I have some idea of that sense of loss. Throughout the course of their respective terrestrial radio careers, Imus and Stern frequently butted heads. He was my favorite! Thank you Mr. Imus for brightening up my commute and giving me new ideas about New York and the world. I miss Mr. Imus' show. Thank you so much for so many years of doing your job with integrity...and for the many years of joy. The Imus Ranch gave children with cancer the opportunity to enjoy the "great outdoors" in Imus's adopted state of Texas. I can tell you that for so many years, nothing brought more joy to my mornings than listening to Don, Charles, Roz, Bernie, etc.

You and your wife and family showed them that is not who they are!
I have missed him so much since he left the air. Liked Imus more than Stern, and they owned airwaves. etc. Morning Joe obviously owes its format to Don Imus. Shortly thereafter, he lighted off to New York City, and into radio history. He was always a joy to talk to.

The Imus Ranch was sold in 2018 to a Nebraska TV mogul. He was 79 years old.

Thank you Mr. Imus for making my life a better place to live in. I bet you and Fred are having a good time.

Shocking news on the passing of my friend, Don Imus. John Donald Imus was a pioneer in the so-called "shock jock" radio genre. God bless you Don, you are already missed. Please give our best to the Wolfman, Paul Harvey and PITUS Reagan.
So sorry to hear of your departure. Yet the reaction hasn’t necessarily fallen in line with what usually happens when a famed entertainer passes. You are a legend - Wyatt can hold his head up with great pride for having such a loving father! RELATED: Tennessee Teenager Dies By Suicide After Explicit Text Messages With Another Boy Were Released Online​. In 2005, my septuagenarian neighbor approached me to say she had a confession to make. Don Imus was a racist and misogynist. Listened to him since early 70s. Mr. Imus and his passion to take on the establishment are sorely missed. Oh how I loved his honesty and his great taste in music!! He certainly filled a void in my life for an hour every morning. New Details About His Tragic Death At 82​, RIP John Witherspoon — Comedian, Actor And Legend Dies At 77​. Condolences to his family. Don Imus was an interesting, intelligent, knowledgeable and not political correct, and not to forget funny. Share to let others add their own memories and condolences. He adored Deidra and Wyatt. RIP. But that praise was countered by many people who pointed out Imus’ history of misogynist and racist statements, and who questioned whether obituaries by the likes of the New York Times and Yahoo did enough to explore the damage caused by some of Imus’ actions, including the incident that got him fired in 2007, when he referred to the players on the Rutgers woman’s basketball team as “rough girls” and “nappy-headed ‘hos’”. He was someone I felt I knew as a friend and it is a sad time for me and all I-Man fans. He kept this New Yorker sane in a non-NY state. I was affected in a nostalgic manner,with the passing of the IMan...It caused a great sadness in me,with the fact of knowing how much his family will miss him. Youll be missed by so many. What a feast for the mind and sense of humor! Now hes at peace. Thank you, Mr. Imus, for being a part of my life through the years. Missed him so much when he retired. When he left fox I was no longer able to hear him. Dear Deidre and family. May God test his soul. R.I.P Imus. 1. as you always said! I got up everyday at 3:00 am to watch the show, He was fun. I remember my exact location when he returned to the air after his 2007 suspension.To Diedre , Wyatt and the rest of his family my deepest sympathies. What you did for childrens with cancer and for the veterans. I hope he now knows how many lives he touched every day talking to us like he was our best friend. May you both be comforted by your memories and knowledge that Don was loved by so many. (Isa 61:1.). Plant a tree to honor the memory of your loved one. He made me laugh daily! He is missed. I spent a lot of mornings watching "Imus in the Morning". My condolences to the family. Don Imus died. Yes he was controversial but he contributed in a real way to the political and social conversation in our country. Your humor was freeing and while some may have had issue with its content it was never malicious and almost always funny. You made radio worthy you made words worthwhile. I dont expect anybody to take your place. My condolences to the Imus family, friends and fans. While Stern had better numbers and ratings, Imus was more critically-acclaimed and regarded as "high brow" humor. {{^isTree}}Send Flowers and Gifts{{/isTree}}. You remain one of my heroes.

His first gig was at KUTY in Palmdale, CA. My son was helped at Hackensack Hospital for developmental issues and your work made that possible, for that I will always be grateful! Chuck McCord. My condolences to Deidre and Wyatt!!! Smart, funny and caring. I miss you, Don.

