If you want premium designs for your fake certificates and can spend money for them, Visme and Canva are better destinations. However, I found a free web app called Magazine Yourself that will cost you nothing. You can create a fake certificate to prank your friends and family. There’s also an Android app called Fake Message Free that you can use to create fake text messages on Android devices. Enter the message, select, time format, and get ready to roll. This is the only chat with dark background. Even Address streets are randomly generated it doesn't match with real addresses. With customizations such as avatars, replies, retweets, verified ... Total Number of Monthly Active Twitter Users: With huge user volume. The best use of this free online tool is to create fake text messages. Twitter Tweet Generator. Did you know that you can easily create fake screenshots for the purpose of pranking others? When you are done with creating your fake Facebook post, also check out how you can use bold, italic, and fancy text in your Facebook posts. You can set instagram profile photo, profile user name, account user name, occupation, post count, followers count, post count, following count, bio of user profile and website link. iOS can use an app called Social Dummy to create fake social media posts and share screenshots to have fun. You can create not only fake tweets but also send fake messages. And there are also memes and twitter-like emoji available for you to create best quote tweets. The system will automatically print the information your news on html div is like a real tweet on twitter, so you don't have to take photoshop  or find and download blank twitter template if you're in need of creating a Fake Tweets. Your email address will not be published. ReturnFlights, on the other hand, gives you a fake flight ticket booked via Expedia. This will be the whole new level for fun and craziness among your friend circle. Not just that, you can also add header, SMTP server and get confirmation when the fake email is delivered and read. In case you want to generate professional invoices (with GST) online, Invoice Generator, Invoicely, Free Invoice Builder, and Online Invoices are worth giving a shot. I created the fake messenger chat screenshot using the Zeoob online Facebook Messenger chat generator. This generator is not the slightest bit related with Instagram. Fake Twitter Generators. Fake tweet maker on WonHowTo is developed based on the latest tweet of twitter 2019 both on the pc and mobile android or ios versions of iphond, even the dark mode or app mode. By the help of these android applications, you will be easily able to create the fake screenshots of these apps running but seems like running in the ios operating system. Celebrities and Media use our Tweet Maker to make fake tweets to get viral on social media.. There is no scarcity of fake Facebook post generators. The latest Fake Tweet Generator With Reply that Is updated with Twitter’s current look. Do you want to shock others by featuring yourself on the cover of an international magazine? Zeoob is another great online tool to generate fake tweets that look real. Using Fake Name Generator, you can generate a randomly fake identity with all those details that you use to protect your privacy. To make your tweets eye-catchy, you should make use of fancy text. It supports dates, images, text messages even HTML code) … In case you want to generate a fake Instagram chat or DM screenshot, you can either use Android apps like Funsta – Insta Fake Chat Post and Direct Prank, and InstaFake – Fake Chat & Fake Followers & Fake Post, or use websites like Zeoob, and FakeDetail. Now add messages from contact or to contact and make conversation, Now you see advance settings here you find battery,time,digital design e.t.c change and set according to your needs, Now final step hit on The create image button. This location-based dating and social mobile app allows users to like or dislike (swipe left or right) other users based on their profile picture and a short bio. To create a fake Instagram post with comments, head over to Zeoob, Instalized, FakeDetails, or Dizwa. Here are some more online fake Messenger chat generators that you can try. Please don't feel so stupid or insecure,it's not your fault — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) May 9, 2013 If you want to spoof an email address, send fake emails, or create a screenshot of a fake email, there are some great online tools for that. Gives you access to share screenshots on almost all the social media platforms. Zeoob – Fake Tweet Generator. Hover a sent row with your mouse to reveal the close, move up and move down options. You can customize every element of the fake tweet including date, time, the number of likes and retweets, username, and Twitter clients, such as Twitter Web App, Twitter for iPhone, Twitter for Android, etc. Click on the blue arrow, which gives you the option to create a blue message. Some of these tools let you make fake tweets using any name, Twitter username, profile image, post image, verified Twitter account tick. Generate your very own fake Instagram Profile and prank your friends. KeyFlight is another online airline ticket generator. Fake Twitter Generators. You are famous now! Here I’m going to introduce you to some of those cool android applications which are fake iPhone text generator. is one of the highest -and you all know it! This will be the whole new level for fun and craziness among your friend circle. We all know that the importance of social media has increased so much in our daily life and it is considered necessary to stay connected with the rest of the people with the social media platforms like Facebook and Whatsapp. So here is the list of those 5 apps which will create fake iPhone text. Congo your fake iPhone text screenshot is ready to us. Let’s check it out how to create fake iPhone texts using this application. Fake tweet (Light and dark mode) To make your tweets eye-catchy, you should make use of fancy text. You can even generate images of users blocking you, getting suspended, and more. After pranking your best buddies don’t forget to share this awesome fake text generators for iPhone with Your friends and family members so they also use their devil mind and create a awesome prank screenshot and send to their friends and family members after pranking Your friends and family members don’t forget to share your experience and devil idea with everyone don’t forget to left your comment below the post, Who doesn’t want to prank their friends with some cool new tricks? The website lets you download the generated fake air ticket as a PDF as well. There are some apps that let you spoof an email address or create a temporary email ID to help save you from spam emails. Or create fake tweets to make fun with your friends. WhatsApp is a free messaging and voice over internet protocoll service through mobile phone numbers. In spite of the iPhone fake conversation, you can also create fake twitter and Facebook posts also with this application. This is another great tool for generating iPhone text simple user interface and easy to use tool by this tool you can easily create a old iOS version of text message chat. If you are an Android user, you can try these fake tweet generator apps but I would still recommend the online generators because they are better than the currently available fake tweets apps. It is very simple to use for creating fake iPhone text in this application. You can use this online resource for. You can use an online Messenger chat generator to create fake but funny conversations easily and download it as a JPG image. The cool thing about these web apps is that the screenshot created by you will be deleted from their server after one hour. Taking a fake text message chat screenshot can be done in a few simple steps with this website. There is no requirement of high-speed internet to run this android application. Let’s see how to create a fake iPhone text, Expend iphone screen or use original size, If you love first one then you definitely love this one ,this is also a great online fake iPhone text generator tool online you can also add emoji directly on chat it’s also same as first one but little different from it, Just open the website you directly see the iPhone settings, Now just choose and set type,settings,battery, connection,message e.t.c, Now choose the color or your message text add a pic on it and set where you want to show left or right from image position setting, Now final step type the message properly and hit the add message button. This is one of the best iPhone text generator tool online first of all you need to visit this website now you see a virtual iPhone 7 and in left side you see all the settings it’s pretty easy and cool tool. The app is easily recognizable by its monochrome seamlessly repeating background showing all kind of objects on. Updated for Twitter's latest look, with Tweetgen you can make and share believable fake Tweets. Though there are many sites that gave templates to create fake tweets, they are not perfect.. We present you the best fake tweet generator available online. Android users can use fake email sender apps like Instant Email Address, and Temp Mail. Since I was not good at keeping those bits of paper safe, I failed to get all the money I spent from my pocket. You will have to swipe left to delete the conversation messages. Top 15 Best Auto (Clicker/Touch) Apps Android 2020, Top 10 Best Money saving Apps (android/iPhone) 2020, Top 16 Best WhatsApp Status Saver Apps Android 2020, 15 Best WiFi Analyser Apps (Android/IPhone) 2020, First off all in left side click on the settings, Now fill all the required details like name,operator,clock,message,contact,text message, send, Now final step just type the message and hit on add message button.