In other words, the notebook is now yours.

Criminals around the world are being murdered by a serial killer. Now now, this is not the time to be joking around! Besides, who am I to pass judgement on others? This is some­thing one learns to appre­ci­ate after a few cal­cu­la­tion­s.). [Thinking] Each of them has to hunt down the other without knowing the other's name or face. The end­ing indi­cates some­one who does­n’t love DN for its shades of gray men­tal­i­ty, its con­stant ambi­gu­ity and com­plex­i­ty. No way.

So while the script was clearly cir­cu­lat­ing by mid-­May, I can’t date the leak any ear­lier than that date.↩︎, SHA-512: 954082c8cde2ccee1383196fe7c420bd444b5b9e5d676b01b3eb9676fa40427983fb27​ad8458a784ea765d66be93567bac97aa173ab561cd7231d8c017a4fa70↩︎. If one were fak­ing such a script, would­n’t one through either sheer care­less­ness & omis­sion or by nat­ural assump­tion (the Par­la­panides signed a con­tract, the press release went out, and they started work) set the date well after the announce­ment?

That was very well done, but I'm not surprised, of course. How long should deliv­ery take? A “no com­ment” is more con­sis­tent with it being real and them also send­ing take­downs. He basi­cally thought, “it would be funny to find out that a Mr. Peep­ers movie had been writ­ten, and it was very seri­ous and pre­ten­tious and polit­i­cal, and it had been shelved because of 9/11” (SF Weekly), which is explained in the pref­ace of the script and by the fact that the screen­play was sup­pos­edly writ­ten one day before Sep­tem­ber 11th, 2001 and con­tained George W. Bush in the sto­ry. Hmm, so depending on the person you have in mind you can either kill them easily or painfully, huh. (And indeed, Luke seems to still be a com­mon Greek name, per­haps thanks to the Gospel of Luke). Write your screenplay and focus on the story with many helpful features.

This is false: sev­eral of the argu­ments are plau­si­bly. And that's all there is to it. The names of the writ­ers could either be: Very strong evi­dence it is fake: who puts their own name down wrong? Kill me! Didn't you already trick the Old Man to get a second book? Whether the guilty party is an individual or a group, there's a strong possibility that they are Japanese. They are forced to hide from an unknown enemy. But the real key is this.

I could eas­ily see a 2 hour movie being filmed from it. And of course, if the script is real, very few peo­ple are going to falsely claim author­ship (thereby claim­ing it’s fake?). That there's someone passing righteous judgement on the wicked! That address is widely avail­able on Google if you want to search for it, but one has to know about it in the first place and so it is eas­ier to leave it out. Please recite this line for us. I don’t think we can. 学習教材:英語版 Death Note 第2話 2020-07-02 学習教材:英語版 Death Note 第1話 2020-06-29 ソードアート・オンライン 第15話「帰還」 2020-04-17 If I'm ever questioned, I'd say that I was hiding the real diary because I didn't want anyone to see it. No way! I included 4 fan­fic­tions by the same author (Eliezer Yud­kowsky), and 2 wound up pair­ing (with the other 2 in the same over­all clus­ter but more dis­tant from the pair and each oth­er), giv­ing a rough guess of 50%; this is con­ve­nient since our default “I have no idea at all” guess for any binary ques­tion is 50%, and even if we apply Laplace, we still get 50% (2+14+2=36 = 50%). If you take the time to write names in your Death Note, the others just laugh at you for working so hard. The gory details; since the strength of a ratio in either direc­tion is the dif­fer­ence from 1, we need to sub­tract or add 1 depend­ing on the direc­tion: Sir Thomas Browne, Hydri­o­taphia, Urn Bur­ial (chap­ter 5): What Song the Syrens sang, or what name Achilles assumed when he hid him­self among women, though puz­zling Ques­tions are not beyond all con­jec­ture. Items 2 & 3 seem like they would often be con­nect­ed: if Light is to be a good char­ac­ter, what rea­son does he have to use a Death Note? He slowly starts to stir as the side­kick works its way off the desk and CRASHES to the floor with a THUNK…. (We real­ized the name vari­ant was evi­dence again­st, and accord­ing­ly, the like­li­hood ratios < 1.). All fields after the year are option­al.

