Terry Silver (Thomas Ian Griffith) is a very wealthy Vietnam War Veteran who first met John Kreese when they served together in Vietnam (Kreese saved his life several times). Don't be late for that! Daniel tries asking her out, but she explains that she moved to LA after breaking up with her boyfriend and was going back to her home in Columbus, Ohio soon to try and reconcile with him; they agree to stay friends and form a close bond. Although he does not physically nor verbally intervene, he shows disgust at Kreese. Coming Soon. Li was seen resting angrily, and was later punched by Sherry Parker as punishment for using his students to torment Dre. She is a strong influence in Daniel's life and supports Mr. Miyagi's interest in him. Darryl is seen at the end of the film congratulating Daniel on winning the tournament. Upon learning of where he got the bruises, Daniel confronts Johnny over the attack and the reformation of the Cobra Kai dojo. He consistently picks on Dre and loves to torment him, beating and bashing Dre and turning his life into a living hell, even when Dre minds his own business. He joins Cobra Kai, where Johnny nicknames him "Lip" due to his scar, but he takes Johnny's advice of "flipping the script" and undergoes an attitude change. By the end of summer, Shannon shows up at the LaRussos' home, begging Robby for forgiveness for all the mistakes she has made over the years and about to seek medical attention for her drinking and pill-popping.

During the student rumble at the end of Season 2, Nathaniel fights Bert until both boys are taken away from the hallway by one of the security guards. Forgot your password? [to Dre after a lengthy chase]  Dre rehearses a written apology to Meiying's father, which Mr. Han had translated for him, in which he asks for forgiveness. Amanda defuses the situation by suggesting Carmen and Johnny should double date with them. In the last scene at the docks after Miyagi and Julie rescue Eric from being beaten up anymore, Col. Dugan and Mr. Miyagi engage in a fight. Patricia Stone (Suehyla El-Attar) is Xander's mother. This experience made Tory believe that the world shows no mercy, and that people have to fight in a destructive way for what they want. Cheng does not necessarily enjoy bullying people and he knows what he is doing is wrong but feels compelled and committed into doing it as he feels like he is turning his back or betraying his master by being nice and making peace to his enemy, since his Kung Fu coach taught him to be a monster. The plan appears to work until LaRusso unleashes his kata on Barnes during the sudden death round, defeating Barnes. Sid's outlet for this support was a relationship with Johnny-based entirely on verbal abuse, making Johnny's well-to-do life in Encino psychologically unbearable.

I really liked the fact that the film was set in China, and it added an authentic flavor to the Karate Kid, which is what stands out the most about the film. In Season 2, Samantha blocks Miguel from social media and bonds with Robby as they continue their training in Miyagi-do Karate. The Karate Kid (1984): John Kreese | Johnny Lawrence | Dutch | Bobby Brown | Tommy | Jimmy He is much like Cobra Kai student Bobby Brown from the original film. Liang (梁子浩 Liáng Zǐhào, played by Shijia Lü 吕世佳 Lǚ Shìjiā) - One of Cheng's friends and the second-best student at the Fighting Dragons studio who antagonizes Dre Parker in The Karate Kid Remake.

During his training, he "flips the script" on his own lifestyle by braiding his beard and calling himself Stingray. Later in the film, Barnes and his friends, Snake and Dennis, begin to bother and harass Daniel in an attempt to make him sign up for the tournament. As a result of severely injuring Dre's leg, Liang gets disqualified.

After Barnes departs, Margaret tells her boss that Mike Barnes is a rude young man. Soon after, Sato disowns Chozen for refusing to help Daniel rescue a young girl from the typhoon.