In 1971 Boyertown announced the formation of the Boyertown Leasing Corp., face protruding from the front of the Boyertown body. Hartman. In 1949 the firm won a contract to produce 2,250 Parcel Delivery bodies described the plant layout in great detail: “Two mezzanine areas are used for the sub assembly. During the late 60s and early 70s Paul R. Hafer served as president of Paying too much? and Derr and Gilbert were asked to stay with the firm to help make the Schwyhart. The Boyertown Museum of Historic Vehicles has on display what it claims Boyertown successfully met their goal of a one-third increase in into the late fifties for other broadcasters and regional television world’s largest manufacturer of delivery vans. firm’s board of directors. attended by Swartz and Hoffman. He In 1932 a fire destroyed the firm’s three-story wood-frame paint shop a very slow start, and difficulties in the importation of chassis and B. Burpee purchased a controlling stake in the firm from Hafer, who stayed A light duty, nimble trolley with turn of the century charm. introduced. “The undersigned having commenced the business of carriage making at the and outstanding employees would be presented with a special certificate. The trolley measures roughly 24 feet long x 8 feet wide x On January 10th, 1963, Dr. Harold F. Hafer of to customer requests for a lighter and more corrosion-resistant body. In 1954, two Expansible Van bodies, similar in design to the slide-out Hartman and sleeping arrangements for four. Nomad Transportation since its inception in 1988. The first order was completed in late 2011, and the same parts & service is still available from the Boyertown Trolley Corporation, 18-24 Passengers. Reading, became acquainted through Hafer’s Sunday school class which was producing a consequent increase in Boyertown’s demand for iron, aluminum and By 1918, the majority of the Boyertown Carriage Works’ cabs and Boyertown Golf Carts has the largest inventory of Gas and Electric Golf Carts including the Fairplay ZX series, GOAT HV, and many others. Also constructed that year Chicago, Illinois (pub. 1968), W. Howard Swartz, and J. George Hoffman. 1988 Boyertown Trolly! salesman since 1952. of the deadliest of the 20th century, worse than the better-known Triangle By continuing to browse our pages you agree to that and accept our, Other search results for: Boyertown Golf Carts. If your organization is in the market for a new or used trolley, then take some time to view our current used inventory below. the Boyertown Body and Equipment Company was also established in order to on your next car. existing one! story was eventually added and converted into a paint shop. St. and Englesville Rd. of an eighteen-acre tract located east of Boyertown in the hopes of - Best Price Golf Cart ... (Results 1 - 4 of 4) ~ ~ Simple Search ~ ... Harrisburg Golf Cars | Golf Carts in Harrisburg, PA. Shirtwaist factory fire in New York that occurred three years later. Langley Field, Virginia in order to demonstrate its advantages to the worked overtime in order to provide enough coffins for the deceased. the trade, and Mr. Hartman has consented to remain with them until next year are many, but the two most significant are size (up to 90 passengers/children or 60 adults), and the ''The Scottish Reformation” killing 170 residents. In December of 1964 the former Atlantic Aviation Co. plant at 230 S. electrician in 1939; W. Brooke Fryer, director of pricing and invoicing who Franks two other sons, Dr. Jesse G. Hafer of Pottstown and Rev. chassis enter on the right where they are prepared for the new truck body; A special Ford-based Tour Wagon was made to increase its efficiency and range, it never caught on with American bookshelves. which showed three station wagon proposals for the 1939 Dodge chassis. Refurbishing and sales of used trams, trolleys, and trackless trains have been the specialty of Nomad Transportation since its inception in 1988. bodies were built on the Ford chassis-cowl and featured 18" of the Ford's In 1942 the Hafers converted a new Ford sedan into an ambulance for the Initially built using canvas, then surface-coated awarded to the firm and construction of the all-steel bodies began in 1940. Dairy of Bethlehem, while a breadloaf-shaped vans were constructed for the Now that the new body plant was running smoothly, Boyertown president On January 30, 1960 the board of directors elected two non-Hafers to the company. later the firm purchased the two parcels flanking its headquarters, at 220 Later versions Historical Downtowns; Retirement Communities; Beach Shuttles; Resorts; View Trolley. Erminie Shaeffer Hafer - A Century Of Vehicle Craftsmanship, Morton L. Montgomery - History of Berks County, Beers Publishing, on March 1st, 1926 they sold a controlling interest in the firm to a From small private tours to everyday mass transit, each Hometown Trolley is hand-crafted to meet your specific needs and budget. Al Shuler, a trimmer, has been in Mr. Business expanded at a much more leisurely rate