When choosing a Golden puppy, the health of the parent dogs and of the puppy itself is usually the number one concern for a prospective pet owner. For example, the cream Golden Retriever tends to be slimmer and sleeker in appearance. kleines Paradies umgeben von Wanderwegen, Flüssen,Wiesen und Feldern, ideal für unsere Hunde. Mehr Bilder von ihr unter "Zuchthündin Geniese". Golden Marley von Skrollan und Darsko ( hier 2 Jahre) macht , wie alle, alles mit !!! Sie sind so Lieb, MEIN DREAM TRIO, Alles weitere unter Wurfplanung......STÖBERN sie mal auf den Seiten, Meine beiden "Mädels"!!! Filou ( Sohn von Skrolly und Darsko) hier 2 jahre alt, Fame ( Tochter von Skrollan und Darsko) hier 18 Monate, mit besten bewertungen Zuchttauglich geschrieben. The light golden coat color is darker than cream but lighter than the traditional gold coat this dog is so well known for. Peaches ganz Gentleman, holt der kleinen ihren Dummy aus dem tieferen Wasser. Hodge hier 4 Monate ist in der Nähe genlieben, überall dabei und ein liebensweter COUCHPOTATO !!! Bud",ein Dark Golden Retriever Rüde, war ein ganz lieber Kerl. So, whether you live in the city or the countryside, they can adjust to your home easily. Sadly, some less up-front breeders are taking advantage of their popularity. Deckrüden aus unserer Linie und deren Links. Auch Tjorven tritt in deren Pfotenstapfen. You can put little treats into each end of the chew and keep your dog entertained and treat-fed at the same time. The white Golden Retriever is just as healthy as a Golden Retriever displaying any other coat color. You’ve telephoned the breeder, made an appointment, and now you’re looking down at several Golden retriever puppies, wondering if one of them will be right for you – a dark Golden retriever. You might find it upsetting that your dark retriever doesn’t mingle as much as other goldens. Ein wunderschöner DARk GOLDEN und LIEB. That famously thick, wavy, double-layer coat still needs the same type of basic care… and quite a bit of it! Seit 1998 züchte ich nun diese wundervollen Wegbegleiter. The Girls. Whether it is as a sporting breed or a working service dog. Ein Welpe und 3 kleine Kinder traute ich. Gordon von Skrollan und Darsko hier 2 Jahre, ein grosser Prachtkerl und verschmust. The dark coat breed of golden retrievers originated back in the 19 th century, as Scottish hunters wished for a new type of hunting dog. They tend to outshine when they have a job at hand. There are lots of Golden Retriever colors. Dame Ella in unsere Familie ein. However, it can get a little overwhelming at times. All dogs like chew toys and Wild One’s Bolt Bite is toted as the ultimate chew toy for your pal. One of the best things about your dark Golden is that they’re like a set-it-and-forget-it oven. Ein GEsicht wie MAMA !!!!! And the tail is slightly less fuzzy. Plan out a daily routine for them and use only positive methods. Including the similarities and differences between each color. However, this is a very popular coat color among pet owners. Availability. The red Golden Retriever has a particularly striking and memorable coat! Saying the cream Golden Retriever dog’s coat color is “rare”. 2014  Oben sitzend  Mama Skrollan und unten liegend , ihre Tochter Geniese.....beide sind mein ganzer Stolz und in der Farbe: Dark-Golden, die miles. There are claims that the dark Golden retriever is gaining in popularity with the other Goldens, but it really all comes down to personal choice. How Are They Different from Golden Show Dogs? zu haben, denn ein Golden will immer gefallen ( Will to Please). This will help to channel their high energy levels and let them relax at home. 1990 gründeten wir unsere Familie, es kamen zwei wunderbare Töchter zur Welt. It is relatively rare to see a Golden Retriever dog with any pure white, true black, or another color mixed in with the gold coat. This is the reason why they make the best family dogs. The mom is our beautiful red auburn golden retriever Georgie Girl (50lbs). Learn How Much to Feed a German Shepherd–Diet and Health of German Shepherd. Their upper coat also helps them repel water. They’ve got long and thick fur coats that narrow down towards the end of the body. You can count on your dark Golden to become a loyal companion who is a calm-tempered, obedient, loyal, and easily trainable. They will want to run, jump, swim, play with toys, and snuggle next to you at night.