Will Hugh's amazing performance in LOGAN be a factor, or will they split votes? Their talent is undeniable. And who would foresee that Hugh and Zac will be starring in a movie musical together, after they performed at the 2009 Oscars together, Or that in a movie released ( 2008) before THE GREATEST SHOWMAN was announced as a film project, that the actors who portrayed a sleazy villain and the lover he forced for his attention ...will portray loving husband and wife 9 years later in THE GREATEST SHOWMAN. All we've seen is the amazing trailer. I'll be shocked if he doesn't receive a nomination at all. Tom Hooper has a definite style which has proved successful in THE KING'S SPEECH and the JOHN ADAMS mini-series. For more insights, the box office results ( worldwide/domestic/foreign) are also identified for each movie --. I knew Gene Kelly won for something around the time of AN AMERICAN IN PARIS.

It should have a built in audience because of a multi-generational fondness for the original. Feb 10, 2018 - This Pin was discovered by Sarah Kuhl.

So, maybe a Golden Globes win for SHOWMAN is not a sure thing? Julie Andrews has expressed praise for Emily Blunt. We were the first to find them. It wasn't for acting, but didn't Gene Kelly win a special Oscar for his work on AN AMERICAN IN PARIS? There is a lot to consider about what will appeal to audiences. As for THE GREATEST SHOWMAN, it's hard to know how it will be received by AMPAS. As we were developing this for seven years, we did four workshops. Keala and other Broadway actors would loyally, regularly come in, give their hearts out and so much more to those workshops. Lin Manuel Miranda is in it.

Since we haven't yet seen THE GREATEST SHOWMAN, there's no way to tell if it's competition for BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. (not quite sure how that works). Can I boast?

It will probably get Golden Globe recognition. Apr 26, 2018 - DeviantArt is the world's largest online social community for artists and art enthusiasts, allowing people to connect through the creation and sharing of art. They had been nominated for a Tony for “The Christmas Story,” but in Hollywood, they were unknown. This was the final reading ( where the FOX execs were present) in February 2016 ( a day after one of Hugh's skin cancer surgeries) --. THE GREATEST SHOWMAN has an all-star cast led by Hugh Jackman, Oscar and Tony winners Pasek and Paul wrote the score, and the trailer is mesmerizing. Please Login or Register. It was worth a try in LES MISERABLES, and may be more appreciated as time goes by. This is the kind of trailer reaction that I would like to see, THE GREATEST SHOWMAN : Publicity and Promotion, THE RIVER - Broadway Nov. 2014 - Jan. 2015, en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Academy_Award_for_Best_Actor, en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Academy_Award_for_Best_Actress, entertainment.inquirer.net/233579/hugh-jackman-bearded-woman-greatest-showman-set, www.tracking-board.com/fox-debuts-new-hugh-jackman-jennifer-lawrence-johnny-depp-movies-at-cinemacon-but-apes-still-reign/, preprod.instagram.com/p/BSTYpFIhwfP/?taken-by=kealasettle.

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From the very beginning, everyone has that knowledge that whatever he does in that room, a movie star is going to take the role. In comparison, here are the ratings summary for the more recent movie musicals. It was the other way around for Beauty and the Beast. The producers of Beauty and the Beast have already stated that they will mount a strong campaign at least for the Golden Globes Best Musical/Coomedy category.
Kelly received an Academy Honorary Award in 1952 for his career achievements.

When we went out to find songs, we went to the biggest singer-composers you could think of—Pharrell Williams, Bruno Mars and everyone. The upcoming MARY POPPINS, for example, has a lot going for it.

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I performed it Iive on radio London a few weeks ago and I loved it !! Welcome Guest. However, don't you think that Hugh will probably be a strong Golden Globe contender for LOGAN or SHOWMAN?

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But other Broadway actors ( no more Tveit and Sutton) were there, including Cynthia Erivo, Caroline Bowman, etc) jo Stand-by.

Will he be recognized for his signature role or for his amazing musical talent? Posted earlier are the critical ratings ( via RT) of the three movie inspirations for THE GREATEST SHOWMAN--.

That's a lot of data! I posted this following the CinemaCon presentation in March --, One of the earliest workshops ( maybe the first) which was mentioned in the above interview with Hugh --. Positive thoughts everyone! Thanks, Jo.

I hope TGS is indeed featured at ComicCon. If a musical segment is shown, it would be great if it was leaked, however temporarily, online. Cannot explain how much I love singing this song ! Critical reaction is hard to predict these days. Posts: 30,254 Member is Online. I agree with your opinions about the successful and not so successful choices made in these films.