Karigawa police are treating this case as a homicide. I'm the one who will become the god of a new world that everyone desires! We are witnessing an atrocious act of mass murder, one that is unforgivable. Why would you set it close to a month before? I protect the innocent and those who fear evil! Yagami? At first, I wrote the names of the worst criminals I could think of. He knew he could be Arab with­out camels. [Laughs.] I don't understand why we're sneaking around this dump. Let’s think about the oppo­site: what is the chance that a faker will invert date? The raw meta­data can be extracted using pdftk like thus: pdftk 2009-parlapanides-deathnotemovie.pdf dump_data: The fake Bat­man script is pretty weird; it starts off inter­est­ing and has many good parts, but then floun­ders in opaque­ness and con­cludes even more weirdly with far too much mate­r­ial in it for a sin­gle film to plau­si­bly include. Aha. So as usu­al, we will make the most con­ser­v­a­tive assump­tion for the fake, and keep our pes­simistic assump­tion about the real. Isn’t it quite plau­si­ble that this is what hap­pened? I thought it rare even in this Inter­net age - so I down­loaded a copy and read it.

“Then it’s real.”. So we want to express that this inver­sion is evi­dence for the script being real, and that frauds would be dated as one would nor­mally expect.

Light I want the world to know of my existence. This argu­ment turns out to be redun­dant with the pre­vi­ous inter­nal evi­dence (which in hind­sight, starts to sound like we ought to have clas­si­fied it as exter­nal evi­dence).

Know­ing the prod­uct of our like­li­hood ratios is the fac­tor to mul­ti­ply by, we can eas­ily run other exam­ples. That's all. I am the Shinigami, Ryuk. I'll show the world what happens when you cross me. The orig­i­nal Anime Vice arti­cle had com­menters pro­vide two sendspace links for down­load­ing the script. I tried call­ing back a sec­ond time ear­lier this week, this time pass­ing on con­sid­er­ably more infor­ma­tion, and still no call back. We're doing quadratic equations in math.

Hey, Light. It turns out that we are work­ing with such a small sam­ple that when we cor­rect with Laplace’s law, we learn that there are so few instances of screen­plays float­ing around with cor­po­rate addresses in them, we can’t actu­ally infer much of any­thing from it. I've heard of humans finding Death Notes in the past and typically the biggest problem they had was finding a good place to hide it. Number one again! Bro­ken down stoops adorn each home while CAR ALARMS and SHOUTING can be heard in the dis­tance as the hard SQUABBLE [sic] LOCALS go about their morn­ing rou­tine. I intentionally left the key in the most noticeable place I could think of. Medi­aFire does not sup­port unlim­ited down­loads of split archives and the limit for this file has been reached. As Jorge Luis Borges writes in “The Argen­tine Writer and Tra­di­tion”: Gib­bon observes [in the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire] that in the Arab book par excel­lence, the Koran, there are no camels; I believe that if there were ever any doubt as to the authen­tic­ity of the Koran, this lack of camels would suf­fice to prove it Arab. Log­i­cal­ly, the more boxes he searches with­out find­ing it, the more pes­simistic he becomes (p shrinks towards 0). Even if someone figures out there's a fake base, I've set things up so that there's no way they could get their hands on the notebook. You don't have anything to do. (I grew up on Long Island, and for me too, NYC is sim­ply “the city”.). I thought you'd like some apples the neighbors brought them over for us. You think it's possible to simultaneously kill all these people in different locations? That's true, but I've dropped my Death Note.

P(a|b)=P(b|a)⋅P(a)(P(b|a)⋅P(a))+(P(b|¬a)⋅P(¬a))=0.99⋅0.665(0.99⋅0.665)+(0.881⋅0.3349)=0.691. After writing the cause of death, details of the death should be written in the next 6 minutes and 40 seconds.

The police treated your first killing as an unrelated incident, but in actuality, the first of your victims was a suspect in Sinjuku. Medi­aFire under­stands the need for users to trans­fer very large or split archives, up to 10GB per file, and we offer this ser­vice start­ing at $1.50 per month.” Nei­ther rea­son would nec­es­sar­ily be applic­a­ble to a 3MB PDF script.↩︎. It's so boring here. That leave a good 6 months for it to float around offices and get leaked, and then come to the wider atten­tion of the Inter­net. He's never actually shown his face before, right?

Hey there, Ryuk, would it kill you to join us?