In DeShields' second season at Tennessee, the 2016-17 Lady Vols went 20-12 and lost in the second round of the NCAA tournament to fourth-seeded Louisville. Pickup games are being played on both courts, but DeShields claims the last empty half. As DeShields comes back down the court, she slows her steps and pulls up. She's used to it. So whenever the app prompts me to spend money, that’s when I stop playing. Then, after returning home from Turkey, DeShields switched agents and waited for the phone to ring. Delino looked on as Diamond lined up her lashes. Back in Chicago, it's hard to realize that the Sky -- and the WNBA, in general -- even exist. Jones takes DeShields' favored side of the court, the left side, and DeShields winds up missing all three pass attempts. During the WNBA season, she's put up by the Chicago Sky in this apartment. By all evidence, it has worked. In the 2016-17 season, DeShields led the Lady Vols with 17.4 points per game and was chosen to the All-Southeastern Conference's first team. DeShields was drafted by the Chicago Sky with the 3rd pick of the 2018 WNBA draft. DeShields' father, Delino DeShields, and brother, Delino DeShields Jr., have played in Major League Baseball. She's getting ready for the orange carpet, a newer WNBA All-Star tradition in which All-Stars walk the carpet, take photos and sign autographs. Loved hearing the stories about them both and catching up with the old Zags❤️ Congrats @Sloot22 & Allie #vanderquigs #powercouple, — Lisa Mispley Fortier (@FortZagWBB) December 29, 2018. "So I'm reluctantly a pescatarian, but there's no part of me that misses land creatures. We compete. Now DeShields has an opportunity of her own to win the game. When she’s not training or playing, she’s meditating and making more of an effort to connect with her Italian teammates. “We happen to handle it well. As she turns from the baseline to the wing, her foot catches on the mesh divider. CAPTION: Courtney with her wife Allie SOURCE: SBS The lavish wedding ceremony was attended by many WNBA players which includes Diamond DeShields and Gabby Williams and Vandersloot's family members. DeShields didn't expect to be an All-Star, but she hoped for it. She was drafted here. Diamond DeShields led the Sky with 24 points. Late Tuesday it appeared that Toomin will stay and Kilbride will go. DeShields sprints to catch Jones, who is already pulling up for a contest-winning 3-pointer. At least one of them she'll talk about: While at UNC, DeShields wasn't practicing; she hadn't been for over a year at that point. DeShields needs to find somewhere else to work out. And though she's supposed to be downstairs in 10 minutes, she's just trying on her first outfit option. "There were many Friday nights when I was FaceTiming my daughter.". The man allegedly pulled off an armed carjacking about 3:50 p.m. at a Circle K gas station in Clifton before fleeing onto Interstate 57, according to Illinois State Police. It was Lil Nas X that stole the show. I was talking to James [Wade], and he was like casually talking about Olaf [Lange], and I was like, ‘Wait, so did we hire Olaf? On September 11, 2019, she played in her first career postseason game and scored 25 points, as the Chicago Sky defeated the Phoenix Mercury 105–76. A bone scan revealed another stress reaction, this time in her ankle. DeShields, her assistant, manager and stylist pile into the elevator. Four men play 2-on-2 on the other side, oblivious to who is warming up not 30 feet from them -- a No. “Like for me, I was knowing where people were, what they were doing, what they had for lunch, and when I really stepped away from it, I was like, ‘This is [expletive] weird.’ I’m like, ‘I have all this information about these people that I don’t know, and they don’t know anything about me.’ ”. "I took maybe half of what I was supposed to make," she says. She did the same with the coaching staff. They part for her and her camp to enter. "Sorry!" When DeShields left for Turkey in 2017, it was indeed the beginning of an odyssey. She's fouled. The Vols had a historically strong recruiting class that season, and she'd helped recruit many of the players to the program. Even with her increased output, she's still figuring out how to maximize her athleticism. "Very mediocre," DeShields says of her college career. “It’s kind of like an escape. The referee bounces her the ball and she takes a breath. "I try to do what I do best, and that's entertain," she said. WHEN DIAMOND WAS 4, she and her brother, Delino Jr., were sitting in the kitchen of their Atlanta home. "If I could sky up there and get a rebound amongst the trees, I would every day," says Chicago point guard Courtney Vandersloot. She does it again. [1][2], Though she graduated with her bachelor's degree after her second season at Tennessee, she retained a year of eligibility for college basketball. We get at it. My family was there. Diamond blossomed into one of the top high school prospects in the country on the strength of her athleticism and her silky jumper. Playing for the school's basketball team, she was a part of three state champions and averaged 26 points per game in her senior year. #vanderquigs #sheslootsshescores #happilyeverallie #alliequigley #courtneyvandersloot #diamonddeshields #gabbywilliams #chicagosky #weddings #wedding #weenies #soulmates, A post shared by The Sky Show CHI (@theskyshowchi) on Dec 29, 2018 at 10:36am PST. Diamond Danae-Aziza DeShields (born March 5, 1995) is an American professional women's basketball player for the Chicago Sky of the Women's National Basketball Association (WNBA). “We’re lucky to be in the position that we are, but it’s not for everyone. Diamond DeShields (born March 5, 1995) is a guard for the Chicago Sky. Here's how to track it in Washington and Idaho …, Hundreds protest Spokane Regional Health