217438 Ad Placed 11/01/2020 Location. Views 34 Price $60,000. Payment terms are Cash, Check (see terms below) and for payment amounts up to $4,000 we will accept Paypal, Visa, Master Card and Discover. Flume & Water Filed under used amusement equipment - climbing walls. The cost for shipping handled in-house starts at $12-$16 per box and or the actual cost of wood crate construction, in addition to the cost of insurance and postage or carrier charges. MAP It is currently located in a mall in the southeast United States where it has been since its purchase. AGAIN, ONLY ONE $4000.00 PAYMENT BY CREDIT CARD OR PAYPAL MAY BE APPLIED TO ANY ONE INVOICE. I help people sell new and used amusement, concession, and confection equipment all over the world. Welcome to Our factory to buy new rides. After verifying that payment has been made and or all funds have cleared, Dirk Soulis Antiques LLC DBA Soulis Auctions will, as a courtesy to the client, undertake the packing and shipping of most purchases. Wheels & Towers • Misc. It is a Western Christian festive season that will be holding before the liturgical season of Lent, in the February or early March! Cabins for these wheels can be customized according to your requirement and our sales manager will send you many choices. Installation terms included: installation video, foundation drawing and operation instruction. For Sale - Large walk-through maze from Minotaur Mazes. Rides : Bertazzon • L&T 24x24x19 high, also included; 1 Little Tykes Commercial Playstructure approx. Used Ride List, The WELCOME TO THE MIDWAY MARKETPLACE. Complete Photos are of actual park. Focus on designing and manufacturing large and small carnival equipment. Selling for 28K...1/3 of cost new! This ride isn’t meant for a museum. WITHDRAWN LOTS: Dirk T. Soulis Antiques LLC, d.b.a. !….Our Salon had folks coming and going all day (most brought in the post card you mailed to them). Ships • Roller First, it is possible that due to the random nature of bidding patterns, a live bidder may win an item for an amount equal to the maximum amount authorized by a bidder before the sale (known as both proxy bid and absentee bid). Delivery negotiable. Amusement storage = $14,935 USD/ $16,577 CDN. As a large manufacturer, we have swing rides, disco rides, windmill rides, pirate ship rides, Ferris wheels and all kinds of equipment for sale. Height: 8M Sell 3. 4. Detailed pictures of the equipment you have chosen will be sent to you. The buyer would be responsible for removing it from its current location, transporting it to its new home, and reinstalling it there. We happily provide seamless in-house packing and shipping services on nearly everything we sell. Soundtrack consists of 50, and birthday show medleys and animatronics are controlled by digital electronics. Find the buyers or sellers you need quickly with help from experts who make transactions effortless. “. These rides are suitable for kids and adults. NO CREDIT CARD OR PAYPAL PAYMENTS FOR MORE THAN $4,000 - NO EXCEPTIONS PLEASE. Additions. Also note this track will set up 9 different ways. Listings may include a detailed description, multiple full-sized photos, slide shows, video links, etc. Soulis Auctions will coordinate with the buyer's chosen shipper in these instances and will endeavor to provide as much assistance as possible. Height: 8M Large Carnival Equipment for Sale in Our Factory: (Here Show Our Hot-sale Carnival Rides) Carnival swing ride which is similar with the carousel rides, but the main difference is swing rides are made of a large structure and many suspended chairs. We are manufacturer, we have our own factory. Fun 5. Turntable Diameter: 10M I think it would be an excellent addition to an amusement park, family fun center, boardwalk, pleasure pier, arcade, themes restaurant zoo, aquarium, or city park.