Well, Silencer Shop was sending TRAINLOADS of apps off just before 41F. occasionally. Over the years the ATF has gone back and forth over what they want to allow, but AR pistols are allowed to be fired from the shoulder. Pierce submitted nothing. As such it deliberately did not limit you to single shot muskets which were the predominant weapon of the time but allowed you to be armed… Read more ». INTENT !!! I make my own lowers with no ser# from the 80% kits. The SB15 was invented by a disabled veteran, Alex Bosco. i have two sbr, bouth leagle, i had a person from gulf war come ask quistons i built them with top parts, was nothing left to chance his words, this person was train sniper, 15 + years, i think would say he is a expert, he said ” i would not own one, first ammo is to heavy for size of barrle, he used 50 cal 20 inch gun, he siad for home defence fine, target dear hunting anything over 50 yeads u need be well train over 100 yeards u need be very well train, he siad something else… Read more ». I have several 10” AR15 pistols set up as kits based on pedestrian-looking backpacks. They way I understand it is, if you purchase a complete pistol you can not use that lower on another upper, it has to stay complete because now that lower is registered as a pistol . you might end up in jail if it wont go to your favor. The letter does mention both a rifle with a folding stock and a pistol with a folding brace. Will they be grandfathered? You can not make a rifle into a pistol by removing the buttstock, it's still a rifle. I would probably go with a shockwave brace or SB tactocal M4 style. So,  Even with a just a red-dot sight, an AR15 with FMJ rounds is a workable solution for taking small game in a survival situation and for mid-sized game you could use ballistic tipped or hollow point defensive rounds. Your statement of “only (sane) choice.” struck a cord. Just like one of the “good ole… Read more », @dj ‘our literal war to regain out LOST Rights is being lost day by passing day!!!’. Then it’s a sbr and regulated by NFA. Just keep it separate until you have a pistol lower. In deed. Interesting. He taught the Arizona concealed carry course for fifteen years until the goal of constitutional carry was attained. The coupled magazines are loaded in tandem with Fiocchi 50gr AMAX ballistic tip hollow points and the second magazine has standard green tips which can handle hard targets or dropping small game without significant damage to meat. We all need to speak up directly to our elected officials, and political correctness be damned!!! Trump was not my first choice for President but on November 8 , 2016, he was my only (sane) choice. Full Auto is fun, but ultimately it’s an unnecessary suppressive-fire technique which can be done just fine with Semi and your finger. The Freedom Shoppe is located in Connecticut and what they make concerns residents of Connecticut. Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. AR pistols with a non folding buffer tube are measured from the end of the barrel to the end of the buffer tube (braces do not count towards OAL). Cast, ATF regulations concerning how firearms are classified, issued another letter reiterating the agency's position. But there's one big caveat: The ATF Giveth and Taketh away! Witness the early momentum that had all the 2nd Amendment supporters all giddy that is now falling flat and dying on the vine…. Cal, And like any bureacuracy trying to escape a thinning of the fat and excess of years gone by without scruitny or accountability, the white paper that was “leaked” proposed just that. In lay-mens terms: yes. As of 2020, the ATF has not changed their last opinion. It seems likely the Trump administration will be able to make major reforms in the National Firearms Act. The usual cast of local crackpots and wanna-be’s are carrying these as their concealed carry weapons under many state carry permit laws. In 2017, the ATF reversed their opinion, saying use of an unmodified arm brace as a buttstock. Buyers beware. And now I’ve go a cataract growing in my right eye so I actually have to shoot my rifles left handed too. Just don’t mix the stocks. Discussion in 'Legal' started by ripitmania, Sep 16, 2020. Since you are touting him as some kind of authority, why don't you ask him whether he thinks it counts? This was exactly my thought as well. AR pistols are a ton of fun, and a great way to exercise your 2nd Amendment right! Isaw a youtube video the other day where a guy reviewed a $30 chinese folder. The "current" understanding is that you cannot add a stock to a AOW (it would then be an SBS), however a brace is not a stock and therefore okay to add. Why would you think the LAW folding adapter is not measured? Within this pack is a 10” AR15 pistol, three coupled magazines, and more than 200 rounds of ammo. Testing both a Barnes Precision Machine SBR and one of my custom AR15 pistol builds, I was able to achieve regular sub-MOA 100-yard groups with magnified optics. I buy 10.5 to 14.5 all the time when I see them on sale. View Quote. However, that standard doesn’t apply to pistols like the AR pistol fitted with stabilizing braces because they are not used primarily to fire from the shoulder. So, Max Kinger, Acting Chief of the ATF's Firearms Technology Criminal Branch, Guns, knives, trucks and any other “weapon” don’t kill unless they are manipulated to do so by some media-seeking maniac!