Course Hero, Inc. Find GCSE resources for every subject. Archives of Disease in Childhood - Fetal and Neonatal Edition. Among these researchers were our own Dr. Swearer and four graduate student researchers. and you may need to create a new Wiley Online Library account. Current research suggests that there are at least two basic arousal states; one pleasant and the other unpleasant Extreme stress negatively impacts people's judgement and performance because it Men respond with, patterns of “fight or flight” while women use a “tend and befriend” approach. A Review of Wavelet Transform Time–Frequency Methods for NIRS-Based Analysis of Cerebral Autoregulation. In addition to building relationships and showing kindness, Dr. Decoteau Irby discussed the concept of a “courageously confrontational school culture,” describing the need to directly address injustices, including bullying. You have just won an award and feel jubilant (especially because your enemy was not the winner), In a famous study conducted by social psychologists Aron and Dutton, it was found that a female experimenter was most likely to be hit on by participants after they had walked across a scary, narrow bridge as opposed to after they had walked across a normal, stable bridge. Working off-campus? In contrast to what Masters and Johnson claimed, current research suggests that _____ asked Sep 14, 2015 in Interdisciplinary Studies by Kindred. Regional tissue oxygenation monitoring in the neonatal intensive care unit: evidence for clinical strategies and future directions. a moderate span of control is best for an organization's productivity. Initial Management of the Extremely Low-Birth-Weight Infant. Promoting kindness was another major topic. That is, Art's behavior illustrates.   Privacy Routinely repressing, or seeking to conceal feelings of anger is MOST associated with an increased risk of what? A strong coffee after a poor night's sleep is the kick-start many people need in the morning but new research suggests that it might be best to have a bite to eat first. When he arrives home he is still breathing hard and his heart is still racing; he is physiologically highly aroused. A study has found that drinking coffee first thing can have a negative effect on blood sugar control -- a risk factor for diabetes and heart disease. For their study, researchers at the University of Bath got 29 healthy men and women to take part in three different overnight experiments, with at least a week between them. This finding can be MOST easily explained by, Within social psychological research on emotion, the term "arousal" is used to refer to, the psychological reaction linked to most emotions. The full text of this article hosted at is unavailable due to technical difficulties. There is not a one-size-fits-all solution to bullying prevention, but research presented at IBPA addressed factors that can help build resiliency, decrease the incidences of bullying, and improve school climate. Which of the following situations would you most likely have a Duchenne smile on your face? "I suspect the effect of caffeine per se would be the same had milk been included because the physiological effects of caffeine are quite potent," he said via email. Which of the following statements is an example of a person engaging in affective forecasting? When people are asked to predict how they would feel if a certain event occurred, they are __________ at predicting which emotion they would feel. How much will this approach help? Research additionally shows that people are __________ at predicting how long they would be emotionally affected. Perioperative use of cerebral and renal near‐infrared spectroscopy in neonates: a 24‐h observational study. This review highlights the increasing clinical application of NIRS in delivery suites and neonatal units. Examples of ways this has been done include incorporating bullying prevention into P.E. The term __________ is concerned with people's ability to predict their emotional reactions to future events. Irish Centre for Fetal and Transitional Neonatal Research (INFANT), University College Cork, Cork, Ireland. Research on the value of venting anger and catharsis suggests that, counter to most peoples intuition, venting almost always makes people angrier than they were before. The glucose drink mirrored same amount of calories as a typical breakfast. Which of the four attachment types is most predictive of later outcomes? The role of near-infrared spectroscopy monitoring in preterm infants. "We know that nearly half of us will wake in the morning and, before doing anything else, drink coffee -- intuitively the more tired we feel, the stronger the coffee," said Professor James Betts, professor and co-director of the Centre for Nutrition, Exercise and Metabolism at the University of Bath in the UK, in, "Up until now we have had limited knowledge about what this is doing to our bodies, in particular for our metabolic and blood sugar control.".