Very, very kind people, and I just really enjoyed them. I get all kinds of comments, and not all of them are good. We need to be careful to be historically accurate. Pick somebody who’s very successful in whatever you want to do. Birth of Jesus. With something like this, you’ve been going for a long time on a painting and you just want to have it done, to be honest with you. PARSON Del – I AM A CHILD. But you just know if it feels and looks like Jesus. That’s my opinion on it. Interview by Katherine Morris. So the idea when you’re doing a painting is people see it and it brings out their feelings that they already have. I think the other thing is I try to do the right thing as far as keeping the commandments. And if the picture you’re doing doesn’t look like him, if it doesn’t look like what you feel he would look like, even if it’s a really cool picture, you don’t like it. I would say that you really need to get some skills. Church History ; Collections . All rights reserved. For quite a bit of my career, most of my work was not religious. But it was a wonderful experience and it turned out good. We’re going to give every one of them a picture of this painting. At that time I was just a full-time artist. I think I sometimes felt like I didn’t work hard enough, like I didn’t do what I needed to do to get it done. Things like how to get involved with galleries, how to get material to paint, these are the steps you do, these are some galleries that you can put your work in, or this is a show you can put your work in, or these are some possible clients. He felt the Spirit of God helping him through the tough times and began to paint religious subjects to give others the sense of hope that he found and to share with them his love of life. Develop this one into a painting, but do these things—more intensity, more love, older looking, more Jewish-looking, no forked beard, wider shoulders.” Just things like that. Book of Mormon Inspired Art ; Come Follow Me Family Resource . Fisher of Men. Welcome "The unique feature of the Master's personality was not so much its perfection as its symmetry, its exquisite and balanced unification. Right now I’ve got some down time, just thinking about what I want to paint, getting some ideas and putting things together. Everybody knew him and he’s their brother. I remember praying about it and reading the scriptures. If they went and talked to an artist who was doing that, they could save years of struggle. © 2008 – 2020 Mormon Artist. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Welcome. The only reason I say that is that when I did that painting, it was after the accident, and at that particular time in my life I was about the most teachable, humble person, and I don’t think you can dismiss that. This overlay is courtesy of via Pintrest. Then I was commissioned to do paintings of the Savior. Edit: just learned that the overlay uses a photo of Del and not his self portrait. I don’t think I did. Christ and the Apostles. The most effective presentation of Jesus consists in following the example of the one who said, as he gestured toward the Master standing before his accusers, 'Behold the man!' I agree. And President Packer was very good, I thought. Sometimes you say, “The last place I want to go is in my studio and paint,” but you just do it. ❧. The Savior. Saved from Found this side-by-side. Sometimes the hardest part of being an artist is thinking of an idea to paint, and if you paint the Savior numerous times, after a while it’s kind of difficult to think of something that would be exciting and interesting to somebody else. But also it’s super fulfilling to see something turn out okay. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. So I’ve got to be careful in how wonderful I think it is. Anyone else here eat up the Mormon folk story that this portrait was said to be the most Christ-like according to a profit (I heard Kimball) as well as other GA's. Now I teach college too, and so I’m not so pressured to make sure I sell so many paintings every month. It’s just too hard. I started thinking of it this way: “Well, I’ve done six of those…”. The solitary, hermit kind of life. Everybody’s got that relationship with him. The unfailing kindness of Jesus touched the hearts of men, but his stalwart strength of character amazed his followers. Well, according to several stories, this is the most accurate painting of Christ ever made. And of course it’s just symbolic—I don’t know if Jesus ever held a lamb—but I think that shows it. Also, Del was said to have used three models during this process, so it may just be coincidence that the photo and painting are so similar rather than by design. Would you mind signing them?” I said, “Sure,” and then that was kind of it. I guess it would probably be called the correlation committee. One night I had a dream that somebody was talking to me and they said, “In the morning, the Church is going to call you and tell you that that sketch isn’t going to work, but don’t worry about it because everything will work out just fine.” Then in the morning, Warren called me and said, “Your sketch isn’t going to work. I’ve actually been very grateful for that in my life, that I’ve kind of felt like if I’m going to do a painting this week, I better be really careful what I think and what I say and what I do. If you don’t do it, the work won’t get done. your own Pins on Pinterest But I’m really trying to be careful not to think about it too much, because then maybe I’m not as teachable as I should be. I just feel like he really loves those children and he cares about them. It is the one where Jesus is wearing a red robe and most people have hanging in their homes. I feel wonderful about it. So I just do the best I can, and it has to be what I think, since I can’t paint what they think. When I paint it, it becomes more real to me. I’ve just enjoyed painting the Savior, and he’s my hero, and so if I do a decent job, that’s great. Hyrum Smith. In a way, you are painting a person too, but you have something in your mind that says, “This is Jesus.” And you’re painting on it and you say, “This doesn’t feel like Jesus.” It could be something in his look, something in his expression, the way the light is—you don’t have a lot of possibilities. In fact, a very small percentage was religious. I really feel like God loves us when I look at that painting. To be honest with you, whenever you start a painting, you go, “Boy, this is going to be fantastic.” And then you start painting and it doesn’t take very long before you realize it’s not going to be wonderful—it’s just going to be a painting. But if you’re painting it and you put it together, then you can see it, and there’s something you can touch and you can smell.