Tracy Nichols, founder of Northwest Love All Animal Rescue, 21903 NE 227th Ave. in Battle Ground, encountered one of cats on the sanctuary’s grounds as she helped a group of volunteers setting up to exercise horses near dusk last Monday evening. that is degrading to another person. Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Sergeant Carlo Pace said the department is dealing with cougar issues in different parts of Kittitas County.

The Wyoming Game and Fish Department is seeking any information regarding two separate […], Below is a news release from the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources. Over time this will help us evaluate problem areas, movement barriers for wildlife, and potential for human-puma conflict. Hikers should hike in groups and make plenty of noise to avoid surprising cougars or other wildlife. “So, please; have your pets licensed,” he urged. Running triggers a chase response in cougars, which could lead to an attack.

Nichols was able to take a distant cell phone photograph of the cat before it ran away. racist or sexually-oriented language.

Leave the animal a way to escape. Threats of harming another There are daily cougar sightings,” Ray Clark, local businessman, told KREM-TV. Keep a clean camp and store food and garbage in airtight containers.

Receive latest stories and local news in your email: A cougar was found May 10 in Vancouver's Fircrest neighborhood. “There’s plenty of cover, plenty of deer and plenty of house cats they can eat without any trouble.”. The markers on the map represent confirmations by county (or Canadian equivalent) for areas outside of the known cougar range. Many cougar sightings may never be reported, Holman said. Get an email notification whenever someone contributes to the discussion. Keep children close by and in direct sight. A second sighting was reported Saturday, but that turned out to be “a substantial and fine-looking house cat,” the city of Battle Ground said. No racism, sexism or any sort of -ism An expected early week weather system did not manifest, pushing relief off until Thursday or Friday at the earliest. accounts, the history behind an article. If you see one face-to-face, yell, throw rocks at it, be imposing and assertive about it and then back away slowly and let them have their space.”.

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Although officers extensively searched the area, they were unable to find the mountain lion or any signs of it.

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Chance of rain 60%. The most recent report, on June 4, was in the North Salmon Creek neighborhood on Northeast 128th Circle.

The big cats are more dangerous to pets and livestock than humans. In the same wooded area where the dog remains were, there are possible signs of cougars’ using trees as giant scratching posts. ©2020 FOX Television Stations, until WED 6:00 AM PST, East Slopes Northern Cascades, Wenatchee Area, LIVE MAP: COVID-19 Cases in Washington, Around the World, Marijuana, ‘magic mushrooms’: NJ, Arizona, DC voters approve legalization, decriminalization, Loren Culp does not concede governor race despite Jay Inslee claiming victory, Oregon becomes 1st state to decriminalize hard drugs, South Carolina: Lindsey Graham holds Senate seat, fends off Jaime Harrison, Pierce County serves 'unexpected' large crowd at voting assistance drive-thru on Election Day, 49 Seattle work-release facility residents have COVID-19, LIVE UPDATES: Election Day 2020 coverage, Washington state and US election results, Jay Inslee wins third term as Washington governor: AP, Referendum 90: Washington passes 1st voter-approved sex ed mandate in US, Seattle Police arrest at least 8 people in Election Day protests.

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Winds SE at 5 to 10 mph. If people see a mountain lion, they can report it to the non-emergency line, 311. This trail camera photo supplied by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources shows a cougar in Marathon County on Sept. 3.

“This time of year, there often is (an increase in sightings) with not just cougars but bears, because this is the time when, basically, the young of the year become teenagers and they start roaming around themselves,” he said.

A mountain lion was recently spotted in Battle Ground.

At small map scales the markers are clustered, but as you zoom in the markers will center on the county. Do not run. Below is a news release from the Wyoming Game and Fish Department. The state Department of Fish and Wildlife was notified about the sighting and is monitoring the situation. Current law allows hunters to take one mountain lion per year in Washington.

“In places like that, it wouldn’t be an uncommon thing,” said Eric Holman, a Vancouver-based wildlife biologist with the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife.

Each year, hunters, meat processors and food pantries help families in need by […]. Have children play in supervised groups when outdoors.

Use the 'Report' link on Winds SSE at 5 to 10 mph.

or anything.

See More. Clark County will likely have hazardous air quality until the end of... the week, according to weather forecast modeling.

Never run from a cougar or other wild predator; running could trigger the animal’s chase instinct.

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Cougar sightings are sparking unease across Washington state after last month's deadly attack near North Bend.

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“Stand up and look big,” he said. “They only want to attack something that’s a clear shot and is going to be a favorable outcome for them. You have permission to edit this article. If a cougar does attack, a person should fight it aggressively; cougars can be driven away by people who fight back. Cougars often will retreat if given the opportunity.

People who live in northeast Washington are seeing mountain lions—a lot of mountain lions.

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“It kind of makes me nervous.”. A cougar’s instinct is to chase, so people should not run or approach the animal.

The best way to respond when faced with a cougar is to maintain eye contact, Holman said. If in the very unusual event that a cougar attacks you, fight back with rocks, sticks, bear or pepper spray, tools or any items available.

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife was also notified.Upon further review, the juvenile cougar was discovered to be a house cat. On Tuesday, a high school student said he saw a cougar about one mile southwest of the welcome center at Tryon State Natural Area.

“If someone is seeing one that’s just doing its thing, it’s not necessarily something we would do anything about,” he said. Editor’s Note:This story was first published by The Reflector’s sister newspaper The Chronicle in Centralia. “That’s when we realized there was something up in the field.”. Please support us by subscribing or making a contribution.

If the cougar is acting aggressively, ... Clark County News October 11, 2020.

“You’ve got all the right conditions for cougars,” Elgin said. Chance of rain 80%.. Overcast with rain showers at times. "A previous sighting of the cougar was reported last Thursday in the same general area.According to Fish and Wildlife, this is the time of year that juvenile cougars tend to be in the lowlands.If you see a cougar, please report it to 311. The Columbian.

If the cougar is acting aggressively, shout, wave your arms and throw rocks. Fight back aggressively and try to stay on your feet if the cougar attacks.

However, if the cougar is on someone’s porch, “in that case, someone should call 911.”. BATTLE GROUND - A handful of cougar sightings in Clark County sparked social media buzz last week as residents used Facebook and Twitter to warn their friends and neighbors.

“There are too many cougars. NEILLSVILLE, WI (WSAU) – The Department of Natural Resources is confirming a cougar sighting in Clark County.

A woman reported that a cougar had been stalking her horse for weeks. A "very substantial and fine-looking cat indeed, but a house cat none-the-less," a city official wrote on Facebook.Battle Ground Police did say there have been enough recently reported sightings that they "cannot rule out that a cougar is not loitering in the Battle Ground area. Notifications from this discussion will be disabled. Be Truthful. Share with Us. He reported the sighting to a ranger. “Kids that live out of … People that are hiking are buying handguns more.

Three were in the Vancouver area and two … Do not approach a cougar in the wild, especially if it is guarding an animal carcass or has kittens nearby. Across the whole of WDFW’s Region 5, however, sightings were up significantly in 2018, especially in Cowlitz County.

Five cougar incidents in Clark County have been reported to the Department of Fish & Wildlife in 2013. Don't knowingly lie about anyone A person who encounters a cougar should immediately stop, stand tall and pick up any small children. In response to the uptick in reports, WDFW hosted a talk at their office in Ridgefield to provide information and ask questions regarding the big cat species. The home is near Tryon Creek State Natural Area and Terwilliger Boulevard. There’s growing debate over whether students should return to class in the fall as cases of COVID-19 continue to rise across the state and country. Cougars prefer to conceal themselves in brush or forested areas.