There is a nice, easy and fairly short hike to Rainbow Bridge … Q: How long does it take to travel from the Bullfrog/Halls Marinas to Rainbow Bridge via boat? A: The average drive time is about 3 hours via interstate 70 to highway 24 through Hanksville and down to Bullfrog. The trip is approximately 50 miles down lake from Bullfrog. Trails outside the Bullfrog Uplake district are considerable, and include hikes on BLM land in the Henry Mountains and those off of the Burr trail in Capitol Reef National Park. This is one of the busier areas on the lake since you can reach it from either marina, so plan accordingly. PO Box 1507 The trip can take longer depending on how many stops are made along the way. IMPORTANT: Before entering any canyons in the Lake Powell National Recreation Area, always be sure to check the weather. Flash floods are common in this area and it is very unsafe to be in a canyon during a flash flood. Lake Powell is one of the cleanest reservoirs in the United States. The trail is very slow going, most visitors who make the journey, will camp over night. The last 6 miles of the trail are not well marked and crawls over slide rock. Rainbow Bridge is considered sacred by the Navajo culture as a symbol of deities responsible for creating clouds, rainbows and rain - the essence of life in the desert. Swimming is at your own risk. As a general rule of thumb incase you miss a sign, you always want to be on the eastern most arm of the canyon. Individual boat speeds will vary. Q: Why is the water colder in the river below the dam than in the lake behind the dam? If you are coming from Bullfrog (driving south on the lake), the canyon will be on your left. However, there are restrictions on two-stroke personal watercraft motors. Its maximum depth (at Glen Canyon Dam) is 561 feet (171 m). Also, legend has it that the area is named after a rock formation on Mt. If you need to rent a boat for this adventure, you can rent one from Lake Powell Resorts and Marina. Office hours are weekdays 7am - 4pm MST. Complete information on fishing can be found on the fishing page. Ellsworth in the Henry mountains. Please note: Antelope Point Marina does accept the National Park Pass for admittance. A: A fishing license is required from the state in which you wish to fish. Q: How long is it (time and distance wise) from Bullfrog to Boulder via the Burr Trail ? Always use caution when walking along the shore. Q: How big is Glen Canyon National Recreation Area? Q: How long does it take to drive from Escalante via highway 12 to the Hole in the Rock via the 4-wheel drive trail ? Can we dig a cathole instead? The trip is approximately 50 miles down lake from Bullfrog. A: Individual boat speeds will vary. Plan on around a 2 hour boat ride to get to this canyon. The canyon leading into the Rainbow Bridge is located between mile markers 49-50. Where is it? A: Cathedral in the Desert is a geologic feature in Glen Canyon that was covered by Lake Powell. At only 49 miles from Glen Canyon Dam and 50 Miles from Bullfrog Marina it makes for a good day trip (weather pending) for most boaters or an easy excursion on one of the hired … A: Driving time is about 4 ½ to 5 hours from the city center. Q:How has the dam affected the native fish? And if you’re l... To access this adventure, you'll want to park at Bullfrog Marina. With over 100,000 visitors a year this site remains the most popular destination on the lake. When the device is dumped at a portable toilet dump system, the plastic bag can clog the system. One way mileage is approximately 117 miles. Q: Can we use something else such as a paint bucket or other home-made device? This marina is located at mile marker 40, so if you are going to Wahweap, it is on your way back. Q: How long did it take for Lake Powell to fill? The top of the white mark is the high water mark. Keep in mind that Arizona and Utah have specific regulations regarding the age of operators of personal watercraft. A: The regulation against cliff diving is made under the authority of the park superintendent as part of the Superintendent's Compendium. This helps build up the beaches and shoreline, removes non-native fish eggs, and provides habitat for the native fish to spawn. Tours depart from Wahweap Marina about 50 miles on the lake from Rainbow Bridge. Q: How tall is the dam? Q: How much does it cost to get a fishing license? Q: Who was Carl Hayden? (928) 608-6200 Please explore responsibly! There are a few benches that you can sit on and observe one of the most beautiful sites on the whole lake, or you can even keep hiking and get closer. (928) 608-6200 We're committed to building a better, more inclusive home for the modern outdoors. They run on Arizona time. A: You will be questioned at the entrance station or at the top of the launch ramp. Go PRO to support our mission and get benefits like gear deals, no ads, and more! A: Carl Hayden was an Arizona senator and a supporter of water development in Arizona including the building of Glen Canyon Dam. A: There are no plans at this time to decommission the dam. Q: Where are the hiking trails along the lake? It typically takes about 1 to 1 ½ hours. Can we hike to it? It is prohibited to jump or dive off anything higher than fifteen feet. Never swim alone, during rough water, or during a lightning storm. Fishing is NOT allowed from the marinas, except on designated fishing docks. Receptionist at headquarters of Glen Canyon National Recreation Area and Rainbow Bridge National Monument. The Bureau of Reclamation (BOR) has implemented their Adaptive Management program in which they create a floodlike situation in the river below the dam in order to move sand and silt downstream. We need everyone's efforts to help us keep it that way. The phone is not monitored when the building is closed. This is a great opportunity to visit Dangling Rope Marina, which is only accessible via boat. The engine size and tonnage of individual boats will determine the trip length. Q: How big is Lake Powell? Do they accept the National Park Pass? The U.S. Q: Are there any jet ski restrictions? Once you are done taking photos and taking in all of it's beauty, you can head back the way you came. Children should always wear life jackets when near water, even on the shore. Which do I need, Arizona or Utah? * Within the Navajo Reservation lies the Hopi Reservation. However, there are some that require only an easy to moderate walk from your vehicle. Q: Is Antelope Slot Canyon part of the national park? From either Halls or Bullfrog, it is about 50 miles to Rainbow Bridge--about the same distance as it would be leaving from Wahweap. One way mileage is approximately 300 miles. Now, the water coming from the dam runs cold and clear and the native fish cannot live in the main river channel.