Had I enough confidence in my ability to earn money through other means, I really should have quit right then. I will always stand behind the courage of insiders such as Wilcock, Corey Goode and Emery Smith, until the day there is sufficient proof that they are sabotaging our trust. Hell I was blindsided. To say the majority of his followers are Judeo-Christian and he is fearful of their reaction as the reason to bail from a contract – bizarre as well? He admits his financial fears and his failings. Is archaeology a conspiracy to hurt the Holy Bible? This could furthermore be legitimately considered as fraud, because the employer grossly misrepresented the political and spiritual beliefs of the Company to me at the outset and entrapped me into a potentially life-threatening situation. I do not wish to negotiate on this point, nor do I wish to discuss my decision on the phone or in person, since verbal agreements are routinely shattered in this Company. .. For some reason I never did trust Gaia TV (formerly Gaiam TV). (new one: Did he give you his blessings as has been reported?) That is all. Furthermore, I have witnessed multiple cases in which a commercial for Lucifer, I mean Ancient Civ, is burned into the end of my show Cosmic Disclosure. Emery could very easily have been killed for being on your show. It was so very sad to discover that so many accusations and comments he made were not the full facts. He must have felt like he got punch in the Stomach when he viewed the series. I know that Emery did not follow-up with providing Gaia with content to get his project launched. Thanks & blessings! My source Sarah Westall has a track-record of providing trustful, accurate sources. Truth be told, it doesn't surprise me anymore, regardless of what a company stands for (especially, but not necessarily, for-profit-publicly-traded companies) that rotten apples always found their ways. With your latest publicly-announced total subscriber count of 430,000, that’s 184,900 viewers paying 9.95 a month. “Red October” begins, and ends, with exquisitely timed intensity. The second season went lighter with it, but most will begin with Season 1. Clearly things are just not what they claim to be and the swamp has infiltrated all. I do not wish to negotiate on this point, nor do I wish to discuss my decision on the phone or in person, since verbal agreements are routinely shattered in this Company. I suspect that he’ll have an article up on his site, Divine Cosmos, in the next day or two about it. But I entrust this to you as well. Yes I am positive you should have communicated clearly with everybody what you were going to air. Corey was concerned that you would think this movement had something to do with him, or his legal actions. The rumor is that David’s salary at Gaia was one quarter of a million dollars. Contractually, Gaia is already covered through at least the end of October with Cosmic episodes I have shot with Emery and Corey, even if certain episodes are combined. Beloved ones, do not allow yourselves to be distracted, yes, by the chaos…. What’s Ahead? In appreciation for your wonderful work, Jan. David got caught in the sticky web of contracts. Should I be asked about this, I will simply say that we parted for mutual creative differences and to pursue other opportunities. How would this look if it all got dragged into the public eye, especially in light of the overwhelming online movement called Pizzagate? I've heard the 2 face theory before but not god being the two faced character. If Pete’s footage is not released, then Gaia is directly obstructing disclosure from a very high-ranking, genuine insider who will soon be dead. Are you currently in negotiations with Gaia on a multi-series show? He deserves to be released for all he has done for them if not for any other reason. I cannot support Gaia anymore. He wishes it to be known that he is in no way associated with Gaia’s present agenda, which he sees as dark. I just read this alleged resignation letter by David Wilcock. Luciferism is a part of the equation, but the greed is the gorilla in the room by your own admission. At least 25 episodes, or half a year’s worth of amazing and relevant programming, have been suppressed. If I were to enumerate all of the things I have personally seen and witnessed, and how they have made me feel, this would be a very long letter. This is tantamount to a propaganda war against my own following, which is almost entirely Judeo-Christian. The Galactics? This situation is on the verge of “going viral” in a very big way. I am totally shocked and disappointed with Gaia. This reminds me of all the free energy inventors who have sold their inventions to large energy companies only to see them shelved. Emery could very easily have been killed for being on your show. To say that Graham Hancock is a “closet Luciferian” is totally bizarre. Aside from the issue of fair treatment of himself & guests, here's a question for those who currently have a Gaia subscription....would love to hear from anyone who has watched (or rewatched) Ancient Civilizations S1E1 that was referred to in this letter? This show is literally saying that God is Evil and Lucifer is God – who (ahem) also happens to be a reptilian alien. Wow, didn't realized how much this post had spread. I am Christian but a one Sunday a month Christian easy going I rarely if ever get upset at comments coming our way. The Company was well aware of how I felt about the show. As for Corey, I haven’t a clue what the lawsuit and conversations with Gaia are about, nor do I have the data to make a determination when what I am reading is based on “innuendo” with no details. It will be trumpeted far and wide, and will be used to further divide and confuse all those who are seeking to make sense of what is going on from not only geopolitical perspectives, but spiritual ones. Thus a “silent boycott” resulted where subscribers simply refused to continue watching it. I am not subscribing this to David, Corey or Emery, as I do believe they were targeted and that their content is a direct threat to the Cabal and SSP. This is easily proven, since every episode I watched of Season One inevitably steered the viewer back to the idea that God is Evil and Lucifer is Good. Yes, Gloria Steinem, supposedly at the time or at some time an agent of the CIA. But I am innately sensing distortions every time I reread this letter. I am being called out by name in many of these videos. It has a short piece on the Gaia situation. This is easily proven by the fact that Edgar Maddison Welch walked into Comet Ping-Pong Pizza in Washington, DC on December 4th, 2016, and fired his assault rifle. What was your impression? The noble thing for Gaia to do would be to allow me to access and properly edit and utilize that footage for public consumption. Anything to make a buck, I guess. But the story had already been spread and it was not about to be changed. In responsibility, there is no….”  (Read more…). And it reminds me of the second wave of feminism, in the same era, late ’60s, when brilliant, photogenic pied piper Gloria Steinem and her MS Magazine led us triumphantly out of our patriarchal marriages into both the patriarchal marketplace and the maelstrom of rock and roll. Janet thank you for your insight and your investigations into this matter. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Why? PUBLIC APOLOGY AND CLARIFICATION FROM DAVID WILCOCK REGARDING GAIA INC. False statements, assumptions and conclusions have been circulating regarding Gaia and my resignation from Gaia that I want to correct. He still could. I have never seen a dime of this for any of them, despite being directly responsible for Pete Peterson, Emery Smith and other top insiders risking their lives to provide their testimony on Gaia. They made that up. While I'm very disappointed, it's not surprising that a for-profit company would behave this way. I dwell in many seemingly disparate reality silos.