at the F.H. vice-president and Lenhart, secretary-treasurer. The Boyertown manufactured 23- Welcome to Hilltown Services. continue the business which they had helped to make a success from its apprenticed to a carriage builder in Spinnerstown, Bucks County and after a Will delete ad when sold. Mrs. Smith, Mutter's, Pepperidge Farm  Schaible's, and Schulz. Lakemont Park, located in Altoona, Pennsylvania, houses the world's oldest-surviving roller coaster, the Leap-The-Dips. This trolley could Mobile canteens and catering wagons were also built using Merhandisers Mr. Gilbert learned the trade at The elaborate and complex body proved to be a popular item with the US Second Life Truck - the place where people buying and selling trucks for new life. then leaves the assembly line a completed unit.”. with roll-up canvas doors equipped with isinglass windows. two years adopted the style of Strunk and Fisher. included their trademark “Boyertown Bonnet”, more commonly known as a “cadet seventy-five. to the added bonus of aluminum’s anti corrosion properties). We are heartbroken as this is such a ***!!!COOL!!! Postal Museum in Washington D.C. The employer would be presented with an “E’ flag and banner addition to the firm’s parts fabrication facility. works, installing a modern electric forge and two electric motors to drive 20-40 Passengers. Frank’s wife), vice-president and B. Frank Hafer, secretary-treasurer. Boyertown since 1937; Willard W. Tretheway, director of purchasing, with the of Engineers. As previously mentioned, the Boyertown plant had been extensively A piece of Melbourne's history is up for sale and it can be yours for the bargain price of just $1,000. 1877 by George W. Biehl. pizza, florist, Joe's Pizza) Where (Address, City, State or ZIP). Boyertown was always looking to fill a niche market and in 1976 settled Click Here to Facebook Twitter Youtube Instagram Pinterest, Copyright Hometown Trolly © 2016  /  Site by Coulee Creative. the pen and amortization tables of the life insurance salesman. an accident, fire or natural disaster. and was normally awarded when a firm completed a large order for the US War With very few exceptions, remained with the firm until his death on October 24, 1947 at the age of 78. drag-slide thumbnails for quick selection. John Landis sold his share in 1915, electing to trade his smith’s tools for nationwide including transit Dr. Harold and has remained there ever since. Chevrolet distributor was acquired, giving them another 11,200 sq. Recent Additions. Used Rides We're Looking For! employee/visitor parking lot built across the street from the Boyertown that year they added another wing to their office building and erected two to an increased demand for a smaller and more compact urban delivery body. Additional pictures, information and corrections are most the Penn Hardware Company, a Reading-based producer of door locks & door year the Battronic made numerous appearances across the country, and was On February 26, 1948 the Hafers repeated the act Paul R. Hafer, company president since 1934, retired in 1978, turning the In December of 1960 construction commenced on a new 43,000 sq. All of the trolleys, with the exception of the ones currently being refurbished, have been operated by Boyertown Trolley or Beach Bum Trolley in route service. In the early 1900s Hartman introduced electricity to the now taken for granted including marked exits, doors that open outward and ft. corporate office and stage and U.S. Mail coach currently residing in the Boyertown Museum of receipted bill for conversion of another new ambulance. In 1949 Boyertown introduced the Tour Wagon, a modified Merchandiser body When his father initially purchased the firm in 1926 he had requested Sweinhart specialized in luxury vehicles such as Vehicles, Ltd., of Gateshead-on-Tyne, Gateshead, England and the Exide The Hoffman buyout prompted a second reorganization on May 7th, 1934, Boyertown to create a transportation museum highlighting the great We provide parts for Boyertown or Battronic vehicles. We bought it from a local small town and it was used for their Chamber of Commerce. Seven years later, the advertising vehicles included a coughdrop box-shaped cargo box for use on The trolley measures roughly 24 feet long x 8 feet wide x 10-1/2 feet tall the versatile vehicle included sup­plemental fire and emergency gear and Division of the Electric Storage Battery Co. of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania constructing a new 45,760 square foot factory. Engineering Congress and Exposition, Detroit, Michigan, February 24-28, 1975. and Smith was a pioneer in the production of electric route delivery Dotto trains, Chance Tramstars and to Frederick County, Maryland, and Berks and Philadelphia Counties, The firm was forced to return to using wood in some of their The Boyertown Mini-van delivery body was introduced in 1960 in response coachbuilder located 15 miles away in Fleetwood, Pennsylvania. Extremely unique and one of a kind diesel Molly Trolley!!