It takes our parents. Let's get back to my interview with Cord Jefferson. My guest, Cord Jefferson, is one of the series writers and is nominated for an Emmy for writing Episode 6. And I think that that caused him a lot of sort of internal consternation about how it would be and, I think, a reticence to let other people, for whom the material wasn't as important, influence him. That's also been helping me. And congratulations on your Emmy nomination and all the others that "Watchmen" has received. I have been employed doing a job that I enjoy, and I know that there are so many people who have lost their work during these times. JEFFERSON: Yeah. This isn't an easy time to celebrate because of the general mood, but also because, like, how are you going to celebrate? GROSS: So I want to start with the Tulsa massacre, which is kind of central to the whole story in this. And then when I graduated and went to college, I went to a college at a small school in Virginia called William & Mary that - great academically. The HBO show uses sci-fi and superheroes to examine American racism. And my dad was the consummate professional. They said that that seemed ridiculous or, you know, a fanciful imagination came up with that for a shocking scene in a pilot. Maybe it was a mistake to do the show,’ Which is like, you know, it’s–“. We made Cord Jefferson choose who is the better boss. Aug 26, 2020 9:15 pm Share This Article Reddit LinkedIn WhatsApp Email Print Talk … JEFFERSON: Yeah. And so there's been a lot of discussion about, you know, writers' rooms that just hire one Black person and they say, like, well, how do Black people feel about this? “But at the same time, I appreciated that because I’m a man with a bunch of my own neuroses,” Jefferson said. JEFFERSON: Yeah. GROSS: Well, I want to get back to very good news, which is that you're nominated for an Emmy for writing an episode of "Watchmen," and the show's nominated for 26 Emmys. Can you go back into that mindset for us and tell us what that was like? It felt like that was why it wasn't really a question. I don't - there's nothing sort of, I think, intellectually, that I'm missing by never having met my grandfather. It takes our health. The thing itself isn't very dangerous, but there's a stroke risk associated with it, which is dangerous. GROSS: I wonder if writing the series made you think a lot about generational trauma, how trauma is kind of passed on to succeeding generations. And there was not a lot of ethnic diversity whatsoever. I don't think that that applies to writers because I don't think anybody cares about seeing writers. And so for years and years and years, I just thought of this is just - that's my backstory. He even explored buying one at one point in time because my dad lives in Saudi Arabia, and I believe that there's a pretty booming organ market in those kinds of places. Cord Jefferson co-wrote that episode, “This Extraordinary Being,” that unmasked Hooded Justice as black police officer Will Reeves (played by Louis Gossett, Jr., and Jovan Adepo). He was a writer on the HBO series "Watchmen," which is nominated for 26 Emmys, more than any other show. “There would be days when Damon would say in the writers’ room, ‘You know what? “It’s great for morale,” Lindelof deadpanned. I think that when we initially got into the room, Damon - the material is incredibly precious to Damon for any number of reasons. And that white man would be upset. And Tucson is pretty homogenous. He sort of finished her divorce proceedings, and she left his office, and when - by the time she got home, there was a message on her answering machine from him, saying now that we are no longer working together, now that you're no longer a client, I was wonder if you'd go out to dinner with me. The latter reached out to the former as “Parks and Recreation” was ending because he was such a fan. Like, I think that the viciousness and the violence with which all of this was enacted was shocking to me. People think that the things that happen are just part of their lives. That was... JEFFERSON: That was - yeah, the celebration was minimal. "Watchmen" is nominated for a total of 26 Emmys. I mean, I feel incredibly grateful. And I think that I've talked to a number of therapists now who have - you know, something that I've learned about myself as I've gotten older and something that I've learned about human beings in general as I've gotten older is that, you know, anger, they say, is a secondary emotion, that anger isn't real; what anger actually is is either pain or fear and that when you express anger, you're actually expressing pain or fear. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. I would send him letters, and he would return them - he said - when they started dating, he said, I never want to see you ever again. But it’s more accurate (though less snappy) to say that success in Hollywood is all about who believes in you.