Remake of a classic reminiscent of the ancient times of the 00's. Techno-Strike Source is a mod for Counter-Strike Source that replaces all of the default UI elements, sounds, animations and textures with new and improved... Techno-Strike Exodus is a CSGO-Beta themed mod, with the old sounds, animations, gloves etc. Added support for Counter-Strike: Classic Offensive and Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop. Welcome.

Re-added support for Dota 2. Join now to share your own content, we welcome creators and consumers alike and look forward to your comments. Come one, come all - join us on the official SourceMod Discord!

Simplify Logger internals to fix SourceMod from stopping to log, Allow changing to -1/null for attacker and inflictor in OnTakeDamage SDK hook, Fix CompileRegex not actually setting a valid error code, SDKHooks: Reset global hookid when unhooking in SourceHook, Fix BfRead.BytesLeft not being able to be optional, IBinTools: Block loading incompatible interface versions, Fix wrong matchmaking_ds bin path being used in some instances, Fix typo in fallback to "default" maplists section, Fix wrong timeleft calculation after mp_restartgame in CS:S and CS:GO, Fix description for CharToLower and CharToUpper (again), Fix param order in CancelClientMenu documentation, Documentation fixes of methodmap implementation, Fix FormatUserLogText to use GetClientAuthId, Add missing MarkNativeAsOptional for SetAuthIdCookie native, Fix sm_help erroring out if invoked during the connection process, basevotes: Fix buffer size for workshop obtained levels, Fix wrong formatting to "Vote Delay Minutes" when delay above 60s, 64-bit support for CSGO on Linux and macOS, Add more traceray natives (TR_EnumerateEntities, TR_EnumerateEntitiesHull, TR_ClipRayToEntity[Ex], TR_ClipRayHullToEntity[Ex], TR_ClipCurrentRayToEntity[ex]), Allow different values per platform in "Keys" gamedata section, Open menu with matching maps on ambiguous !nominate map_name command, Add Regex.MatchAll native and fix MatchRegex behaviour to match documentation, MySQL: Support multiple result sets in prepared queries, Add CommandIterator methodmap including CommandIterator.Plugin to access registering plugin, Add missing return value documentation for CreateDirectory, Fix Miscellaneous Regressions and undefined behaviours, Update game support for CS:GO, BMS, Empires, NMRiH, Insurgency, PVKII, IOSoccer, ZPS *, Add GlobalForward & PrivateForward methodmaps, Add Sort and SortCustom to ArrayList methodmap, Update TF2_IgnitePlayer to support setting duration of fire, Add templated helper class to promote type-safety for wrapped function calls, Add RequestFrameCallback with optional data parameter, Update sm_ban, sm_kick, & sm_map to display menu when issued without arguments, Pad plugin ID based on the total plugin count in sm plugins list output, Add internationalization to basechat and fix CS:GO colours, Switch CS:GO Clantag set/get to use netprops + offset over sig + offset, Unify map lookup logic across tf2esque engines, Change MultiTargetFilter to a typeset that allows ArrayList, Prevent use of primitive float operation functions, Update MySQL to version 5.5 (support utf8mb4 charset), Increase MAX_NAME_LENGTH to match CS:GO MAX_PLAYER_NAME_LENGTH, Update sample extension params to be sourcehook-friendly, Add a note about FormatTime platform dependence, Fix a HEA memory leak when using break in nested scopes, Fix switch statements' default case not being registered as guaranteed return, Fix crash when indexing an array with a literal array, Fix assert when returning an indeterminate array, Annihilate codepage support and fix compiler startup segfault, Relax name shadowing checks for implicitly prototyped functions, Look in include paths for the default include file, Fix wrong debug codestart of struct variables, Fix register increment/decrement visit in interpreter, Disallow references on indeterminate array arguments, Remove pow10 usage and shim for libc 2.27+ support, Fix incorrect reported file in error message when missing a required semicolon, Don't allow redefining typedefs or typesets, Fix unused stocks getting compiled into the binary, Fix warning when non-stock functions are used by stock functions, Add RTTI metadata and replace debug symbols sections, Copy function debug name onto stack for crash dumps, Fully support basic floating point operations in spshell, Improve compile time by optimizing stgwrite, Optimize compilation for large global arrays, Compiler performance enhancements around symbol handling, Expand the semantics of the RETN instruction (opt-in), Introduce a new method of encoding arrays, JIT off the control-flow graph, rather than instruction stream, Compute static memory requirements of methods, Require a balanced heap state at join points, Move stack checks to the function prologue, Align JIT HALT implementation with Interpreter and Verifier, Remove unused constants like cellbits, charmin, Add a -v/--version command to spshell that displays JIT availability, Add a -z compression level argument to the compiler, Fixed certain sendprops being treated improperly in CS:GO*, Fixed mass renaming (sm_rename @all "Something") behavior, Fixed bug where optional natives would no longer be optional after plugin reloading, Fixed nominations plugins from returning Plugin_Continue in a command callback, Fixed occasions where UTF8 names would be truncated mid-character*, Fixed crash in SQLite extension where SqDatabase tried to access a dead instance of SqDriver, Fixed wrong return type in UserMessageToBfRead*, Fixed issue where OnMapTimeLeftChanged would not get called in CS:GO*, Fixed crash when plugins closed SQL query results handles*, Fixed crash when CloneArray is called on large arrays, Fixed native not bound error with Panel.Style*, Fixed issue where sourcemod would trigger an assert if game isn't bult with RELEASE, Fixed crash when database transaction fails, Fixed incorrect bit size given for vectors with FindDataMapInfo, Fixed AllowClLanguageVar setting being ignored in CS:GO*, Fixed crash when accessing gamerules during mapchange*, Fixed where GetCommandLineParam would always retrieve default value*, Fixed ICommandLine lookup on Linux for Insurgency and DOI*, Fixed KeyValues.SetUInt64 truncating values*, Fixed issue where OnEntityCreated wasn't always called, Fixed CS_GetWeaponPrice returning incorrect weapon prices*, Fixed issue where core config values were not being cached, Fixed OnPlayerRunCmd crashing with invalid CUserCmd ptr, Fixed duplicate plugin loading issue on Windows and MacOS, Added Database.Format, an auto-escaping format native for SQL query creation, Added the ability to configure multiple chat trigger characters, Added config file for basevotes & funvotes. Without this additional content, you will see things like money and weapons floating in midair (along with a whole bunch of error messages in the console). We founded Nodecraft with a vision for what game servers should be.

Click it to start the unzipping. it got the game-play of a Counter-Strike... --New Sounds --New Guns --New Models --New Textures --New Players --New Hud --New Sounds -guns,footsteps,hits,radio voices,ETC --New Shaders -Full shaders... Hi, and welcome on my Moddb Site of my CS:S / Gmod Stargate Maps.