Touch Guitars® are the very finest instruments on which to explore both the touchstyle technique and the player’s own musicality. The Musical Stevedores’ Happy Rhythm from 1929 was taken slower than written, but still fast; Dan on magnetic muted trombone. Dan Gabel trombone, Mike Peipman trumpet, Bill Reynolds drums. She teaches music at Lawrence High School…. Four members remain from a previous band: Billy Novick and John Clark reeds, Ross Petot piano, and of course, Bill Reynolds drums. Currency: 1929 Little by Little, four piece front line, nice exchange between Billy on clarinet and Scott’s guitar.

Ross played a solo on Clarence Williams Longshoreman’s Blues, improvising but never straying far from the melody. His son, drummer Bill Reynolds, promised him he would continue the Back Bay Ramblers. Ed has 5 jobs listed on their profile. Ridin’ but Walkin’, a 1929 Fats Waller tune was played at The Cotton Club. Fat’s Waller’s Concentrating on You was recorded by Hunter’s Serenaders, a territory band from Omaha, Nebraska.

They have never played this before.

J. Reynolds Junior classical guitar .

Nancy returned with Without You Sweetheart, done by the Vincent Lopez Orchestra in 1927. Goods Dance floor was loaded, and they were actually screaming when Nancy sang, she had an instant fan club! Be Ready. Nancy is a graduate of Berklee and is Choral Director at Lawrence High School Performing Arts. The Back Bay Ramblers brought a level of style and sophistication of jazz that is rarely heard today. Free shipping.

47647 Kerken Nancy was back with Nobody Cares, backed only by Herb Gardner on piano. Bill still has several CDs from Ed’s band. $119.45. The range and diversity of our two saxophones was captivating! The whole band made the melody come alive. Mike and Dan played spectacular solos, and representing the brass section of a big band, they nailed it! Jeannine James won a CD for picking the year of this tune. Their book has 121 arrangements; Connors wrote 91 of them. Ross Petot is marvelous on piano, anchoring the band with rhythmic motion. 39. Make Offer - J Reynolds JR 45 Acoustic Guitar. The Back Bay Ramblers’ version was arranged by Billy “The Kid” Novick. 99. View cart for details. Some are still available. (Tilzer also wrote Take Me Out To The Ball Game in 1908.). Dan playing on megaphone traded 4’s with Billy’s clarinet. Bill Reynolds has revivified his Dad’s band, The Back Bay Ramblers, playing hot dance and jazz from the 20’s and 30’s. She is a classically trained vocalist. Bartolini Factory Main Office Hours: 9 AM to 4 PM PST (M-F) Direct technical support questions to our Answers & Solutions Page: Builder Tech Support

He brought two instruments, string bass and tuba, excluding Vince’s bass sax. Ed took pop music and chose tunes that had a lot of section work between horn, trumpet, saxes, and clarinet. Fantastic saxophones! Front Line, Dan Gabel, Mike Peipman, Billy Novick, John Clark. In New Orleans Traditional Jazz Bands were all improvisation, with emphasis on musicians’ solos. J Reynolds JR12S 34" Acoustic Guitar. Their passion for this music is obvious. Slide {current_page} of {total_pages} - You May Also Like. Dan was featured on The River and Me, playing trombone into a 4-foot megaphone braced on his left foot.

This guitar, hand-made by Ed Reynolds, is one of the nicest playing electrics I've ever held. Bill ended it with a pulsating tom-tom drum beat. She is currently choral director at Lawrence High School. See you there! Nice bass by Jim Guttmann. $259.99 $ 259. It was all written, except for the solos. Here comes Marjorie is a peppy tune that was played by Benny Moten’s Kansas City Orchestra in 1930. Some of these tunes the Ramblers played were written for guitar, others for banjo. $89.39 $ 89. You can ‘feel’ him more than hear him, but he adds depth to the music that would definitely be missed! Something went wrong. Trumpet lead, with the band backup. Herb Gardner was invaluable, transitioning the musicians from one section to another and offering just the right chords behind soloists. He and his wife now live in Florida. He  was an important force and a popular figure for decades in his native country. They embody design and performance values handed down via a combination of great musical traditions and contemporary innovation. Only 5 left in stock - order soon. Back Bay Ramblers at Ken’s Steak House June 12, 2016, Bill Reynold’s Back Bay Ramblers at Ken’s Steak House, Bill Reynolds’ Back Bay Ramblers at Primavera Ristorante, April 9, 2015. Touch Guitars Mike Peipman trumpet, John Clark clarinet/alto, tenor, and baritone sax, Billy Novick clarinet/alto sax, Dan Gabel Trombone, Scott Philbrick guitar,  Herb Gardner keyboard, Stu Gunn tuba/string bass, Nancy McGhee vocals, Bill Reynolds leader/drums. Billy played clarinet, Mark tenor sax, with fascinating interplay between drum and sax. FREE Shipping by Amazon.

Most of these talented musicians lead bands of their own. Copyright © 1995-2020 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved. Copyright © 1995-2020 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved. Spiegel thought it sounded amazing and made one himself and used it frequently. We hope to hear more from them really soon. There will be no Sunday afternoon Jazz at Ken’s Steak House for the summer. She sang songs of the Boswell Sisters, An Evening In Caroline, Eva Taylor’s 1937 Clarence Williams’ Top of The Town, Mildred Bailey’s  Commentating on You. A full time musician, Stu Gunn plays fine classical music in local symphonic orchestras, and is fantastic on Jazz and Blues. Germany, phone: +49 152 33659740 Nancy returned with I Have to Have You, backed by soft trumpet; and one of Bill’s favorites, a Bob Connors arrangement, That Wonderful Something (is Love).

After 22 years in classical guitar luthiery I am announcing my retirement effective as of January 1, 2019. When Stu Gunn played string bass, Scott played guitar. Bill’s drum continued the beat into ‘Leven Thirty Saturday Night. Also: It brought out Clark’s tenor sax – nice, Billy on clarinet with drum beat tapping on the choke cymbal, Mike on muted trumpet.

Touch Guitars® – an introduction.

Their music became Hot Tunes, they played to larger dancing crowds. When he played tuba, Scott played banjo. Please contact them to ask about shipping.

The River and Me. Two clarinets harmonizing backed by steady drum beat. Make Offer - J Reynolds JR12S 34" Acoustic Guitar. This obviously made written arrangements necessary, with tight sections playing in syncopation.