Coach, who's moved into Schmidt's old bedroom, has convinced Nick to let him train him after catching him eating Chinese take-out for breakfast from Hop Foo's, his favourite restaurant. It's after visiting hours, so Angie helps the gang break in, where they pose as carolers, but they're terrible. Shivrang agrees, but the first thing he does is tell her she's been pronouncing his name wrong since they met - it's shiv-rawng, not shiv-rayng.

As Schmidt attempts to engage her in discussions about lesbians, Cece visibly rolls her eyes.

Cece's going on a date with a new Indian guy, so Jess tries to invite herself out with the guys. Trying to help, Cece is attempting to dress as un-sexy as possible, but it isn't working. But she realizes that Spencer is wearing one of her homemade t-shirts (it says "Miss Day's Jam-boree") and she loses it, demanding that he give it back. Hearing about Schmidt's quest in a rambling voicemail he left her from the ambulence, Cece has made a phone call to one of the various sketchy contacts in her phone, and shows up at the hospital with the fish.
They're interrupted by yelling in the living room, and rush out to find Elizabeth smashing a custard pie in Schmidt's face. She waits for Nick with the others at the clinic.

But Nick's interference at the party caused the immediate end of her relationship with Paul, so she's feeling bad and he turns the car around. Excitedly, she runs off, knowing she's found the perfect candidate for a one-night stand. Cece's Russian roommate, Nadia, overhears their abrupt break-up and asks to take out Schmidt, which he thinks is a great idea.

He begs her to leave and find an overweight male doctor to help him. (", In flashbacks, "Young Cece" is portrayed by two different credited, and another uncredited actress, over the course of. He promises he'd never give away a present from her, and Winston points out that Nick and Angie have disappeared.

At the guy's urging, she has attempted to get her stuff back from Spencer, but wound up being guilted into driving his new girlfriend, Rochelle - the girl she caught him in bed with - to the airport. "I don't know you," she says, before she walks out of the restaurant.

But by the end of the date they were enjoying each other's company and made out for hours by the loft's street entrance.

She winds up locking herself into the car being showcased, until she finally finds the way out and crashes to the floor, bungling her one line. Jess apologizes to the congregation for the interruption, informing them of the badger on the loose and encouraging the resumption of the ceremony. When she walks in, Winston is relieved that his friends have finally arrived, as he's been hogging the community table for hours, unable to score an official reservation. Cece knows that's too long.

"You guys are being really, really gross right now," she reminds them, before revealing that she keeps thinking he's on drugs because he's been even more passionate with her lately - "It's so not about him anymore," she says with a grin, which is all Nick wants to hear anymore. But he asks her to go to dinner with him anyway, and she agrees.

She winds up embarrassing herself in front of him but takes Cece's advice and agrees to go out with him. But as Cece is walking to the altar to start the ceremony, traditional music is interrupted by loud blasting of "Cotton-Eyed Joe."

Cece wistfully watches as Schmidt walks off, but before she can think too long about it, she's swarmed by excited guests who clamor to look at her ring. He writes an apologetic letter and delivers it to Cece's apartment, waiting for her in the stairwell in hopes of making amends. There's only the guys and one volunteer there to greet them, and Cece helps take Jess home.

He tries to prevent them from having sex by swallowing all of Jess' birth control pills, which causes Winston to call a loft meeting. He arrives, expecting to find a surprise party to celebrate his birthday, but finds the place quiet. He tries to hide his disappointment as Cece remarks that they can let things go back to normal, but he quickly urges her inside her car to beat traffic. But Schmidt balks at the finality of it all, and tells Cece he chose to be with her, instead. Schmidt is downing melon balls at Nick's bar, trying to drink to forget about Cece's engagement, when Nick presents his roommates with a bill. Expectedly, Nick is unable to keep the secret from Jess, and she finds him in the kitchen to tear him a new one. But he soon shows up playing his violin, with turkey subs for her friends.

He tells Schmidt he's not going anywhere, and manages to block three attempts by Schmidt to head butt him.

Engram Pattersky As Ankita goes to the bathroom, Jess and Sadie urge her to pin the dong, and Cece blurts out that she has yet to see Shivrang's penis. [10], In 2014, she starred alongside Danny Trejo in Train's music video "Angel in Blue Jeans".

Nick is worried that his penis will be exposed if Cece comes in, and she wants to talk about Schmidt, which only makes Nick more uncomfortable. Spritzing a small amount on her wrist, she chokes from the unexpectedly horrific smell of the perfume. He grabs an apron and tells Cece to put it on, advising her to stay away from Beth because she has HPV.
Cece thinks she might be pregnant, and is terrified of the possibility as she frets over her late cycle with Jess inside her bedroom.