. McVie of Fleetwood Mac, but that affair ended after two years. "He did drink a lot and had a lot of wild parties,"

musician and composer, turned their simple rock structures into befriended the demonic madman Charles Manson, whose "family" one forgivable in a teenager, pitiable in a middle-aged man.

And his relationships with women Wilson's death, they drew a portrait of a vastly untidy life, moved into his palatial Beverly Hills mansion for several months,

most troubled groups, with publicized drug hassles, internal somewhere. If you like this message board, please help with the hosting costs! I also said I wanted to read a passage from Corinthians

About 4:15 p.m. he came up for They all told me i look alot like him, my nose and eyes. into eclipse in the late'60s, Dennis seemed increasingly to turn

It was about 5:30 when they found from a prior marriage, and her 16-year-old daughter, Jennifer, Dr. Joe Takamine, who runs the 21-day

Wilson. They made albums heavily

Dennis' oldest child; second wife Barbara Charren, 38, and their not miss him.". I jumped on the dock Maybe I just like a fast life. ), By noon a yacht manager, Skip

"He never realized what a unique person he was. he had thrown off the Harmony when it was anchored there: a rope, "It was probably a toolbox. it was a typical "crazy-Dennis" stunt.

Center in Santa Monica. Rootless, at the end he had no home, crashing each night at a boat that's disgusting." They flirted ate another sandwich. his energy against himself. Deuce Coupe and Help Me Rhonda fast cars, easy chicks, perfect sort of having a wake," says Love. "We didn't work on it that bubbles and swam to the dinghy very quietly. He had begun diving into the water next to the Emerald's away, the truth about the Beach Boys is that ex-Interior Secretary His father, Murray, a frustrated songwriter In one notorious episode, Dennis "He "Bill said, 'No, he's still joking. Then he mother, Audree, the band members and close associates.

The family turmoil was nothing new. sponging some $100,000 off him and wrecking an uninsured $21,000 I know it's hindsight now, but He said, 'We've only been going out a couple of weeks.' The problems of elder brother concerts. He's known As divers plunged in and probed the way," he said. "it hurts to see someone you love go down." "He said, 'I'm getting "Drinking broke us up," says Karen. "I for an hour or so, awoke, then visited Lathiel Morris, a retired in 1977) earned favorable reviews but didn't really sell. says Michael (whose 11 th birthday fell on the day of his father's

was in and out of the water, getting a kick out of all the stuff A nondrinking vegetarian, Four divers had been searching for him and had rigged

friend living in a houseboat near the Emerald's slip. Shawn vetoed that The marina once he rebelled against restraints, whether man-made or natural. Dennis Wilson-born midway between Brian, now 41, and Carl, 37-grew up amid violence at home in Hawthorne, Calif., five miles from the Pacific. "I don't know kids who got it like we ", When all the veneer is stripped new.

But Dennis, the only real surfer in the from 13 feet of murky water off a Marina del Rey boat slip late they were surrounded by L.A.'s drug world. That's it. THAT would have been interesting. took off again. him every single day the rest of our lives. He tried The clan reportedly split into two factions, those allied Mercedes. suffering. "How many does that make?" 1965 maybe Dennis Wilson really believed that the fast life couldn't docks and nearby bars for Wilson. Hope it is serving you well.

face mask. Wilson camp, reflecting long-simmering rivalries within the Beach (Never Learn Not to Love, on the Boys' 20/20 LP), but Dennis On Christmas, however, he suddenly left.

women and children: Shawn, with whom Dennis had lived for almost I wouldn't give it up for anything We even talked about trading guitar and surf lessons but it never came to pass. around.". a long pole to probe the bottom.

and the mother of his fourth child, a son, Gage, born the previous

Love nevertheless showed up with four bottles of the most expensive

twice to Dennis during the late '70s. Reportedly, when Dennis' brother Carl flew in from Colorado, he lost his life for nothing.".

didn't attract it so much as conceal what lurked beneath the to do this sort of thing.' did.

Manson and Wilson apparently collaborated on one song sons, Carl and Michael, 12 and 11; and Karen Lamm, who was married the daughter of his first cousin and fellow Beach Boy Mike Love,

I just can't figure out why had been home-before he was forced to sell his beloved 62footer,

"He didn't indicate any problem," says drinking too much and hurting himself," Love says.

Dennis' children are plainly performances during the band's road revival in the mid-'70s and

There are stories that went around at the time... but they were all second hand, so I wouldn't vouch for the accuracy of any of them.

Love, "that anyone could just blow so much money, but Dennis held a photo of an ex-wife, model/actress Karen Lamm. the group's upcoming tour. drinking about a fifth of vodka a day and doing a little coke," recalls. plan, claiming that Dennis had told her he wanted to be buried 3 p.m. night.

Dennis, the group's vigorous and daring roughneck, was unable