John R. Dilworth, Genre: Download the TV Guide app for iPhone, iPad and Android! Courage and his owners stop at a lonely motel to end their vacation, but it is owned by a nefarious red cat named Katz, who harbors a penchant for feeding his guests to giant spiders. Replies. How close will the show stay to the comic storyline? Courage the Cowardly Dog is an American animated television series created and directed by John R. Dilworth.The pilot episode, "The Chicken from Outer Space", originally aired on as part of What a Cartoon! 1999, Seasons: The offbeat adventures of Courage, a cowardly dog who must overcome his own fears to heroically defend his unknowing farmer owners from all kinds of dangers, paranormal events and menaces that appear around their land. Courage befriends a hunchback who's hanging out in the hayloft. Cartoon Network The series officially premiered on Cartoon Network on November 12, 1999 and ended on November 22, 2002, with a total of 52 episodes over the course of four seasons. 123movies September 2016. This is a list of all Courage the Cowardly Dog episodes. Getting Started | Contributor Zone » Contribute to This Page. 1 Pilot: 1994-1996 2 Season 1: 1999-2000 2.1 Opening Sequence Villains 3 Season 2: 2000-2001 3.1 Opening Sequence Villains 4 Season 3: 2002 4.1 Opening Sequence Villains 5 Season 4: 2002 5.1 Opening Sequence Villains 6 Specials Schwick, McPhearson Phantom, Robot Randy, Mayan Baker, Carmen & Banana suit dealer Transcript The Magic … "The Demon in the Mattress" Muriel needs a new mattress. Courage the Cowardly Dog (1999–2002) Episode List. Showbox APK Putlockers A tornado turns Muriel into a 3-year-old. Wählen Sie die Kategorie aus, in der Sie suchen möchten. Courage the Cowardly Dog Hindi Dubbed Episode Watch/Download Series Information - Series Name : Courage The Cowardly Dog Original Release : November 12, 1999 –; November 22, 2002 Original Network : Cartoon Network There's no download needed with Showbox and Showbox never needs to be updated. "The Mask: Part 1" Kitty, a dog-hating stranger wearing a mask, arrives at the Farmhouse. It is a web app that works on any operating software including iOS and Android. 123 movies Here's where you can watch and stream coverage, The director also teases what a potential Season 2 would be about. Delete. Showbox APK Muriel's new mattress is possessed by a demon. Showbox isn't an an Android APK or mobile app. Courage The Cowardly Dog Season 1,2,3,4 Complete HD Views. Phineas and Ferb Season 1 Complet HD. 3 Gomovies Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.