Well, many people think that a diet rich in coconut oil is essential to prevent brain fog, memory loss, dementia and even Alzheimer’s disease. If you lose power during a storm, the back-up generator will kick in to keep the lights on. Not sure what to do against the brain fog … The fog … Fiber 2.0--Fiber's New Science of Health-Boosting Benefits. But… Here’s the thing: For years, coconut oil has been been a staple in ketogenic diets for its high fat levels and low carbohydrate content. If you run out of glucose, your body starts to convert stored fats into ketones, which are transported to the brain. Here are a few to consider: Since most of the studies finding that coconut oil involve the use of virgin coconut oil, it appears that this particular type of coconut oil may offer some distinctive health benefits. Answering this question as comprehensively as possible requires not only looking at its potential pros and cons, but more so the pros and cons that have been proven by science. This leaves many consumers and health care professionals alike confused as to whether this particular oil is good or not. »Continue reading on QuickAndDirtyTips.com. Is Coffee Flour a New Fair Trade Nutritional Powerhouse? That said, if the reason for using the coconut oil is to lower high cholesterol levels, other options — such as fish oil — may be a better option. It’s a little like having a back-up generator for your house. Additionally, the whole diet needs to be considered when deciding whether coconut oil is going to be helpful or harmful when it comes to health as it can be both depending on other types of fats consumed. Filed Under: Health, Wellness & Nutrition. Under normal circumstances, brain cells use glucose for energy. And perhaps that’s why I can’t find any studies showing that simply adding coconut oil to the diet leads to improvement in cognitive function in people with normal brain function. The MCTs in coconut oil break down into ketones, which can be used by brain cells for fuel. fill out our form to request your FREE Anthony Metivier has taught as a professor, is the creator of the acclaimed Magnetic Memory Method and the author behind a dozen bestselling books on the topic of memory and language learning…, http://traffic.libsyn.com/magneticmemorymethod/Coconut_Oil_and_Memory__Can_It_Boost_Your_Brain__Advanced_Study.mp3, elderly subjects were fed either MCT oil or a placebo, “WHAT IF THERE WAS A CURE FOR ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE AND NO ONE KNEW?”, areas of the brain which resist glucose, use ketones as an alternative source of energy, hope for families with Alzheimer patients, coconut oil can improve mental performance, support the immune system and improve digestion, a person needs to take fourteen 1 g pills, MCT supplements have shown to increase in memory and motor skills in a few Alzheimer patients, Nelson Dellis and Climb for Memory charity, The Memory Palace is the best memory technique. What are the benefits of coconut oil and MCTs for brain health? At times, this ingredient has been touted a health food with strong enough medicinal properties to cure many ails. delivered to your home or office. My daughter told me about coconut oil after I started suffering severe and disturbing memory loss and brain fog to the point that I could barely have a conversation with anyone. Other times, this oil extracted from coconut palm trees is highly criticized for its negative health effects due to being so high in saturated fat. Coconut oil was part of his treatment plan and researchers concluded that it had a “positive clinical significance.” Coconut oil for brain fog. Can coconut oil treat or prevent Alzheimer's disease? Your email address will not be published. 9 Brain Exercises That Ensure Memory Improvement, Memory Games: 22 Diversions That Give Your Brain a Boost, How to Remember the Amendments in 3 Easy Steps, Kevin Trudeau’s Mega Memory: A Complete Review, How to Visualize Clearly And Effectively: 7 Proven Tactics, How to Become Fluent in a Language: Everything You Need to Know, How to Use Guided Visualization to Diminish Stress and Anxiety, How To Learn And Memorize The Vocabulary Of Any Language, How to Memorize Math, Numbers, Simple Arithmetic and Equations, Memory Improvement Resources for Learning And Remembering. There’s a lot of buzz right now about coconut oil being good for your brain. 10 hours ago — Chelsea Harvey and E&E News, 14 hours ago — Meghan Bartels and SPACE.com. Scientists have proven through testing that Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT), present in coconut oil, can improve memory for Alzheimer patients. I’ve been using it for over a year now and am very pleased to be myself again. Discover new insights into neuroscience, human behavior and mental health with Scientific American Mind. There’s a lot of buzz right now about coconut oil being good for your brain. The idea is that supplying the brain with some extra fuel might make it run better. Get Chiropractic Economics magazine Unfortunately it also increases that drunky / off-balance feel. Many studies have found that coconut oil can provide a variety of health benefits. Scientific American is part of Springer Nature, which owns or has commercial relations with thousands of scientific publications (many of them can be found at, How to Fight PCOS with Diet and Nutrition. I also have some Virgin Coconut Oil, which I add one spoon full to my protein shakes. So the fact that coconut oil supplies ketones doesn’t necessarily mean that the brain will use them for fuel. [Advanced Study]. 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