It is also cross connected to the port hydraulic manifold. You’ll probably end up learning more about stuff not on this study guide if you do dig into the manual and verify. 31, 2008, and celebrates a 10-year-anniversary on Mar. 163-164) 360deg pan view 45deg tilt view 2X zoom Automatic lens heater Scenes – Night running Day running Man Overboard Night docking B/W (video image mode) – Black hot White hot Red hot HOME brings the camera back to 000deg relative. B – RB-M Operators Handbook, pg. – RB-M Operators Handbook, pg. on Flickr. Located in the following spaces Lazerette – Discharges out the stern (mid-ships) Engine room – Discharges out the starboard side (frame 2) AMS – 2 Pumps, one on each side of the fuel tank. RB-M Operators Manual/IETM, Chapter 7.A.1) (Ref .- RB-M Operators Handbook, pg. Ü The reason for this is because the survivor compartment HVAC unit is positioned at/below the water line therefore gravitational drainage cannot occur. 27, 2018. – Zero thrust How do you shift control station? PURPOSE. Starboard side gooseneck is incorporated into the starboard railing, port side gooseneck is mounted on the port side of the lazarette buoyancy chamber. You then have a few seconds to actually meet or exceed the previous station’s RPM’s to gain control. When you’re not moving around and you are not working the deck both clips should be securely attached to two SEPARATE D-rings. Requirements to certify onboard Coast Guard boats has been increased to … Both vents can be secured by sliding the dam out on each respective opening. Control panels (thermostats) are located on the engineer console above the breaker panel and the other is in the survivor compartment above the sink. United States Coast Guard Washington, DC 20593-0001 Staff Symbol: CG-731 Phone: (202) 372-2450 COMDTINST M16114.40 JANUARY 30, 2008 COMMANDANT INSTRUCTION M16114.40 Subj: SPECIAL PURPOSE CRAFT – LAW ENFORCEMENT BOAT OPERATOR’S HANDBOOK 1. A) 468Gal@Usable (ref. – RB-M Operators Handbook, pg. A - 45 RB-M Operators Manual/IETM, Chapter 3.A.1 and Chapter 7. 244-249) There are two self-contained 16,000 BTU A/C Units on the RB-M located in the Pilothouse and Survivors' Compartment. ± – When the throttle joy stick is in the zero thrust position the reversing buckets are halfway down (also known as neutral bucket). GENERATORS (Ref.- 45 RB-M Operators Manual/IETM, Chapter 3.G.1) (Ref. For instance… if you turn port, not only do the nozzles turn to port but also the port interceptor lowers creating drag which ultimately turns the boat much more abruptly. Cox’n and navigators compressed air gasket sliding window. – RB-M Operators Handbook, pg. Study Flashcards On 45 RBM Engineer at For more photos of the Response Boat-Medium, visit the Human error is possible. The RB-M is designed for multiple missions, including search and rescue; law enforcement; drug and migrant interdiction; and ports, waterways and coastal security. 55-57) Fuel tank located amidships running fore and aft from frames 3.5-10 Capacity - 510Gal @100% (ref. Installed Fire Extinguishing System. – Four batteries total, two in each box. And adjust temp at the thermostat as desired. Between frames 10-11. Discharges port and starboard side (frame 7) Survivor Compartment – Discharges port side (frame 11) Forepeak – Discharges starboard side (frame 14) Pumps float switches are mounted directly above their respective bilge pump and are alarm only. Survivor compartment condensate pan drain line drains to a self contained 12.5 GPM condensate sump pump located in the survivor compartment bilge between frames 10-11. * 9 > M N U t … † ‡ ˆ ‰ ” – ³ ´ ¼ ¾ ¿ Ü " 6 úìŞĞǾµ¾¬£¬¾µ£šµ�†}tkaktkaWaWa hW0b hqY 5�aJ hW0b h(Nâ 5�aJ hW0b h(Nâ aJ hW0b hãyÔ aJ hW0b hÈ1î aJ hW0b hPv aJ hW0b h«.Ë CJ aJ hW0b h’( aJ hW0b hˆx) aJ hW0b ht+á aJ hW0b h«.Ë aJ hW0b hçì aJ hW0b h“}Û aJ hW0b h“}Û 5�>*CJ aJ hW0b hçì 5�>*CJ aJ hW0b hPv 5�>*CJ aJ – The D rings on each side of the deck plates. 