For this reason, many couples come to the Caribbean islands from all corners of the globe to be married. Food served at the reception is usually fresh fish and produce, sweets, and curried meat. But even if you’re not planning a Caribbean island I … Spanish, French, Anglo-Saxon and African cultures have all contributed to the incredibly rich and diverse Caribbean culture. Caribbean weddings are traditionally held in church together with close family and friends. After a Dutch wedding, the couple plants lily-of-the-valley in their garden so that they can renew their love for one another every year when the plant blooms. This old tradition is intended to bring good luck to the couple and also the hope of a happy and prosperous life. In the Caribbean islands, wedding traditions are derived from a unique cultural mix between traditions from both African and European culture. The bride might have a new dress for her wedding if her family can afford the fabric. The doll will have mementos and souvenirs pinned to it and guests will pin money onto the doll, King Attarney Wins ‘Canada Rumble’ Sound Clash. Another wedding tradition in Puerto Rico is a bridal doll, dressed like the bride and covered with favors, known as “capias”, decorated with the bride and groom’s names and date of the wedding. Caribbean Wedding Traditions Weddings in the Caribbean islands sometimes borrow from American wedding traditions, but for the most part, they carry a distinct flavor all their own. A wedding taking place in the West Indies, for example, might benefit from a design using traditional African fabrics and clothing, such as the “iborum,” or shawl. Whether you want to reconnect to your Caribbean roots or you want to check out the stories and history of the islands, the cultural traditions of the Caribbean are there to be enjoyed. They will handle design and venue bookings and decoration, photography, entertainment, marriage license details and catering. Jamaica is a popular destination for couples looking for an exotic destination wedding. However, in Jamaican villages it is still common to marry according to tradition. We'll take you to Jamaica and also we'll go to Cuba and Puerto Rico, discovering some typical wedding traditions on the way. The traditional Caribbean weddings are usually a good reason for the whole village to participate and be happy. This symbolizes luck and prosperity in their marriage. At Jamaican weddings, the cakes are often carried on a long walk throughout the village and surrounding villages. Caribbean island wedding information Each island has its own rules and regulations for marriage requirements and legal licenses. 6 Jamaican Wedding Traditions You Might Not Know About.