Have been reading around on Google searches and does look like it's less common in Canada than the U.S. , will keep reading. So if you don’t have a Canadian Tire Gas+ or Husky location near your house, it’s just one more reason to opt for the Cobalt Card instead. The Triangle Mastercard is a valuable card to have in your wallet, especially since there are no annual fees or costs involved. Hi, I applied and received the card. I don’t drive. Hi Nancy, I suggest calling Canadian Tire Financial Services at 1-800-459-6415 to ask them about the status of your application. AscendingDescending, Powered by phpBB ® Forum Software © phpBB Limited, Copyright © 2000 – 2020 RedFlagDeals.com. If you are thinking about applying for their credit card I suggest considering a different bank. Please advise how I can apply for a secondary card . All rights reserved. Some of the main features of the Canadian Tire Cash Advantage MasterCard are as follows. Give it a try and let us know how it goes. They set a maximum and minimum limit for the amount you may use as a cash advance. On May 1, 2018, it was replaced with Triangle Rewards, and it’s now known as electronic Canadian Tire Money (eCTM), but CTM and eCTM are exactly the same. I agree, when I read about this I was in awe that they would allow this - but it looks like (from RFD people calling CT support etc) that CTFS fully endorses the bill payment method and even encourages it! I suggest you give them a call at 1-800-459-6415 to ask about the whereabouts of your card, because it should’ve only taken about 1 week to arrive. I don't personally bother/care for interest rate, since I'll be paying off the card in full immediately as I spend on it. But when they actually approve, your rate may change anywhere up to 25.99% for APR which is quite high. May be these are not your preferred stores as you love going to Costco. The terms and conditions of each credit card can be viewed at the product/service provider's website by clicking the "Apply" link. I'd like to take advantage of this card because of the cashback. How long will it take before I receive my card in the mail? What I'm wondering here - how do I do this? Cross-border shopping has never been easier thanks to this 5-star package forwarder. It offers you far more bang for your buck than the Triangle MasterCard, and we’re certain you’ll be glad you applied. Help protect your credit card balance when you and your family need it most. If you don’t have your credit card terms or a statement handy, you can call the phone number on the back of your card to ask if your account allows cash advances and the limit of your cash advance … Canadian Tire Cash Advantage MasterCard Reward Redemption. I did that, and they faxed it back. ®/TM MasterCard and the MasterCard Brand Mark are registered trademarks, and PayPass is a trademark, of MasterCard International Incorporated. ... the greater of any amount past due or any balance over your credit limit, (c) the amount of any equal payments plan instalments then due, and (d) $10. Sometimes I forget just how delicate the average Redditor really is. $600+ in welcome bonuses plus excellent travel insurance make this card an easy choice. The bill payment feature obviously wasn't intended to repay $60,000 worth of loans, it's intended to pay common every day bills. Canadian Tire does things a little bit differently from other credit card providers, so it’s tough for us to say why they would ask you to do this. How do I know the status of my application? The ones that do exist (PayPower prepaid Mastercard) will close to you as well once they catch on to what you are doing. Get our special report highlighting the 4 tools you need to build wealth and protect your assets in 2021. Until you reach shopping up to $3000 you may see only a trickle of cash back earned which is not that great. You start to earn 1% cash only when you purchase more than $3000. It is important to note—- If you have a credit card balance of eg- $1,222 and you then get a cash advance of say $750. This blog is very helpful for canadian students.My many of the friends are studing in canada soo i will share this blog with them. Can I secure to the limit with cash? Return products without a receipt with ease at participating stores (see below). Discovered that the CT Options Mastercard and CT Cash Advantage Mastercard are the only cards in Canada that can be used to pay bills - OSAP included. However, there are other cards with better rates and rewards at no annual fee. That was over thirty days ago and they still haven’t bothered to respond. Nothing wrong with doing this. The biggest benefit of the Triangle Mastercard is the cashback you receive in the form of Canadian Tire Money (CTM). Can I pay my Triangle balance in a CT store?