31, 2010. How many mooring bitts are there and what size? It is also cross connected to the stbd hydraulic manifold. Reversing Buckets – The reversing buckets are also controlled by the Vector Control System and powered by hydraulics. Where does the 12V panel get is power from? SURVIVORS COMPARTMENT- Survivors compartment is naturally ventilated from the screen vent on the starboard side of the pilot house, but crosses athwart ships in the overhead to the opening on the port side. The head is forced air ventilated by a centrifugal fan in the head that also crosses athwart ship and discharges out the screen vent on the port side of the pilot house. SELF RIGHTING CAPABILITIES (Ref. This is just a study guide. – Rotate the locks. - 45 RB-M Operators Manual/IETM, Chapter 3.A.2) (Ref. Both A/C units are cooled by raw water provided by a 12GPM centrifugal pump located in the engine room just below the ladder. ! ì 25-30) THERE ARE FOUR WATERTIGHT COMPARTMENTS WHICH INCLUDE: LAZARETTE- one 24” diameter watertight hatch. United States Coast Guard Mission Support Home. Coast Guard. How are they wired? What is the proper position placement for the heavy weather belt on a member? What if you’re at the dock and take station but the clutch panel will not engage? Discharge range- 18ft. h“}Û aJ ‡ ˆ ‰ ´ 7 e Æ ñ Coast Guard Petty Officer 3rd Class Alex Sheltra prepares to haul aboard a tow line after receiving a heaving line from a 45-foot Response Boat-Medium crew in the Port of Valdez, Alaska, Oct. 10, 2018. 169-175) AURAGEN Viper G8500X Induction Power Source (IPS) 2 total- one on each engine Belt Driven from the engine Creates 120/240VAC 8.5kW 60Hz The generators create the 120/240VAC then send it to the ECU/ICS in the AMC space. The sump pump is automatically activated by a float switch when condensate reaches a level of approximately 3”. B – RB-M Operators Handbook, pg. image gallery This Manual represents the complete revision the qualification standard. – The START Bank (port box) is for starting the engines and controls the second 24V panel “Engine Bus”. To use as a heater, flip the black switch on top of the unit. When the boat rolls 90 degrees (per IETM) 90-100deg (per Operator Handbook) or more the Roll Over Switch activates, reducing the engine RPM down to idle to prevent engine damage and minimize the amount of water that enters the engine room. Once re-righted follow these steps: Re-qualify throttles Position boat in a way to be able to successfully take additional waves (preferably bow to the swell) Account for personnel Check for gear, lines, anything that might fowl the jets, etc. ENGINES (Ref. Where does it attach to? This self right capability is accredited to the boat being designed with Buoyancy Chambers and a Counterweight design. makes it easy to get the grade you want! B) Tank has built in Baffle to prevent free surface effect Primary fuel filter – Duplex long-life filter 10 micron Secondary fuel filter – Simplex filter (spin on) 8 micron Low Fuel Oil Pressure DDEC Alarm Code – CODE 48 (Displays on EDM) Fuel system route in a nutshell… Tank Emergency shut off valves Duplex filter Pump Simplex filter Engine block (most gets combusted, the rest cools the cylinder heads and cleans injectors then keeps going to the…) Fuel cooler Restrictor fitting (creating back pressure to maintain system pressure) Check valve Tank The fuel is cooled because the warmer the fuel gets the less horse power the engine can create HVAC SYSTEM (Ref. , Therefore the boat will move around slightly due to water being jetted fore and aft. – Pilothouse and Survivor’s compartment. What is the maximum speed you can be operating at and be able to switch from TRANSIT to DOCKING? – Heat Sensors, Smoke Sensors, CO Sensors, Bilge Sensors, and Low hydraulic pressure. This can be accomplished by holding the HOME button down. B) CRUISING SPEED- 30 KTS MAXIMUM FOLLOWING SEA AT CRUISING- 10’ TOWING CAPACITY- 100 Displacement Tons ICE BREAKING CAPABILITY- Light surface ice and slush at idle speeds AIR TEMP- 0 - 100 Degrees Fahrenheit WATER TEMP- 28 – 95 Degrees Fahrenheit WATERTIGHT CHARACTERISTICS (Ref.