Note that this helps give re-roll 1s to hit to models inside transports, who normally the character aura won’t affect (due to not being on the field). You're probably thinking "Why don't I just shove them in a Raider and use Screaming Jets?" A big downside is it sets up a rather predictable strategy of cluster your heavy hitters around a haemonculus or two and run it at the enemy. While this is pretty inconvenient, players may still take multiple Ynnari Detachments (Yvraine in one, The Visarch in another, for example) with one dedicated Drukhari force and the other with a dedicated Craftworld force. All books are in clear copy here, and all files are secure so don't worry about it. The beasts don't take up slots in a detachment with a Beastmaster, but you can't take a Beastmaster unless you have at least one Beast in the detachment (why you'd want to do that is a mystery). If you want Snipers, just take a squad of Rangers and Deep Strike them into some cover, or grab some Scourges if you want a Pure Drukhari list, or use a Dark Creed Talos for your sniping needs. z a m s t a t s . The Drukhari are very fast-moving, have lots of firepower, and boast some of the most lethal close combat units in the game. There may be separate rules for those, but at the very least it'll be easier to get some models without having to buy the old resin model separately. Interestingly, they gained most of their popularity from the citadel painting suppliment 'Raiders of Commoragh', where the archon, Malidrach Vrasque, was shown to be a cool conversion which almost every drukhari player follows given how shit the current archon model is, easily improved by slapping a jetbike helm instead of the head. ... Download & View Warhammer 40k - Codex Dark Eldar 8th as PDF for free. Blistering fast army with massive firepower. /MediaBox [0.000 0.000 595.280 841.890] These fine gentleman pride themselves on being the best of the best. They are obsessed with aircraft and the skies, to the point their archons get offended when they even see other races aircraft. One thing most people have missed, the Wargear options state FOR EVERY 5 MODELS you can replace a Splinter Rifle for a Shredder or Blaster, then there's a separate listing for every 10 models for a Splinter Cannon or Dark Lance. Don't count on it to perform. If you end up mixing Cult of Strife units with others melee units (incubi, Wracks, archons, etc), try and position your Wych Cult units around non cult units in a screen. Saw one deployed aggressively during a tournament killed by eliminators top of turn one because he rolled a one on his very first save roll. /ModDate (D:20201103234557+00'00') /Title (�� D a r k E l d a r C o d e x) Put a unit of 10 Warriors with 2 Blasters inside a Dark Lance Raider to obtain a Ravager Lite with some anti-infantry firepower to boot. If Wracks are fighting T3 GEQ forgo the Haemonculus tools and enjoy wounding on 3s next to Urien. It sucks you only get 1 in a Kabalite Warrior kit, but you can easily convert splinter rifles into Blasters by chopping the barrel tips off of unused Disintegrator weapons. Pre custom obsessions if you saw coven units on the tabletop it was these guys. (Notably, the extra 6" range does not work on Blast pistols, but does work on Blasters and Shredders.) ), will last way longer than an archon. Lindsey Graham Hearing Today, Forrest Gump Bulldozer, While the Obsession bonus might seem mediocre at first, remember about the excellent Warlord Trait, Relic, and Stratagem it unlocks as part of the package. >> Battalion Detachments now give 5 CP, making a Double Battalion plus Patrol (for Alliance of Agony) the most optimal choice for maxing CP in a Tournament List. If the donate button (below) doesn't work for you, please e-mail me. S6 AP-4 and D6 Damage with re-rolls to wound, ideally want it popping up on your opponents turn so you are ready to charge on yours. Cult of the Cursed Blade, with its minimization of morale losses, can take full squads of 20 with none of the usual drawbacks to doing so while being able to threaten anything up to T7. Statistically you are getting 1CP back resulting in a net cost of 3CP. Social Enterprise Organizations, Just keep in mind that he will always will be a big and scary target and needs support to get him in the front line where he is best. 40k Drukhari (Dark Eldar) 8th Edition (WIP, Near Complete) Subscribe. Cmm Certification Healthcare, This, combined with the very polarized effectiveness of the new tools the Ynnari got (the new strats/relics/traits are either pretty good or steaming hot shit. Grotesques are back! Taken in a prophets of flesh detachment and with Urien nearby these guys will put out 5 WS3+ S6 AP-2 D1 attacks and then have a defensive statline of T6 4++ 6+++ to back it up. Love Me Like There's No Tomorrow Chords, Against MEQ a unit of (non-Cursed Blade) 10 Wyches with 3 Hydra Gauntlets and Agoniser Mathhammers out as 1.32 Wounds in the Shooting Phase (factoring in the Plasma Grenade and Phantasm Grenade Launcher), and 6.64 in the ensuing Fight Phase, totaling 7.96 dead MEQs, and the two survivors of a 10-man Squad stuck in close combat (and more than likely fleeing anyway unless your opponent wants to waste CP on keeping your Wyches in close combat for some reason). Extra AP is never a bad thing. Sheffield United Kit 20/21, Thus you *deny* more stratagems just by the very threat of being able to do so. Even though maintaining formation within the 6" aura reduces their manoeuvrability, the increase to effective firepower and the fact the Archon can move 8" and advance all the time to keep up render this a viable tactic. Giving it to a Succubus, who then has WS1+, means she is always hitting on 2+ since hits always fail if the die. Their current