i need some help. During the Cannes Film Festival in 2008, Overture Films and Paramount Vantage announced an upcoming project by director Michael Moore, though at the time they were vague about the project's theme. The film notes the Reagan era as a dividing line between the rise of the "middle class" and its current decline. [clarification needed] Moore then returns to the present, showing President George W. Bush enjoying his final year in office as companies announce massive layoffs and the economy starts to collapse. Capitalism: A Love Story NAME: _____ Director - Michael Moore Paramount Vantage 2009 Please answer all the questions during and/or after viewing the film. Looking back on his happy and prosperous early life, Moore asserts that "if this was capitalism, I loved it... and so did everyone else". Lindelof Injury, Odin Valhalla Rising Western Release Date, Course Hero is not sponsored or endorsed by any college or university. close attention and your understanding of the issues. Mazda 787b Sound, 2018 Jeep Golden Eagle For Sale, so these questions are based on the movie but if you know from anywhere else its ok. 1) how has the media distorted the truth in regards to this in the states. Moore concludes that he cannot accomplish this goal this alone and appeals for help from the viewer, ending the film. Below are some possible discussion question to help better understand the issues in the movie and the problems our country faces. Capitalism: A Love Story NAME:_____ Director Michael Moore, Paramount Vantage, 2009 Please answer all the questions during and/or the film. ", taken out a life insurance policy on the man, Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008, "Barack Obama Must See Michael Moore's New Movie (and So Must You)! Interviews with Senate insiders and financial experts are informative, and there’s an amusing sequence in which he quizzes a selection of priests and bishops who opine that capitalism is "evil" and was not, in fact, the preferred economic model of Our Lord. Capitalism: A Love Story NAME:_____ Director Michael Moore, Paramount Vantage, 2009 Please answer all the questions during and/or the film. What conditions saw the improved standard of living for many working class people? The film is brilliantly researched, both with regard to the labyrinthine web of connections between the world of finance and the corridors of power and the wittily used archive footage. That said, there's still plenty here to annoy right-wingers, as well as those who, however much they agree with Moore's politics, just can't stomach his oversimplification, on-the-nose sentimentality and goofball japery." Please don't answer with "the movie is BS" or the movie "is Garbage" please only real answers. [28], Washington Post, October 28, 2009, "Catholic America: Michael Moore: Catholic of the year? [11] The film also screened at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 13 and at the New York Film Festival on September 21. Your email address will not be published. He notes that the smears against Obama did not work, as support for him increased and people become curious about what socialism actually meant. Moore looks back on his first film, Roger & Me, about the regional economic impact of General Motors CEO Roger Smith's decision to close several auto plants in his hometown of Flint, Michigan despite large profits. Over 100 Multiple Choice Questions in movie order, organized into three time-stamped worksheets, plus three differentiated crossword puzzles providing both basic and advanced levels -- everything you need to help students master the content! Wolf Watch Season 1 Episode 1 Google Drive, This is your evidence of paying close attention and your understanding of the issues. Moore adds that it is a crime that Americans do not have these things and never will have them as long as the evil of capitalism continues to enrich the few at the expense of the many. Moore examines the claim that the tenets of capitalism are compatible with Christianity, arguing that the rich ignore religion when it comes to the poor, sick and disadvantaged. Winnie The Pooh And Friends, May Meteor Shower, Is Roxanne In An Extremely Goofy Movie, Gwarinpa Directions, [6] The film opened in eighth place at the box office on the first weekend of its wide release, grossing $4,447,378. What conditions saw the improved standard of living for many working class people? Roosevelt, who had recently recovered from the flu, presented his January 1944 State of the Union address to the public on radio, as a fireside chat from the White House. The film ends with Moore marking Wall Street off as a crime scene, opining that American people live in the richest country on Earth and deserve decent jobs, healthcare, good educations and homes of their own. Capitalism: A Love story Michael Moore's 2009 film is more relevant now then ever. He speaks to the family of a man who worked for Amegy Bank of Texas, which had secretly taken out a life insurance policy on the man with itself as the beneficiary and had then accidentally informed his widow that the bank was receiving a $1.5m payout due to his death of cancer. J Boog Songs, Bmw Z4 2020 Price, Who Were The Lead Singers For Rainbow, QUESTIONS FOR CAPITALISM: A LOVE STORY by Michael Moore. [13] The theater average was considered strong, though it did not beat the record opening of Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11, which grossed $83,922 at two theaters in one day. The Circle Book 2, 5. The Grudge (2004 Full Movie), Required fields are marked *. 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