Our approach to knowledge has long favored an adversarial, devil’s-advocate approach that pits ideas against each other in a “marketplace.” It’s time to try a collaborative, empathetic approach to the pursuit of understanding rather than one modeled on war and capitalistic competition. 0000041419 00000 n �2���:Y��+ \�٠�ڸRٜ�ےJ���]�}s�Eχ����qX\�}N���UJY[vSӥaܒ��]�.A%�uv�-�����z\�$K%Bc�\? 0000053501 00000 n H�\��n�0F�y 0000023928 00000 n �n��t�p���S6��nc��7�m�4;�P:�������v�K�Ǎ(��#M�5��E3 �y�R�N��㶙�b��рDr *��52]�7ݵ��q��6/�����"� ���ur�TU��.i�W�~�|Y�� The final feature of PDF Download is conversion. 0000291458 00000 n 0000001984 00000 n To "do unto others as you would have them do unto you" takes one's own sensibilities and projects them through the window onto the other. But there are more observations to be gleaned from this poetic incident. endstream endobj 206 0 obj [235 0 R] endobj 207 0 obj <>stream 0000003086 00000 n 0000040944 00000 n 0 h�bbd``b`� $� Fo ��$� Perhaps noting the wording of the traditional Golden Rule will clarify the importance of building both windows and mirrors into the educational process. Change ), Style, Emily. Some students, like the narrator in Gardner's poem, remain subordinated and silent, though their vision is actually wider, while others strut their stuff on the life stage insensitive to other points of view. They never melted down into "the melting pot" and, now, in a nuclear age we have no choice but to educate youngsters (and ourselves) to handle them more realistically so as to avoid, at all costs, a foolish nuclear melt-down of all of us. Unfortunately, the vast majority of students do not receive an LGBT- inclusive curriculum.ii THEORY: “Curriculum as Window & Mirror” Emily Style (1996) Style introduced the idea of curriculum as a means to provide students with windows and mirrors. All of us lose when education is framed this way. 0000285669 00000 n Style advocates for an inclusive “both/and thinking” approach to curriculum (1), where all participants are invited to look into through metaphorical windows for insight into unfamiliar experiences, as well as mirrors which reflect their own experience back to them. Credit is due to Harvard scholar Carol Gilligan who pioneered attention to the gendered dimension of different ways of seeing in her 1982 book In a Different Voice. %PDF-1.4 %���� Linda Nochlin asked, in a 1972 essay, this question, "Why have there been no great woman artists?" White males are thereby encouraged to be solipsistic, and the rest of us to feel uncertain that we truly exist. ( Log Out /  - Window(s)/mirror(s) - Paper and writing tool - Computer/tablet to watch the video(s) _____ Guided Practice 1. 0000004655 00000 n Women and men of color, on the other hand, find almost no mirrors of themselves in the house of curriculum; for them it is often all windows. She illustrates the other half of the dialectic when she insists, "In the beginning is the Hearing.". More than half of our culture's population (all girls, and boys from minority groups) are trained and expected to look through windows at others who are viewed as the valid participants in a sport; an exclusionary curriculum, often perpetuated by the unaware, holds no mirrors for the majority of the students. Curriculum As Window and Mirror Emily Style. 0000015461 00000 n Prior to the classroom window experience, the narrator's view had been purely provincial. Now, the common sense of needing to provide both windows and mirrors in the curriculum may seem unnecessary to emphasize, and yet recent scholarship on women and men of color attests abundantly to the copious blind spots of the traditional curriculum. If the student is understood as occupying a dwelling of self, education needs to enable the student to look through window frames in order to see the realities of others and into mirrors in order to see her/his own reality reflected. Our library is the biggest of these that have literally hundreds of thousands of different products represented. 0000052658 00000 n Furthermore, learning never takes place in a vacuum; it is always contextual. 0000262859 00000 n Schultz's dog Snoopy was pictured sitting at his typewriter, writing the cultural truth "Beauty is only skin deep." lol it did not even take me 5 minutes at all! Watch the video on common chore: cleaning windows and mirrors. In Hall's words, "Baseball is fathers and sons playing catch," and in twelve pages of father-son photos, the magazine pictured this relational (connected-knowing) definition of the sport by featuring some of the faces of the sixty-seven sons (and one grandson) of former major leaguers currently playing organized baseball in the United States. Likewise, democracy's school curriculum is unbalanced if a black student sits in school, year after year, forced to look through the window upon the (validated) experiences of white others while seldom, if ever, having the central mirror held up to the particularities of her or his own experience. �CI��� I did not think that this would work, my best friend showed me this website, and it does! When the dog looked in the mirror however, it made more sense (to the dog) to write "Beauty is only fur-deep.". First published in Listening for All Voices, Oak Knoll School monograph, Summit, NJ, 1988. Consider how the curriculum functions, insisting with its disciplined structure that there are ways (plural) of seeing. First published in Listening for All Voices, Oak Knoll School monograph, Summit, NJ, 1988.