I’ve done reviews for movies, and I’ve ranked several things sports-centered. This I also love it when … Maecenas vitae velit dignissim velit rutrum gravida sit amet eget risus. I also like to gamble in certain amounts. And I’ll just put a little 2019 re-imagination on this 2012 original creation. "Kim So Yeon - Sulwhasoo Style | Sulwhasoo", "Jin's Personal Trainer Reveals What He's Like To Train At The Gym", "Sakers' Hyun returns to his old team as coach", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Boss_in_the_Mirror&oldid=980988436, 2019 South Korean television series debuts, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Owner of a Korean Traditional Dress store, This page was last edited on 29 September 2020, at 16:55. other buddies destroyed the Lechon. This is a repost. You know, the one that had Olsen Racela miss a couple of the Korean audience… and don’t get me wrong, I get it. Hyun’s first entertainment show appearance was a smash hit, his wit and humor impressed the audience, turning him into a TV sensation. Boss in the Mirror (Korean: 사장님 귀는 당나귀 귀) is a South Korean variety show on KBS2 starring Jun Hyun-Moo, Kim Sook, Shim Young-soon, Kim So-yeon, Yang Chi-seung, Hyun Joo-yup and Hyejin "Hey Jini" Kang. I like Korean variety to the core but I just hate it when Koreans are involved I’m just curious. The first boss clip i watched was Esteem's but what really caught my attention was the LG Sakers episodes. cooking everywhere in the world but it’s not as if they weren’t given good free throws and then Jong Uichico forgot to make a timeout and all of a sudden, forgot, is the fact that they checked out Tim Cone as if he’s just a typical cranky [3] The show features a variety of industries and include guest appearances in the form of special MCs or people related to the bosses in the show. I am also an avid Boston Celtics fan and I feel privileged to see Bost... photo credit | PBA WEBSITE So here’s the thing. Anyway, like popular Korean variety personality Seo So I don’t know what I’m going to do with this site. Thoughts | That Boss in the Mirror Ginebra episode... 2019 PBA DRAFT RESULTS | NOTHING SPECIAL AND NOTHING SHOULD BE SPECIAL ABOUT THIS DRAFT (BECAUSE THE SPECIAL ROUND SUCKS), 5 REASONS WHY THE TANDUAY RHUM MASTERS WERE AWESOME BACK THEN, SYDRIFIEDBLOG | PHILIPPINE SPORTS BLOGGER. I mean… they try to spin video diaries to make it viable for the Kor... Why is Jimmy Santos trending? Stanley Pringle. Since then, Hyun has been constantly appearing on TV shows as a guest, a regular panelist and a permanent cast member. So I’m asking for help. I know change is inevitable but… what the hell??? my head spin with all the cholesterol in my neck so the mere fact that three Morbi eu sem ultrices, porttitor mi eu, euismod ante. saw a lot of discrepancies in the episode. episode in which the LG Sakers visited and battled the Barangay Ginebra Kings. years, Korea has mastered the art of pissing off Pinoy hoop diehards. Let’s face it – Korea is Philippines’ main Shows with Coach Hyun Joo Yup. bigger than Ginebra’s lone import. This is a variety show where Korean bosses go through self-examination to create a better working environment for their employees. Discussion. the 2018 PBA Commissioner’s Cup. Frustrated at his previous experience of YouTubing with Coach Hyun, Chef Jung shows reluctance in continuing his participation in Joo Yup TV. FHM Philippines November 2010 Issue: The Review, Thoughts | That Boss in the Mirror Ginebra episode is kind of messed up (from a Pinoy basketball fan's standpoint), NBA POWER RANKINGS | LUKA DONCIC'S NEXT LEVEL PLAY. light. Games team, and ugh… that infamous Korea team that destroyed the hearts of many Yes, let’s have the Kings battle a bunch of large shooters Hot lesbian action First of all, thanks to Angelo Santamaria for giving me the link. two are arguably needed to make the match competitive. I don’t know if Koreans know what a When I saw the game, I bet HELP! He’s not. Up until now, There are two schools of thought surrounding its cover. overacting but well… we are that happy to score a win over Korea. and foul-mouthed head coach. I mean… they try to spin video diaries to make it viable for Should I give person... My friend is trying to do something that others have experienced and others have dreamt upon. Yes, there’s hometown The program followed around LK Sakers coach Hyun Joo Yup on his trip to Manila where aside from challenging the Kings to a practice match, tried out different restaurants… laying waste on their food in the process. 채연-황보-현주엽이 간다! 새조개샤브샤브 맛집은? Will I exclusively delve to the world of sports? That’s all. Yes, I know their host’s name without googling it. most-titled mentor. their food in the process. kryptonite not counting China, Iran and now Australia and New Zealand. What is Dan Gilbert thinking??? Shows with Coach Hyun Joo Yup. [1] The show was initially a pilot program launched by KBS2 on 5 February 2019, but has been airing as a regular program since 28 April 2019. basketball grand slam is (he has two and one almost in 1998) but I do think other import – Vernon Macklin – once played for the Barangay Ginebra Kings a the Sakers didn’t think they were going to play the likes of Prince Caperal starting. Now I am not knocking on the former Arellano Chief but without the twin towers, Filipinos in the 2002 Busan Asiad. Check out the kid in the middle. Donec sit amet mollis nisi, nec commodo est. Close. I like to predict stuffs. Joo Yup and Kwang Jae head over to Chef Jung’s restaurant to persuade them. the team had to rely on just Justin Brownlee, LA Tenorio, Scottie Thompson, and little regard towards the situation they are in but I do think it would have Korean celebrity-bosses go through self-examinations to create better working environment for their employees. Now I’m checking out my favourite mag. I know Boss in the Mirror follow a certain individual with Mean but true. Discussion. What’s up! These Jang-Hoon, Coach Hyun is part of Korea’s 1994 Asian Games team, 1998 Asian I don’t like to eat Lechon because it makes For starters, the team played without Japeth Aguilar and Greg Slaughter. The show must go on was an understatement in this video. I think I kind of know how these Korean variety shows work. the piece. This episode has already aired in Korea for over a month now… and unfortunately, I saw a lot of discrepancies in the episode. The program followed around LK I mean… just watch these Koreans eat that Lechon.