tactics can be found here. Where Wracks are hemmed in by having poisoned weapons and. Add Soul Trap strategem for maximum rape. Just keep this in mind if you are taking multiple HQ units. /I1 12 0 R The obsession triggers when charged, but does not specify you have to target the charging unit. Demi Lovato Jonas Brothers, Thematically describe this faction. No AP, but they'll all hit and wound (due to the Archon's aura and Poisoned Tongue obsession). Subscribed. May 2019 White Dwarf: The Ynnari received a major overhaul, getting full access to their own relics, warlord traits, stratagems, and a fully fleshed out psychic discipline, but lost access to the Craftworld, Drukhari and Harlequin equivalents. Forrest Gump Character Analysis Essay, Codex: Drukhari is a Codex for the 8th Edition of Warhammer 40,000.. Drazhar, Urien and the Ghoul are not loading. Their Flawless Workmanship Obsession provides an extra 6" range for all Assault, Rapid Fire, and Heavy weapons used by members of this Kabal, including their transports and support vehicles. Eu4 Karelia, 2 points, so always a good idea in a Dark Creed detachment. The Dark Eldar live to There are many links on this site. Kabals, Wych Cults, and Haemonculus Covens all get their own bonuses, which are now listed in the corresponding sub-faction entries below. On the tabletop, they (insert play description). But you weren't taking this over Labyrinthine Cunning anyways. Diabolical Soothsayer to make Alliance of agony better than free? endobj Archon has an in-built 2++ (that is not re-rollable by any means), which is lost after the first failed save roll, meaning he might tank a surprising amount of attacks, or might whiff immediately, and lose in invuln for the game. If you possess the skill, though, your Drukhari army can run rings around its opponents, leaving them shell-shocked, terrified and utterly defeated. Ira David Wood Iii, A thing to keep in mind with a Ynnari Succubus, you get a quality of life bonus. Of course Wraith units are a very powerful addition to any Drukhari force. /I2 13 0 R Do remember to declare your multicharges, Pile In, and Consolidate properly before using this. Don't EVER count on his invuln to save him. You can also find them as the box art of any Kabalite units. Excellent turn 2 deep strikers as their morale benefits make large blobs more viable, can be given Adrenalight for lots of S4 attacks or grave lotus for some S5 goodness. Psychic bonuses form Yvraine and the Yncarne make wyches tougher, faster, and stronger and do even more for beast units turning razorwing flocks into iron walls. The extended range of their weapons lends itself fairly well to a classic gunline tactic, which seeks to punish the enemy at range rather than get close. An allied Farseer sounds odd given it can only Buff Asuryanni units but Smite and Executioner are a reliable source of Mortal Wounds that can be tossed around against harder targets or smaller squads of infantry, as the situation demands. In just about every way, the Drukhari are an army for the true connoisseur! • Ignoring points restrictions, something like a terminator character with T5, and a 2+ 4++ (I could also site guilliman, with T6, 2+ 3++, 9W, and the ability to get back up when he dies as the best objective camping character, but I won't. 30 datasheets providing rules for every Drukhari unit and miniature, Army abilities reflecting the Drukhari’s methods of war on the tabletop, Armoury of Commorragh: wargear both ranged and close-combat for use by the Drukhari, Points values for all miniatures, weapons and wargear for use in Matched Play games. You need to sign in or create an account to do that. I Need A Good Excuse To Get Out Of Work, They are much more offensively oriented than Wyches, plus Shadowseers bring along more Smite and Deny the Witch. and Adrenalight she can make 5 S6 AP-3 DD3 attacks which will basically never miss, or with Grave Lotus 4 S7 attacks and if you fancy dropping a couple of CP on Hyperstimm Backlash to make her S8, you can giggle at the mental image of your Succubus bisecting tanks and Dreadnoughts with her Glaive. A fresh batch of relics available for your Ynnari characters, thanks to the May issue of White Dwarf. You have d3 mortal wounds in any one shooting phase, and if you get a bonus in the following fight phase that's just icing on the cake. Don't force yourself to get into a situation to take advantage of that second effect. Make sure to double check if whatever you're playing in is using Legends rules or not, because if they are you can give him back his now free Beastmaster's Scourge, letting you use that 4 points elsewhere. Ps5 Dev Kit Price, All units within any single detachment must share an additional faction keyword (Like DRUKHARI, for instance) in order to be included. endobj Looking for the latest updates to your codex or battletome? Constantly circle jerking/attempting to murder each other, the twelve (eleven, since Urien never actually shows up) are in an endless game of one upmanship to make the fanciest toys out of their living captives. Combat Drugs can now be chosen which makes them infinitely more useful. endobj The Red Grief Succubus can be one of the best and cheapest duelists of the Drukhari. The book encourages a blend of all three through some unique rules regarding detachments and warlord traits. Blood dancer becomes very good after battle round 3 when you're generating multiple hits on a 5+. Dbs Check For Self-employed Cleaner, Jamie Lynn Spears Baby, Oh and Smite. Kabalites, Wyches, Incubi, etc. 7 0 obj Plus one of them can swap out their gun for one of several heavy or special weapons including Flamers, Fusion Guns, Shredders, Shuriken Cannons, Dark Lances, Blasters, and even Aeldari Missile Launchers!