Enjoyed Dons programs and spent many hours of his show for a long time he was missed after his retirement and now that he has passed will be rembered with fondness. Deepest condolences to the entire family. I LOVED TO SEE WHAT HE WOULD SAY ABOUT THE TOPICS IN THE WORLD. While there, he was named Disc Jockey of the Year, which got him a gig in Cleveland in 1970. Stay strong, Wyatt, Deidre. I think Don Imus was not only a unique talent with alot of humor that entertained so many listeners on radio.I enjoyed his interviews. Also thanks for the laughs along the way! Regardless, Imus was credited with giving a start to the "shock jock" radio genre, and critics agree that without Imus, there would be no Stern, nor any other "shock jock" on radio, satellite, or podcasts today. I thank you for that Mr. Imus and for all the time you shared with us. I started listening to Imus while commuting to work to White Plains, NY.

Thanks for the laughs over the years, God bless Deidre and Wyatt. Proud to say he was my 1st announcer on my first national show #GoodNightAmerica. Don was a wonderful person and will be missed. 15 years ago, but the yucks, your wisdom, Bernie McGuirk. Didnt always care for some of the content but always cared for his huge heart and wit. He brightened my mornings for this not a morning person. I will continue to enjoy those memories...God Speed, sir..much love. Rest easy my friend. I know he wasnt a perfect man but he was a role model for many. He was a great start to my day. You made me subscribe to Sirius because I loved listening to you and Chuck and Bernie and could not watch you on tv every morning. Our thoughts are with Don Imus and his family during this difficult time. Thank you Don for everything. Listened to him for decades, we've lost a one-of-a-kind man. Stirring up conversations with many at work that listened to him as well. Among those offering tributes to Imus were former colleagues and friends, including Geraldo Rivera and Joe Scarborough. But did he contribute anything positive to the radio landscape? Dear Deidre, Wyatt & Zach, I am a year younger and the retired Fire Chief of Trenton, NJ. Let's look at what we know about Don Imus' cause of death, his controversial career, and his impact on the radio landscape. Thank you for your love for kids with cancer and disabilities. You will be missed you were a great help to the military you did alot for them, Rip ,Don Imus,it was always great to listen to the show every morning it has not been the same sense you left the broadcasting,fairwell our radio hero, I loved this man! It was as if I knew you personally, and I wanted to just drop by to say hello (although you would have hated that : ) To Deirdre and Wyatt -- I pray that you will find peace in the midst of grief, and strength when you don't feel you can take another step. He was great. I love you Iman and we will miss you Gods speed. One of the most interesting and intelligent people on the planet. On one hand, an argument can be made against political correctness — what is comedy, really, if it doesn't push boundaries — but, on the other, any good comedian knows that "punching down" isn't true comedy, but merely insults.

Follow him on Twitter @chriskelly74. Lusa & David Koppenhofer & Family, Your visit and support on behalf of the Intrepid center here in San Antonio was memorable. Had the delight of meeting them when they came to Raleigh. Deirdre sorry for your loss to you and your family. There was something about him, I would get up at 3:00am to watch his show on MSNBC. After dropping out of high school in Arizona to enlist in the Marines, Imus lighted out to Hollywood with dreams of becoming a disc jockey. Other times the interviews had me so riveted, after arriving at work, I'd sit in the parking lot until the next break. Good riddance. I grew-up w/ the iMan only after he made his debut on MS-NBC dating as far back as '96 when I was a teen, as his show only broadcast in NYC metro-area market. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Advance Local. Wish I could be there to say goodbye, it is certainly a sad time. I listened to Imus many years driving to work. He may be gone, but never forgotten. My thoughts and prayers to Deirdre and Wyatt. I discovered Imus on local radio in Raleigh 20 yrs. JUST CRACKED ME UP. While he will be known for his racist comment, he donated a fortune to children's hospitals and built ranch for kids with cancer.Complex guy. His love for Fred was endearing and his love for Wyatt and Deirdre was Obviously strong and true. We love you. Our thoughts are with Don Imus and his family during this difficult time. Thats how I started my work day, year after year. A talent for radio, genius of writing and goader of those who would not speak the truth. Now he and Fred are together making new jokes!! https://t.co/O1VWeG43sW, *Racist radio and TV broadcaster Don Imus has died.Fixed it for you. He was real not a shock as he is labeled, we should all be a little more like him. RIP I man. I loved watching his Imus in the morning show. I miss him / so many laughs / so many great interviews / see you in heaven. By Michael Riedel - The one and only time I had a twinge of nerves before appearing on television was when I made my debut in 2011 on “Imus in the Morning” on the Fox Business Channel. Sad to hear news of Don Imus death.

And the entire crew got me through! Don Imus Dead — Groundbreaking Shock-Jock Passes Away At Age 79, - Our best articles delivered straight to your inbox. I read so many books, discovered so much music I never would have tried without Charles & the IMan. On Friday, radio legend Don Imus died at the age of 79 in Texas, after being in declining health for a number of years. RIP-Godspeed. I listen to him at work and he made a boring night job fly. God Bless. God bless! Still others tried to put forth a more nuanced take (though whether nuance has any place on the internet is a larger debate).