District attempt to oust Bob Lutz …, Spokane might start picking up recycling half as much. Dearica Marie Hamby (born November 6, 1993) is an American basketball player for the Las Vegas Aces of the Women's National Basketball Association (WNBA). Four hours ago, after winning the skills challenge, she was being interviewed on national television. © Copyright 2020, The Spokesman-Review | Community Guidelines | Terms of Service | Privacy Policy | Copyright Policy, Gonzaga women picked to win WCC for eighth straight season, Gonzaga women 'getting closer' to putting basketball schedule together …, Coach Lisa Fortier brimming with confidence as Gonzaga women open practice …, Gonzaga women's basketball to open WCC schedule in Los Angeles …, For Gonzaga women, the only uncertainty is the schedule …, Lutz breaks silence, confirming he hasn't resigned and has hired a lawyer …, Wondering if your ballot's been counted? Three days after Christmas of 2018 and two months after returning from Turkey, DeShields was back on a plane -- en route to China to play for the Shanxi Flame in Taiyuan, China, a city of 4.4 million, 300 miles southwest of Beijing. She, the one in control. It was cool.”. There's a pizza box on the table and two empty takeout containers that once held calamari and Alfredo pasta. Hamby stole a pass from Courtney Vandersloot intended for Diamond DeShields, dribbled once past half court, and threw in the game-winning basket, securing an Aces win.[4]. She's got a maturity level to her now that she probably didn't have in college.". The season is moving at a breakneck pace, the league fitting in the season before the FIBA World Cup in late September. It's not the game-winning jumper, but hitting one of these free throws will deliver the game for Chicago; hitting both will net her a career high of 30 points. Diamond DeShields thinks it’s important for people, especially professional athletes, to be aware of their social-media habits. I don’t want to substitute one bad habit with [another], kind of like gambling.”. Joe Biden is celebrating Megan Rapinoe & Sue Bird’s engagement. She tied the WNBA record for the most double-doubles by a reserve off the bench with five. They had all stayed in touch while discussing their recruiting processes. 1010 Avenue of the Moon New York, NY 10018 US. IN ATTENDANCE FOR THE #VANDERQUIGS WEDDING: Chicago Sky’s Diamond DeShields & Gabby Williams! It’s more about reconnecting to what matters most to her. In Tuesday’s 90-82 loss to Las Vegas, Vandersloot had 12 assists and Quigley 18 points. The place came furnished; it has a nice-sized kitchen island. She is the daughter of Tisha and Delino DeShields. Both of our careers took off. Now, on the court, DeShields catches a pass from Murphy. [7] She scored 23 points in the Sky's loss to the Las Vegas Aces in the second round of the playoffs. We wouldn’t recommend it by any means because you do spend a lot of time – maybe too much time – with each other. The women's basketball rumor mill churned. “I have to be careful with Candy Crush because the app kind of prompts you to spend money. Her eyes followed them until she figured out what was different. Her mother, Tisha, was named an All-American heptathlete while attending Tennessee. She smirks just enough to betray the joke. She stumbles as the ball is thrown to her but manages to recover and hoist a shot up anyway. Does it another time. “Mental health and mental wellness is so important, and it’s very easy to get addicted to the fallacy of social media and what’s not real,” she said. In this overfilled elevator, the families pay her no mind -- they have no idea who she is. "It's not a fry to me; it's something else," she says, and pops a smaller one into her mouth. During her senior year Hamby averaged 20.3 points, the highest scoring average in the Atlantic Coast Conference Women's and 10.7 rebounds, the second highest in the conference. IN ATTENDANCE FOR THE #VANDERQUIGS WEDDING: Chicago Sky’s Diamond DeShields & Gabby Williams! [3] DeShields signed with Cukurova Basketbol Mersin of the Turkish Women's Basketball League, where she averaged 17.4 points, 6.4 rebounds, and 3.8 assists per game.[4]. Now can Sky teammate Allie Quigley win 3-point contest? In the last two years, DeShields has become one of the more prominent WNBA players on social media. In the offseason, literally overnight, she stopped eating foods that had contributed to inflammation in her body. DeShields says today that she had every intention of going back to Tennessee. She said she spent 10 to 11 of those hours mindlessly scrolling through Instagram and Twitter. "And I get on her like, 'Why don't you do that every time? DESHIELDS STARES OUT the window of a bus as it rolls down the Las Vegas Strip on its way to a local school. For the first time in five years, she feels healthy. “I wouldn’t say I was comparing my life, but you definitely take in an unintentional interest in other people’s lives,” said DeShields, who since has deleted Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and Facebook from her phone. But it could also pass if 60 percent of the people who specifically voted on the amendment voted "yes." AP Photos. “While I was overseas, I just noticed that I was really not present here with my team.”. She can control how hard she works in the gym and the kind of teammate she is. DeShields’ social-media cleanse, which she plans to end March 5, when she turns 25, isn’t necessarily about unplugging. DIAMOND DESHIELDS ROLLS her eyes at the group of middle-aged men running up and down the Chicago Sky practice court. In the summer of 2017, with one year of eligibility remaining, DeShields announced she was leaving Knoxville. 25 years ago, he saw a need in the community. “It was great,” Vandersloot said. "Shoot from the high school line," Murphy says.