Hosted by Russ the Webmaster, this is the place to look back into the world of Frank Sidebottom and his creator Chris Sievey. For a more real life look, the documentary Being Frank: The Chris Sievey Story “explores the extraordinary secret life of artist Chris Sievey, best known as his alter ego Frank Sidebottom, the … Television work. Frank trug meistens einen Anzug im Stil der 1950er Jahre. Frank Sidebottom was a banjo playing character portrayed by comedian Chris Sievey of the 80's Indie band 'The Freshies'. It was wrong to say that even a child could do it, he said. Being Frank – The Chris Sievey Story available on DVD and Blu Ray from all good stores. Frank Sidebottom styled himself as an aspiring singer-songwriter from Timperley, south Manchester. One of those people who claims he was bes…, Steve Sullivan’s funny and moving BIFA nominated documentary, Being Frank: The Chris Sievey Story will be released in the UK and Ireland by Altitude on [...]. As Kevin Bradshaw rightly says "Credit for drawing them goes of course to the late and oh so great Frank Sidebottom (and Little Frank, you know it does, it really does)". Welcome to the OFFICIAL FRANK SIDEBOTTOM ARCHIVE RESOURCE. Screwed-Up Eyes And Screwed Down Hairdo Poster, Frank's Most Likeable T-Shirt Ever Poster, All Roads Lead To The Mancunian Way Poster, Medz Abstract The Cream of Manchester Collage September 2020 Poster, Medz Abstract The Cream of Manchester Collage August 2020 Poster, Available as Standard or Express delivery, 100% Secure payment with 256-bit SSL Encryption, Exchange or money back guarantee for all orders. hello fantastic fans We did it, at 11.37am on sunday 20 october 2013 a life size bronze statue of the one and only frank Sidebottom was unveiled to the the old news items here clicky this link. You can visit 11:37 Enterprises just click on the image above for news and frank merchandise. He was the creation of punk rocker, Chris Sievey, and... Frank Sidebottom was 'the court jester of the Manchester music scene,' says Steve Sullivan, but his documentary reveals much more to this genius comedian. We did it, at 11.37am on sunday 20 october 2013 a life size bronze statue of the one and only frank Sidebottom was unveiled to the public. Frank and Little Frank - Old Manchester City Ground “Frank Sidebottom is...Freddie Mercury (pronounced Mer-cyoorey). Thanks for your vote! Frank Sidebottom Dancing With Dalek: Iron Man III: Little Tony Stark with Les Boalty. Piccies of Frank. I thought of this recently…. In December 2010, Frank Sidebottom's 1986 song "Christmas Is Really Fantastic" was re-released in an attempt to become the Christmas number one. The first distinctive thing about Frank was his large home made papier-mâché head. Oct 25, 2019 - Explore James Hayes's board "Frank Sidebottom" on Pinterest. He wasn’t really called Frank Sidebottom. All the great songs and lyrics from the "ABC & D: The Best of Frankie Sidebottom" album ont he Web's largest and most authoritative lyrics resource. The character he created, Frank Sidebottom was an entertainer whose material was suitable for all ages, even if everyone didn't "get it". Our aim was to always have some monies over for a cancer charity, and we are more than chuffed to have done this mission. Frank Sidebottom posters have a bright white base for sharp images and vibrant color reproduction. to help give you the best experience we can. Sievey was an English musician and comedian known for fronting the band The Freshies in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Chris Sievey, the man behind comic creation Frank Sidebottom, has died after collapsing at his home. You can visit frank’s world just click on the image above. An inventive documentary that investigates the extraordinary life of the mystery man beneath the papier-mâché head of cult British comedy figure Frank Sidebottom. Christopher Mark…, Huge in Timperley: Chris Sievey probed absurd life situations as “Big Frank” Sidebottom The eminent Australian cultural critic Robert Hughes once skewered a wrong-headed standard dismissal of modern art (and specifically Carl Andre’s “bricks at the Tate”). Probably not featuring prominently in the list of famous people to die in 2010, Chris Sievey sadly died earlier this year. We did it, at 11.37am on sunday 20 october 2013 a life size bronze statue of the one and only frank Sidebottom was unveiled to the public. get news and updates on how you can help to get a frank sidebottom statue in timperley, the frank sidebottom statue web site also has a large facebook group going come and join us, brian little being interviewed on bbc radio manchester with alan beswick on the 14th december 2010. brian talks about the frank sidebottom christmas single and also mentions the frank sidebottom statue, the day the big tree in timperley came down. Frank Sidebottom's Fantastic Shed Show was a television programme shown in 1992 featuring Chris Sievey as fictional character Frank Sidebottom. 'One of a kind' Often accompanied by his sidekick Little Frank - a … May 21, 2016 - Frank Sidebottom is Christopher Mark Sievey (25 August 1955 – 21 June 2010) comic persona. Er bestand ursprünglich aus Pappmaché und wurde später aus Fiberglas nachgebaut. A feature length documentary about Manchester's strangest comedian Frank Sidebottom and his creator, Chris Sievey. Below are some video clips that may interest you. Mark Radcliffe, Caroline Aherne and Chris Evans were all associated with him earlier in his career, and all were far more successful than him. Sizes are custom cut based on the artist’s creation. See more ideas about Franks, Comedians, Musician. Copyright © 2010 - 2020 Frank Sidebottom Statue - All rights reserved. Great comic persona. Do look at our news archive and watch the frank Sidebottom statue story unfold, you can also contact us if you need to here. For regular news updates and any enquiries please use 11:37 Enterprises. Click above to visit amazon. One of those people who claims he was best mates … See more ideas about Franks, Chris sievey, Frank movie. 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