Here is mine: 1. Its active ability is Mark Prey. Best to worst, against a complete team of experienced divers: all sharks are good you just need to do damage to win so be good with one and you surely be good with all. this is not for me specifically but from what I've seen from myself and other pro players. The Goblin is best known for its terrifying extendable jaw packed full of needle-like teeth, and it's distinct surfboard-shaped like nose. S tier: Mako - Really impossible to deal with a good mako. The Hammerhead is a difficult shark to utilize on all maps since its damage does not come from simple thrashing, but rather ramming divers into walls and objects. Often seen living in a mutualistic relationship with pilot fish, the Oceanic Whitetip and its friends live and die together. Tier 1: Attack: 32 damage per second, Protect: 30% damage reduction, Tier 2: Attack: 40 damage per second, Protect: 40% damage reduction, Tier 3: Attack: 48 damage per second, Protect: 50% damage reduction, Tier 1: Mark Duration: 6s, Amount Healed: 30, Cooldown: 12s, Tier 2: Mark Duration: 12s, Amount Healed: 60, Cooldown: 12s, Tier 3: Mark Duration: 18s, Amount Healed: 90, Cooldown: 12s, Tier 1: Thrash Damage: 110%, Cooldown: 20s, Tier 2: Thrash Damage: 120%, Cooldown: 18s, Tier 3: Thrash Damage: 130%, Cooldown: 15s. Some sharks in the game are anatomically female, as they lack the fin claspers that are characteristic of male sharks, and are often larger than real-world males tend to be (females are larger than males across most species). Most hammerhead sharks, compared to other sharks, are typically more social during the day and hunt alone at night. Almost as fast as a mako with the ability to cloak and it can avoid detection. I am not a good mako and I probably do better with bull and goblin than any other sharks. The Thresher shark might seem like a creature out of fantasy, but rest assured, it is an actual shark. Striking from Stalking gives increased thrash damage for a short duration. There are way too many variables involved, skill gap, a lag spike at the worst time, someone having a bad day, someone having a great day etc... Hard to say for me really.

The Whitetip's pilot fish switch between assisting in attacking prey and protecting the shark.

Tier 2: Duration: 3s, Damage Reduction: 40%, Ignores tranquilizing effects. The Tiger puts its striped hide to use, allowing it to slip in and out of combat undetected by tracking devices. Although sluggish in nature, the Goblin makes up for this in combat with its intimidating appearance known to incite panic in divers.

Makos specialize in hit-and-run predation, moving quickly enough to surprise divers before they can react. Utilize its. The Lemon begins stalking its prey, becoming difficult to see until it attacks or takes damage. Actual sharks cannot swim backward, straight up, or straight down as depicted in this game. The Bull shark is a medium threat with an anger problem, making it an aggressive and unpredictable foe. Tiger sharks are registered as one of the most dangerous sharks to humans, only rivaled by the great white and a rival itself of the bull shark. Asking your teammate to take the first pick/engage will give you a quick boost of rage, helping you out in the early game. Diving in and out in quick succession lets a Thresher use his quick damage to take down his target then escaping, much like the Mako. Tier 3: 60 Damage, Breaks walls and consumables, The Thresher is about as durable as the Mako, yet has none of the thrash-damage that his aforementioned rival has. Smelling out delicious prey, the Blue can help other sharks heal, or perform its own hit and run attacks. Also known as a Fox shark, it has two relatives, Pelagic Thresher and Bigeye Thresher. There are however sharks who can live, short-term, in mixtures of salt- and freshwater.

Its active ability is Relentless Force. The Tiger is probably the all-rounder of the shark species, having balanced speed and toughness. You won't kill very quickly most of the time (unless the divers are all in open water and it's dark) but you are very difficult to kill without a drag VJ, which is an OP weapon as is. Though they do occasionally attack humans, it is most often a case of an investigation. It also has the added bonus of both being terrifying and hilarious as it, in a goofy manner, scrunches up and flails around, making it difficult to land a shot. Still, if I must rank them it'd be like this: Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. The Hammerhead shark does not rival any of the other sharks in pure stats but rather excel in its nature of quickly killing of divers then moving on to the next. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. A straight, full speed tackle into a wall will almost instantly kill any diver caught between the Hammerhead and its goal.

The Bull shark is one of few sharks in the world that can survive in freshwater. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The shark depicted in the game is a Common Thresher shark, the largest of the known thresher sharks. The Thresher has a unique passive feature. Good on every map. The stamina received is proportional to the speed and angle of the hit. Despite some shark species being referred to as males in their descriptions. Bull - I debated a lot on this one, but I think the bull shark, with a good teammate to generate rage, is one hell of a beast. The Hammerhead shark's unusually shaped head (called a cephalofoil) is not actually for bashing or ramming prey as the game suggests, but rather it provides the shark with 360-degree vision and great electroreception capabilities. A good hammerhead should always be on top of any list, and (((goblin))) being on bottom because its cancer trash.

It's not the best early game, but if your teammate is at least capable of getting kills you will quickly be able to snowball out of control and be unkillable. Weakness: low stamina pool. Making lists is hard because they are map and skill based, plus how good or bad the divers are in order to counter it. The Hammerhead regains stamina by impacting any solid object. Some, however, spend more time alone, such as the great hammerhead depicted in the game. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. The Great White in the game is unusually large, being about 6-7 meters long, near the same length as "El Monstruo de Cuba", the largest Great White in recorded history, captured in 1945. I'll just make a list for when it matters, aka when both divers and sharks know their stuff. mako - In my opinion the hardest shark to use properly.

All rights reserved. The Thresher has a very agile jiggle bone that acts as its tail. It's been a while since we had a thread on this, so I'm curious to see how everyone currently feels all the sharks stack up. The Oceanic Whitetip stalks the open seas and has been involved in a number of major incidents with shipwreck survivors. Despite their hostile reputation, they are very curious sharks and often attempt to investigate divers and cameras.

Tier 3: Duration: 6s, Now additionally gives HP back. These days I just pick sharks based on maps and how many good divers I'm going up against.

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What is your shark tier list? Mako: If it wasn't for this shark's miniscule grab hitbox, I'd say this thing was overpowered.

Just curious to know what shark is best and worst in your opinion. With a solid build and powerful muscles, the Tiger is adaptable to a wide variety of strategies ranging from hit-and-run to all-out aggression. How do you deal with good divers who fight in open water as hammerhead? The Great White is as large as he is dangerous. Tiger - Best all around shark.