I’ll also give you some tips and tricks to not disturb your crested gecko while it’s sleeping. Infrared light is invisible to the crested gecko and will not disturb its sleeping pattern. Predators and prey adapt their sleeping habits to each other. When you’re choosing a pet you’ve got to consider if it’s suitable for your lifestyle. In the wild, they sleep and hide during the daytime on the underside of leaves and beneath tree barks. Crested geckos aren’t predatory in nature and are a so-called prey animal. Crested geckos were once thought to be extinct, but were \"rediscovered\" around 1994. But what about keeping a crested gecko in captivity? © Crested Geckos - Crested Gecko Care . You might not like the nocturnal nature of your crested gecko and want it to be awake during the day. But do crested geckos still need live food? I've included a photo of Noodle's viv so you can see he has plenty of foliage around the sides and horizontal perches he could sleep on instead. Crested geckos are solitary animals that can live alone without any problem. But handling a crested gecko at night can be a challenge if he’s not used to be handled. Made from ABS plastic, you can simply wipe away any mess, even dried on gecko diet. Such high humidity will help loosen the skin. In captivity, they will often sleep curled up among the branches and leaves of plants within their habitat. But what do crested geckos do while they’re awake? When you go to sleep your crested gecko will probably already be awake. The temperatures in their natural environment are generally quite moderate and to be compared with normal “room temperatures” (around 20-22° C) although higher (30° C) and lower temperatures (10° C) can occur. Prey, on the other hand, will try to avoid the times when their primary predators are out hunting. This doesn’t necessarily mean that your crestie is on the run but more likely that your crestie is an expert in hiding. Lack of any branches and foliage makes the tail drop down over crested gecko’s head. Do Crested Geckos Need Live Food? So I don’t really advise changing it’s sleeping pattern. Some crested geckos will sleep a little more or less. The crested gecko does have the benefit that it’s fairly agile and tiny so it can avoid contact with predators. In the wild, a sick or weakened gecko is a target for predators, so they have become experts at pretending to be well. These noises usually aren’t that loud and will more often be made when housed with other crested geckos. Hello, I was wondering if anyone knew of a way to stop my young crested gecko from sleeping all day upside down on the glass, as I know this can cause Floppy Tail Syndrome. Crested geckos are easy to feed because of the availability of meal replacement powder diets. wait till he fall asleep then turn the terrarium upside down and flip it back over just before he wakes up? If you’re up for a good night’s sleep you might not want your crested gecko’s terrarium in your bedroom. Are crested geckos nocturnal? Upside Down Sometimes a crested gecko will sleep upside down on the glass of its terrarium. Their natural habitat consists of rainforests and crested geckos are considered to be an arboreal species. One of the important aspects to consider is whether or not your potential pet – in this case, crested gecko – is nocturnal or not. They're very low-maintenance pets, and are well-suited for children or novice lizard owners. Their main predators are fire ants, dogs, cats, rats, snakes, larger reptiles and birds of prey. So if you want to be sure, just stay awake and watch him for a couple of nights. If you’re interested in getting crested geckos as pets you should also definitely read our article about baby and juvenile crested gecko care or (adult) crested gecko care. The crested gecko does not require any special lighting. The crested gecko sleeping habit follows a nocturnal path, sleeping during the day and awaking at night. So, crested geckos are out at the same time their predators are which is generally not a very good idea. If the temperature should fall below 60o, however, an infrared heat light bulb may be used to provide warmth. It’s of course entirely possible that they don’t snuggle and sleep in their own hiding places. If you’re at for work or school during the day your crested gecko will be sleeping. (Pro & Con of Live Food), link to Do Crested Geckos Play Dead? By continuing to browse our site you agree to our use of data and cookies. An observant owner already knows that crested geckos don’t have eyelids. Since then their popularity as pets has continually increased. Crested Gecko Accessories & Supplies for an Ideal Terrarium, Lighting Guide for Crested Geckos (With Tips and Tricks), crested geckos will be awake during the night, might make noise and disturb your sleep, they sleep almost the entire day, so they won’t miss you during the day, when a crested gecko is awake its crests “stand up” while their crests are laid down when a crested gecko is sleeping, the pupils are large and wide when your crestie is awake and will be tiny slits when it’s asleep, sleeping on the terrarium walls (even sleeping upside down), crawl and jump on the leaves and branches of the terrarium plants and branches, make sure that the terrarium has at least one hiding place to sleep in, make sure that the terrarium is in a room that experiences normal day/night light cycle, don’t walk around the terrarium (a lot) during the day, don’t put on bright lights on the terrarium, don’t put the terrarium near a window, this may cause overheating of the cage and your crested gecko fast. Today, I shall mostly be sleeping....upside down. Crested geckos can look like they're dead because they don't move and stay still. Thanks for the advice guys, I thought he had plenty but obviously not! There are a lot of different sleeping patterns but basically a pet can show diurnal, nocturnal or crepuscular behavior: The sleeping behavior of an animal depends on a number of factors but the most important ones are the environment of the animal and their status as predator or prey animal. A lot of animals adapt their sleeping behavior to their environment and its climate. To determine if your gecko is sleeping you’ll have to watch their crests and eyes: Crested geckos are – like most other geckos – nocturnal creatures. Your crested gecko will sleep wherever it can but preferably in a place where it’s sheltered from prying eyes.