Ordering Information, Ordering Information - Small Black Bling Halter This halter looks great on animals with black or black and white faces and offers a professional look. Double crown adjustments feature sleek, low-profile buckles offer an updated, refined look. Black Lead with Black Chain $24.00. Hardware is a glossy black finish over steel and buckles are a glossy black finish over zinc die cast for a classy look that showcases the animal. Simplemente Ordering Information, Brown - Medium Three sizes. VCEXSHD The crystals are recessed in the inlay for a flush, smooth look and feel. VCEXNL Same as standard poly halters, but has a ring added to allow the rope to slide back and forth through the steel eye. 36" Black Lead w/20" Covered Black Chain or call 800-321-0235 to help Continue reading Cattle Rope Control Halter→ VCEXSHL-CBP Ordering Information, Pronged Lead Chain Great halter to start halter break your fair calf or educate your new cow on behavior. With the press of a button bring any mob to the shed or feed pad, or shift them to graze a new break. Cruise Control Cable Halter is made of 1/8″ galvanized 7 x 19 cable. XS – XSmall (300-750 lbs.) Helps young exhibitors control their cattle. After several days, you will see the change. VCEXNT-PW At first glance, this may look like a typical poly rope breaking halter. Brown cattle halter and hardware blend in with the animal's hair, giving judges a true unhindered look at the animal. Black Lead with Nickel Plated Chain Our helpful, friendly and knowledgeable Animal Health VCEBRL Large, Brass Durable, non-sticky, heat-sealed black polymer blend material covering on the traditional lead chain provides a comfortable grip for the handler and is great for animals sensitive to the sound and feel of a chain as it slides through the halter. Medium (Yearling) VCEXANCHM Ordering Information Cow Cable Halter, Cruise Control Halter is made of 1/8" galvanized 7 x 19 cable. This unique hardware also helps prevent the poly rope from rubbing together for easy sliding action while still preventing the halter from slipping off. Ordering Information, Purple w/White Tracer VCEXRNP-Z 650 - 1000 lbs Announcements Careers Location Contact Media. Large (Cow) VCEXANCHML Ordering Information Constructed from black bridle leather, these halters have rounded nosebands, rounded cheek pieces, & durable corner stays. Simply open the Halter App for the ultimate bird’s-eye view of your farm. For a look that gets noticed in the show ring, this brown bridle leather version of our Dark Dazzle Halter sets the animal apart without distracting the judge’s attention. If using in the show ring, put a leather show halter (SOLD SEPARATELY) over the cable with nylon/leather lead attached. To help with issues of leading and high headedness. The oil rubbed zinc die cast hardware and subdued sparkle of the dark brown recessed crystal inlays add a modern touch while traditional features like rounded nosebands, durable corner stays and finished edges provide a classic feel. Ordering Information, Black - XL The Cruise Control Halter is made of 1/8” galvanized 7×19 cable. Cruise Control Cables are completely adjustable. 36" Sure Hand Padded Lead with Regular Chain Constructed from brown bridle leather with rounded noseband, rounded cheek pieces and durable corner stays. llámenos al 800-321-0235. email@pbsanimalhealth.com. Add a touch of shine and style, as well as cushioning and comfort, to poly rope cattle halters with these trendy black top grain leather noseband covers adorned with patterned leather overlays with Swarovski crystals and nickel brass spots. Monitor the location of every cow and confirm that all cows are in the correct paddock and break from wherever you are. Small Calf Rope Halters Black only. Great for young showmen to help better control their animal while in the ring. ?Black - X-Small No more reels or standards - set virtual fences to manage pasture with complete precision. Chin Halter; Halter Bridle ... > Calf Control Halter : Our Price: (Members Only) Product Code: CCF. Kirk Stierwalt Sure Hand Lead or Best Offer. The 1" x 36" Brahma Webb® lead features a 14" nickel plated chain. ¡ Nosotros también! Upon closer inspection, you'll see special nickel plated hardware designed by Kirk Stierwalt that allows for quicker pull-and-release action to help prevent swollen jaws often caused by the slower release of conventional breaking halters. For maximum effectiveness, tie your calf daily using the halter and a rope lead, with head high. NYLON CONTROL HALTER Description. This is the original model and is to be used on milder attitude calves, with smaller issues such as leading or holding head high. Double crown adjustments with sleek, low-profile buckles offer an updated, refined look. Hook-and-loop closure for easy on and off. Great for young showmen to help better control their animal while in the ring. Please use these buttons to find current information. Please be sure to tighten all screws before use and any time you adjust. Eliminates the need for two halters. 1650 lbs & up Regarding the fit of halter, make sure that you have little to no slack. 3 watching. 1" wide with 12" nickel chain & snap, Small (Calf) VCEXANCH Ordering Information The versatile Sure Hand Lead features an easy-care Brahma Webb strap and makes a perfect alternative or replacement to any standard leather show halter lead. $10.69 shipping. VCEXALRD. We look Made to the same quality standards as Hamilton Horse Halters. Contact us at 800-321-0235 or Ordering Information, Bull Nose Rings (Actual color shipped may vary from picture), Distressed Bling Nose Pad for Calf Halter This is the original model and is to be used on milder attitude calves, with smaller issues such as leading or holding head high. VCEXSHF by Weaver Leather. VCEXSHG VCEXNT-BP Judges get a true, unhindered look at the animal. M – Medium (1,100-1,500 lbs.) The double crown adjustments have sleek, low-profile buckles for an updated, refined look. We do not use this halter for breaking calves. L – Large (1,500-1,800 lbs.) Highland Livestock Supply, Ltd Nylon Control Halter - Calf Size [NH-S-*] - Calf Size - Designed to be left on cattle. Ordering Information - Large Black Bling Hatler, Medium Brown Bling Halter The cable is not harmful to the calf in any way, if used as suggested. Sealed rubber ends prevent the material from slipping and the ends from fraying. Neck ties provide extra security in the event the halter comes untied. Create virtual breaks to manage pasture with complete precision. Show Supplies We have found the best way to do this is to use a cable tie on the right side and on the left side, run your snap lead through the O ring of leather halter.