When you try to explain it to somebody, it gets really complicated. He had four children with his first wife, but what the whole world did not know was Julius had indulged in his temptation. Julius Erving is recognized as one of the best dunkers in Basketball history and who brought slam-dunking to everybody’s attention. CAMERON Diaz is all loved up with rocker husband Benji Madden. American basketball player, Julius Erving. Julius Erving daughter Alexandra Stevenson. Erving was given the title of ‘The Fish that saved Philadelphia.’ He was a three-time ABA MVP and one time NBA MVP. Men’s Journal asked him what his secret was when he would drive to the basketball hoop to get a score for his team, “I’d put my head down and keep my eyes up, and when I found the daylight, I’d try to improvise and make something happen. Rachel Lauren Stevens (born 9 April 1978) is an English singer, television personality, actress and businesswoman. However, the world was oblivious to this fact until 1999. He is one of the very few Basketball players playing during the merger of ABA and NBA. Julius started playing with the Virginia Squires after completing his graduation and he later signed a contract with them. 1999 was the year Alexandra, then 18 years of age, not only qualified for the Wimbledon Tournament to reach the semi-finale. Julius Erving’s youngest son, Corey Erving. Symbolical to that, he wore the 6 number jersey. Julius Erving’s net worth is approximated $30 million. He started playing for his college basketball team and he also received an honorary doctorate from the same university in the later years of his life. Most of his childhood was spent in New York and he started playing basketball at a very young age. Julius Erving was married to his first wife, Turquoise Erving, for a long time from 1972 to 2003. According to authorities, Corey was en route to his home and took a shortcut. So I’ve always had to deal with the ultimate test, the test of living. They married a year later. See the article in its original context from. His stats were commendable and he won several awards for his performance and accomplishments. The Sixers initially bought Erving for $6 million back in the late 70s, with half of the amount solely for him. He has already gone international playing games in China against teams like Yale. Dorys Madden is Mother of Three Children. Erving was initially still denying the news but soon later accepted it. The duo welcomed their first child Jules Erving before Julius divorce from his first wife, Turquoise. Julius Erving’s Complicated Family Life; Children through and Outside Married Life, Julius Erving Children from his First Wife, All of Julius Erving’s Children in a Table, Julius Erving’s Children with Different Partners, Passed away at 19 years old in an accidental drowning, Only revealed to as Erving’s secret daughter after her debut appearance in Wimbledon Tennis tournament in 1999, Started reconnecting with Julius since 2008, Born out of wedlock and through affair between Julius and Dorys. We talked about his net worth in the past, but today we have all the juiciest bits from his marriage and family life.